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Outsource Data Deduplication Services

Don’t waste your marketing spend sending the same mailing pieces to your customers, time and again!

It makes you look unprofessional (if it does not downright annoy or offend your customers), if you end up contacting the same person more than once, besides, of course draining your marketing budget. That is why de-duplication, either through removing or merging records that recur on your database, becomes so critical in preventing disastrous outcomes in customer relationship and other facets of your enterprise data management.

Data Deduplication Services From SunTec Data

Here’s how we move ahead with our data matching and de-duplication process:

To begin with, experts at SunTec Data will run a matching programme using a variety of customised matching grades. This will point out the number of possible duplicates sneaking within your database. To determine and discard every single possible duplicate, we can also conduct a more exhaustive analysis of your data, if required. Subsequently, we mark or combine the relevant records together, subject to the client’s request.

Benefits of Database De-duping with SunTec Data

Our data de-duplication services can benefit your organization in several ways (but not limited to):

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