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Capturing data from various invoice documents and entering it into a centralized database can be challenging and cumbersome, especially when handled in-house. Even the minutest error in data entry or verification can negatively affect cash flow management, vendor-customer relationships, payment schedules, and other business operations. Therefore, invoice data must be entered and processed accurately and precisely. This is where our invoice data entry company can help.

Our data support solutions deploy automated data capture techniques (ICR, OMR, OCR) to collect information from various types of invoices (scanned copies, supplier invoices, purchase orders). The collected data is converted into your desired format or entered into a secure database or spreadsheet. Our invoice data entry services further involve verifying the data values and entries via an integrated quality check process to facilitate accurate and error-free output. We index the invoices and compile the gathered data to improve accuracy in sales, billing, and invoice management. Additionally, by outsourcing invoice processing, you can get the invoices digitized and transferred to your enterprise portal for easy accessibility and retrieval.

Simplify your accounts payable with our comprehensive invoice processing solutions

Accounts payable solutions have improved with technology, automating the entire invoice process. However, errors are inevitable with invoices coming from diverse sources and formats. This is where our invoice processing company helps. By outsourcing invoice processing to us, you can eliminate inaccuracies and expedite the processing of invoices with the following solutions:

Invoice icon Invoice data entry services

Our data entry experts excel in manual and automated data entry for various invoice types, such as commercial invoices, proforma invoices, POs, credit and debit memos, etc. Our invoice data entry services ensure accurate entry of critical invoice data, such as invoice number, supplier name, address, project details, PO number, etc., into your database or financial system.

Data capture icon Invoice data capture & indexing

Our invoice processing experts can effectively capture critical invoice data from scanned invoices or supporting documents (general ledger codes, document no., document date, VAT amounts, PO number, etc.) and index the data, which allows you to retrieve the needed information quickly and improve the efficiency of your financial record-keeping.

Data verification icon Invoice auditing & verification

Our professionals undertake the critical process of invoice PO matching to ensure that the supplier's invoice aligns with the corresponding purchase order details. we meticulously review key invoice parameters, including the item description, quantity, price, and taxes. Upon verifying and completing the verification process, we authorize payment processing, ensuring no payment discrepancies.

Success Stories

Medical invoice data entry for a US-based healthcare firm

The client (a US-based healthcare facility) needed data entry for 10000+ e-invoices. We assigned a team of 10 data entry experts to extract relevant information from the invoices, enter it into a unified database, and enrich it through quality checks. The client was satisfied to receive an organized database with their desired data points within a week.

Data Security

Ensuring data security: Our comprehensive measures

We are committed to data security and have taken numerous measures to safeguard our clients' information. These include an ISO 27001:2022 certification, a secure FTP server for data sharing, and NDA to protect sensitive client financial data. Our network security policy features updated firewalls and secure VPN access to protect systems from external threats.

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Highly recommend them!

We were delighted with the results offered by SunTec Data. The team aptly understood our requirements and went the extra mile to deliver high-quality data processing solutions. Highly recommend them!

Marc Hill, Entrepreneur, San Diego

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As one of the leading invoice processing companies, our experts possess extensive expertise in working on the top tools and software for invoice processing, including but not limited to:

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