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Businesses across the board are still struggling to break the ‘paper ceiling’ when it comes to invoice processing. No matter how big or small a business you are, your account payable data stays siloed in paper format. You can imagine the pervasiveness of the challenge from a recent automation survey conducted by the Institute of Finance Operations where 70% of respondents stated that they get half of their invoices on paper. No wonder, DMS companies, scanning bureaus, or web development companies often struggle to achieve high efficiency in invoice processing.

Manual processing of invoices is not only cumbersome but also prone to errors. One lapse in concentration, one single mistake, can invalidate everything; at which point the process must start again. In such a scenario, it makes a lot of business sense to outsource your invoice processing services. Outsourcing not only gives you easy access to the right skill-sets, but also frees up your resources and productive time that you can utilize to streamline your revenue-generating processes.

SunTec Data: Your Ideal Partner to Outsource Invoice Processing

SunTec Data is a reliable invoice processing company in India that caters to a worldwide clientele. We have a dedicated team of invoice processing experts that has a proven track record of delivering customized solutions to industries across the board. Our experts can process all sorts of invoices including vouchers, and purchase orders, etc. As a global leader in invoice processing services, removing paper from your AP processes is our specialization.

Pitching in as an extension of your in-house team, our experts can scan and index the account payable in a flawless manner. They can key-in all the required information in the appropriate file formats, extract the desired data, and validate the entries. Our experts help you avoid late payment penalties by performing accurate matching of POs with invoices. The aim of our services is to speed up invoice processing time and improve control and visibility into spend commitments. By working in close coordination with your team, we can deliver quality services within a quick turnaround time of 8 to 14 hours.

A-Z Invoice Processing Services

Our invoice processing services include:

An Insight into Our Invoice Processing Procedure

Willing to walk an extra mile to ensure top-notch services, we have put in place a streamlined invoice processing procedure that ensures efficient and accurate processing of invoices.

Receiving Processing Delivery
We work on client’s own DMS via remote access to eliminate any chances of data loss. We receive daily notification of the batches that you upload. Our team works directly on the DMS, so you may access the data in real-time.
Alternatively, you may post invoices to our secure and safe FTP hosting server, or send invoices as email attachments, or mail the hard copies. Our invoice processors extract all the required information from the data. In certain cases, we may work on the data offline and then import it into the accounts payable software of your choice.
Our system supports different file formats, eliminating any possible issues you may face while sending invoices. We check the data for accuracy. We may also deliver the data via your secure FTP.

The experts at SunTec Data are adept at extracting and indexing invoice attributes such as Document Type, Supplier Name, Document No., Currency, Document Date, Tax Point Date, Net Amount, VAT Amount, Gross Amount, VAT No., and PO Numbers, etc.

Latest Invoice Processing Software

Being a reputed provider of invoice processing services, we use the latest software and technology available in the market. By leveraging the invoice processing tools, we can capture account payable from both paper as well as electronic formats. Banking on our experienced team and access to cutting-edge technology, we have developed a capacity to process more than one million pages in a month.

Assurance of Data Security

As an outsourcing company with a vintage of more than 20 years, we do understand the importance of data security when it comes to invoice processing. Hence, we adopt avant-garde methods to secure your business’ critical data. All our invoice processing services are ISO certified for quality and data security. We can also make customized data security provisions to suit your individual needs.

Unique Benefits of Partnering With SunTec Data

Partnering with us enables you to resolve all your pain-points related to invoice processing, thanks to the advantages you get:

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