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SunTec Data secures extensive Document Abstraction project in the US

October, 2017

New Delhi, India

In a recent development, SunTec Data acquired a large document abstraction project from a US Based organization. The organization deals with state-wise public record access.

The client briefed the project details after communication with multiple county websites about the different types of documents to be abstracted including:

It was an uphill task to to review entire documents and map the correct information to the fields, due to the lack of a standard format for such documents, and all the abstracted data had to be embedded into an online application. Despite the challenging nature of the project, the SunTec Data team managed it with sheer skill and fortitude. The project was a solid learning experience involving interactive training sessions with the client.

The outcome of the project was a thoroughly satisfied client looking to the radiate the positivity of this new relation with a future business upscale project.

Today SunTec Data possesses an exclusive team of a dynamic project manager, team leaders and 55 process data associates that manage data capture and abstraction in excess of 10,000 public records per month from over 60 counties in the US, with ever growing numbers.

The SunTec Data team has time and again exhibited its distinguished expertise and penchant for learning, with its seamless adjustment to specific client requirements and commitment to deliver.

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SunTec Data Helps a Charity Organization Profile and Segment Sponsors

November, 2016

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data recently helped a global children's foundation working in 70+ countries globally in profiling and segmenting its sponsors so that they can identify and target the right market for high-value sponsorship appeals.

The project involved gaining a deeper understanding of its sponsors, segmenting them on the basis of their potential of becoming a high value sponsor and building a targeting model so that the client can plan their direct marketing spend and reach out to the donors who are most likely to become high value.

With this high-value donor model, the Charity Organization could recognize that while 50% of the campaign response is generated by 10% of child sponsors, over 40% of response comes from 5% of supporters.

A Leading Medical Device Firm Partners With SunTec Data for Market Research

October, 2016

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data recently supported a medical device company in conducting in-depth market research to assess the drivers and barriers for the possible use of an implantable device. The project was aimed at enabling the client create an effective market penetration strategy.

SunTec Data deployed a team of survey design experts and telephone interviewers to conduct interviews with both patients and specialists in the European market, finding out how the use of an implantable device for prophylactic purposes will affect them.

The findings were later summarized to enable the client in making strategic decisions to further penetrate Europe's medical device market.

SunTec Data Announces Successful Completion of a Major CRM Data Cleansing and Consolidation Project for a Leading Market Research Organization

September, 2016

New Delhi, India

A leading Canada based market research organization was looking for a service provider who could help them cleanse and consolidate their two separate Microsoft Dynamics CRM databases and provide a single customer view.

SunTec's team of professionals identified and eliminated duplicate records, consolidated information between two databases, validated, appended, de-duplicated and cleansed data so as to provide a single view of the data and create links between the two siloed CRM databases.

SunTec was able to deliver the project on time and within budget. Among the major benefits of the successful sanitization and consolidation of databases were: an increase in viable prospects, increase in membership, cost savings, increased revenue from more effective data-driven marketing, etc.

SunTec Data Bags a Scanning and Indexing Project of 10,000+ Antique Maps and Prints

August, 2016

New Delhi, India

The client is an established UK based antique print agency recognized for selling high quality, original and rare vintage maps and historic prints.

The client was looking for a reputed service provider, high on data security compliance, who could help them scan and index their original documents, vintage maps, etc., with captions, which were to be uploaded on their website for potential customers to browse through.

The project management team at SunTec Data helped the client successfully scan and index over 10,000+ vintage documents, while maintaining an accuracy rate of 90%, and keeping information assets secure. The client was highly impressed by the quality and timely delivery of the project and looks forward to partnering with SunTec Data in recent future as well.

SunTec Data Helps a Leading Timeshare Company in Germany to Process Forms and Create Searchable Databases

July, 2016

New Delhi, India

The client is a reputed German timeshare company that is well known for developing one of the world's largest vacation ownership program and were amongst the first few companies to come up with the concept of point based timeshares.

The client approached SunTec Data to help them with their survey forms processing and marketing database creation requirements.

SunTec Data initially started with one geographic region that was most critical to the client, and today serves all the regions the client caters to. By outsourcing their requirements to SunTec Data the client experienced reduction in errors and saw a rise in revenue by as much as 30% due to targeted marketing efforts.

SunTec Data Drives Greater Operational Efficiency for A UK Based International Apparel Brand

June, 2016

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with a leading UK-based international apparel brand and retailer for providing Amazon product listing services. Founded in 1960 the apparel brand has over 50 brick and mortar stores spread across 35 countries worldwide.

With the advancement of eCommerce in the retail industry, the client recognized the need to reach out to more potential customers through diverse marketplaces.

SunTec Data provided a comprehensive range of Amazon product listing services which includes Amazon catalogue management, image processing, description writing, inventory and order management, bulk listing services, etc. Amazon experts at SunTec Data also helped the client to optimize their listings on Amazon ensuring maximum visibility for the listings on search results thereby increasing conversions.

Since partnering with SunTec Data, the client has been able to dramatically expand its product range on Amazon. Based on the successful expansion of their business on Amazon, the client decided to expand to other online marketplaces such as eBay, Sears, etc. Today, the client sells its wide collection of apparels on Amazon and eBay.

SunTec Data Helps Digitize Reams of Sensitive Data for a US-based University

May, 2016

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data is pleased to announce its partnership with a US-based university for digitization of 100,000 pages of handwritten, paper-based survey forms. The university's psychology department had conducted a multi-year survey in over 12 middle schools to gain an insight on school bullying and chalk out ways to combat it.

Besides a restricted time-frame to complete the project, the client was also concerned about the accuracy and privacy of the data, and to ensure that the students' identities remain anonymous and data can only be accessed by the researchers.

SunTec Data deployed a team of data entry specialists, headed by a dedicated project manager to (a) create a template as per the format of the survey forms, and (b) scan them using OCR technique. The QA teams also conducted thorough quality tests to ensure 99.99% accuracy of the data.

With Customer Data Segmentation, SunTec Data helps eRetailer Boost Email Campaign and Achieve 30% Higher Click-Through Rates

April, 2016

New Delhi, India

Customer segmentation is a method to divide a customer base into different groups on the basis of gender, geography, demographics, interests, and other attributes.

SunTec Data recently helped a UK’s online clothing retailer - running three separate stores for women, men and children - in segmenting customer base into relevant groups. The project was aimed at helping the merchant boost marketing efforts and propel sales by sending relevant messages to the right set of audience. The project also involved providing users the right product information and deliver them seamless shopping experience that consequently results in increased rate of conversion.

As the client had created a comprehensive database of customers visiting its stores, it was a challenging task for our professionals to analyze the database that contained contact details, order history, and other relevant information about 34,000 customers, and segment it into target groups that shared similar characteristics and interests. We conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing customer database and created groups of people with similar buying pattern and preferences.

Through accurate customer base segmentation, we helped the client narrow their focus and reach out to the target audience with relevant messages. This resulted in 30% higher open and click-through rates and two times the conversion rates of non-segmented email marketing campaigns. Additionally, we helped our client increase brand loyalty and repeat business.

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SunTec Data Helps A Canada-based Real Estate Firm in Cleansing Foreclosure Listings

March, 2016

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data recently partnered with a real estate company, based in Canada, to support them in cleansing the data captured from foreclosure forms, documents like Deed of Trust & Federal Tax Liens and several other websites. The database, comprising approximately 168,000 entries, contained irrelevant details, duplicates and obsolete information. This took up a lot of storage space and made it difficult for the client to access required information just in time.

SunTec Data deployed a team of 10 professionals to cleanse the foreclosure listings. Our experts remotely accessed the client’s foreclosure management system using a secure Virtual Private Network, thus ensuring absolute data security. Furthermore, we verified and updated the details in the referral package. With our complete range of data cleansing and data enrichment services, we fine-tuned their database by:

The project was aimed at helping the real estate firm in gaining easy access to clean and updated foreclosure data listings.

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SunTec Data Supports a US-Based Marketing Firm in Appending, Managing and Updating Mailing Lists

February, 2016

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data has entered into an agreement with a US-based marketing firm to manage, append, and update their business-to-business and business-to-consumer mailing lists, besides regularly monitoring it. The client delivers end-to-end marketing and sales solutions including targeted marketing lists that are aimed at supporting global businesses in acquiring and retaining customers.

As per the agreement, experts at SunTec helped the client in cleansing the existing email lists of businesses and consumers, adding missing email addresses to current customer records as well as create new mailing lists by keying-in the contact details of companies and individuals with complete accuracy and precision.

We deployed a team of 18 data entry specialists to work on the project, considering that there were 250,000 customer records to be cleansed and updated. In addition to this, the experts also had to create a new email list with details of approximately 75,000 prospects. We started working on the project by:

In addition to this, we utilized double entry system to create a B2C email list with contact details of 75,000 new prospects, while ensuring 99.95% accuracy.

The project was aimed at supporting the marketing firm in managing customer data as a strategic asset, which consequently helps the sales and marketing personnel in targeting new prospects, connecting with existing customers and growing business.

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SunTec Data helps eRetailer Create Custom Mailing Lists to Boost Marketing Campaigns

January, 2016

New Delhi, India

Choose By building targeted email marketing lists, entrepreneurs can spend their resources only on those prospects that are more likely to convert into customers. Through its custom list building services, SunTec Data helped an online merchant, running an eCommerce store of medical equipment, create a custom mailing list after a thorough research based on a well-defined criteria.

A team of experts worked in close unison with the client’s in-house team to conduct in-depth web research as per the business lead criteria and handpick the contacts that fit the defined standards. The SunTec Data team identified prospects who matched the ideal profile as required by our client based on 18 separate search criteria, viz., name, title, industry niche, personal/official email ids and phone numbers, direct postal addresses or SIC codes, etc.

Furthermore, the professionals verified and validated the mailing list and made sure that the contact details are relevant, correct and up-to-date, thus helping the client target the right set of prospects who open the emails and click call-to-action. We delivered the mailing list in a suitable file format, making it easy for the users to assess the information quickly.

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SunTec Data Helps Client Reduce Paper Processing Costs with Scanning and Indexing Services

December, 2015

New Delhi, India

Businesses these days are going paperless to improve efficiency and save storage space. To help its client efficiently manage purchase orders and invoices, SunTec Data provided a digital scanning solution that would reduce a considerable amount of paper and storage costs, efforts as well as time. We efficiently handled back-file conversions in quick turnaround time, enabling the client easily assess the information, as and when required.

As part of scanning and indexing services, our experts use high-end scanners from manufacturers including Kodak, Canon, Fujitsu, Contex and InoTec to convert the hardcopies into editable, electronic file format. Furthermore, we labeled and indexed the documents to make it easy for the users to access and retrieve the required information just in time.

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SunTec Data Wins Medical Coding Outsourcing Services Project with a Healthcare Provider in US

November, 2015

New Delhi, India

SunTec Data has won a two year outsourcing partnership contract with a major healthcare management firm in USA dealing in medico-legal case reviews.

SunTec will provide a range of findings based on the review of medical documents provided by the client, viz., sorting, indexing medical records, identifying missing records and creating summaries, chronologies or timelines from medical records, and eventually filling the information in a predefined template.

The company has already deployed two teams for this project. The litigation support services team at SunTec Data will support the project by capturing and marking relevant information from the records provided by the client in the PDF format, and our technical data mining services team will convert it in an editable word format. The team members have been imparted a week-long training to efficiently handle this project.

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SunTec Helps Clients Overcome Unstructured Data Challenge

October, 2015

New Delhi, India

A major Australia based direct marketing list company has selected SunTec Data for its critical data management needs. Through its wide variety of Data Quality Solutions comprising of Data Cleansing, Data Verification and Data Standardization services, SunTec Data will support the client in bringing in accuracy, relevancy and consistency in its database for serving its customers better.

The agreement builds on SunTec's successful track record in offering Data Management Solutions. SunTec Data will work comprehensively with the client ranging right from Data Cleaning or Data Scrubbing for eliminating corrupt or inaccurate records from a database, Data Verification to ensure that a record set is accurate and free of any inconsistencies to Data Standardization, managing the data specifications with consistent data formatting fields and records. Besides, Direct Marketing Companies, SunTec's Data Cleansing, Data Analysis and Data Enrichment Services are also employed in consumer market research, point-of-sale data, statistics pertaining to research and academics, social and demographic trends, etc.

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SunTec Records Tremendous Growth in Document Management and Invoice Processing Services

September, 2015

New Delhi, India

The Company currently processes over 1 million invoices per month.

A leading player in Document Management and Invoice Processing Services, SunTec Data has been supporting the global clients in instant storage and retrieval of their documents and consequently efficiently and effectively managing the information around them.

Utilizing web interfaces like Kofax for document automation, and TeamViewer for remote desktop access, the Document Management Services division at SunTec Data speedily turns clients' vouchers, invoices, purchase orders, or any other piece of information into a secure electronic resource that can be easily accessed and utilized. Processing and scanning over 1 million invoices per month, which continues to grow at a tremendous rate, SunTec Data ensures complete accuracy in its invoice / data processing work. The company lays strong emphasis on maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data.

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