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We streamline healthcare processes with complete data entry support

Healthcare firms struggle with maintaining data consistency across different EHR (electronic health records), HIS (hospital information system), and clinical and administration systems. Managing large data volumes, disparate entries, integration gaps, and frequent changes while keeping the data secure and compliant with necessary regulations can claim substantial time, effort, and resources. Medical organizations can overcome this hurdle by outsourcing medical data entry services to SunTec Data.

We handle the time-consuming task of locating, retrieving, cleaning, and organizing data into a coherent database. Our medical data entry experts digitize data from various sources, including health records, appointments, prescriptions, billing, diagnosis, claims, and other forms and documents. With a team of data professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, our medical data entry company is equipped to handle any data complexity within a short time and with 100% accuracy.

We offer end-to-end healthcare data entry services

Hand over your database maintenance challenges to us and free yourself to focus on key operations. SunTec Data provides a comprehensive range of medical data entry services designed to deliver accurate and efficient outcomes in a short turnaround time.

Patient logo Patient demographic data entry

Improve claim processing accuracy and reduce claim denial possibilities with our patient demographic data entry services. We collect and validate every patient's details, including name, age, medical history, address, gender, contact number, date of birth, insurance details, etc., and create a consolidated dataset.

Account icon Account receivable data entry

To focus on quality, our team carefully goes through account receivable statements and enters that data data into your database while ensuring accurate medical coding. Existing data fields are also validated to eliminate incorrect entries, thus reducing the overall occurrences of claim denials.

Reporting icon Charge entry services

Error-free charge entry ensures accurate recordkeeping, reduces claim denial occurrences, and increases reporting efficiency. As a part of charge entry services, we enter valid medical billing information such as patient information, health history, payment plan, date of diagnosis, and other details into your medical billing system or database with complete accuracy.

Insurance icon Insurance data entry

Our team can collect and digitize data from multiple insurance-related sources, like payments, filing, audits, record keeping, reimbursements, and others. We can further compile this data to form a consolidated database with correct and up-to-date information. Our experts check that the insurance data is filed categorically, and validated for accuracy before final delivery.

EHR data entry EHR data entry

Our healthcare data entry services include dedicatedly entering your patient's data into your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system with the utmost precision, enabling you to access patient information quickly and easily. We capture data from different sources, classify it across data fields, such as the patient's medical history, demographics, lab results, clinical notes, reports, etc., and then enter it into the EHR.

medical coding icon Medical coding

To enable healthcare providers to optimize their revenue cycle, get reimbursements timely, and reduce denials, we offer medical coding services. Our team of medical coding specialists accurately assign standardized codes to medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments using various coding systems, including ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS, and DRG.

Success Stories

Patient demographics data entry for an insurance company

The client (a US-based insurance firm) faced challenges managing patient data in their medical billing system. We assigned a team of eight resources to this project. The team curated data from the provided sources, aggregated verified patient demographic information, and entered data into the client's medical billing system. The client was able to streamline their claim settlement process and has since established a remote team of fifteen data entry professionals in association with us.

Data security

Data security is at the core of our services

We have set up stringent data security practices and policies to prevent unauthorized access, inappropriate data usage, or vulnerabilities that may put your data at risk. Our organization is ISO 27001:2022 certified for information security. We sign NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) for every project. And, with dedicated project managers, we ensure supervised data processing within a secure facility.

Client's speak

We are already seeing great improvements in our operations.

Working with SunTec Data has been an amazing experience so far and the clinical data entry services we have received save us lots of time. Our journey with this team has been rather smooth, and we are already seeing great improvements in our operations.

Jose Davis, Health Director, US
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