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Mortgage data entry services

Real estate companies, financial institutions, lenders, title companies, and mortgage firms frequently deal with changing federal compliances, new regulatory measures, and fluctuating data source credibility. That makes effective mortgage data management difficult and increases involved expenses. Such organizations can leverage the technical competence of professionals by outsourcing mortgage data entry services to SunTec Data.

To combat the challenges faced by banks, financial & mortgage companies, we

  • extract information from mortgage forms (pdf, images, printed, scanned, or handwritten documents)
  • research and extract data from disparate sources
  • clean the data, enter it into a database or spreadsheet, and categorize it with appropriate tags
  • handle voluminous data with quick turnaround

Our services cover mortgage data indexing, foreclosure data entry, data migration across databases, mortgage tax data entry, and property record management. We handle data volume fluctuations and data volatility using state-of-the-art technologies and tools to deliver accurate outcomes within deadlines.

Ease your workload with our mortgage data entry services

Concentrate on your core business activities while our dedicated mortgage data entry experts take care of your data requirements. We efficiently harness top-notch data standards to avoid potential pitfalls. With fully-trained data professionals and subject matter experts, we ensure high-precision outcomes throughout the project.

Data extraction logo Mortgage data extraction and indexing

  • Obtaining information about the income and credit history of loan seekers from multiple sources (county websites, billing statements, banking systems, insurance & tax documents, credit reports, loan applications, mortgage applications, etc.)
  • Data extraction from scanned documents, such as deeds, mortgage assignment, mortgage releases, and other documents (through OCR and ICR), barcode scanning, and double keying data entry.
  • Document classification for appropriate categorization
  • Document indexing and naming with business document naming conventions

Forms data icon Mortgage forms data entry

  • Data scraping from essential mortgage-related forms, like Form 1003, pay stubs, and credit evaluation reports
  • Paperwork required for the lender to approve the mortgage
  • Income and employment records, including W-2s and 1099s
  • Statements of any real estate debt and monthly debt payments
  • Rent payment history and bankruptcy records
  • Data digitization, cleaning, classification, and indexing

Foreclosure icon Foreclosure data entry

  • Using real estate tax bill numbers to extract data from county clerk websites such as grantor names, property identification number, property address, loan type, loan amount, legal description, document number, subdivision, trust number, and others.
  • Collating & entering data and creating an easy-to-access file format
  • Creating listings for VA foreclosures, HUD foreclosures, tax foreclosure properties, and bank foreclosure properties

Tax Data icon Mortgage tax data entry

  • Data extraction, organization, and indexing for property tax records, listings, and accounts
  • Data entry of property tax appeals and assessment
  • Organizing comprehensive tax information (Tax ID, county, cycle, tax value, due dates, paid dates, current status)
  • Maintaining tax files and exempt applications

property Property title and record data entry

  • Property title searches for residential and commercial properties
  • Document retrieval from authorized sources (legal description, property lien, death certificates, assignment, deed, etc.)
  • Data entry for residential and commercial valuation information (Full Title search, Title commitments, tax information, judgment searches)

Data migration Mortgage data migration service

  • Preparation of data migration roadmap
  • Logical and physical mapping of the data transformation process
  • Top-notch field mapping
  • Extensive testing, error analysis, and bug-fixing of migrated mortgage data
  • Post-migration support

Deed icon Mortgage deed data entry

  • Deed data entry for mortgage companies, escrow companies, title companies, and neutral third-party trustee agencies
  • Data extraction and entry from the deed of trust, including the property details, title data, borrower and lender data, and interest data

Underwriting icon Underwriting data entry

  • Helping banks, insurance companies, and investment houses expedite their underwriting process
  • Data extraction and data entry of borrower information like taxes, insurance, debt & loan details and property information like risks, local market, and cash flow
Success Stories

Managing a large backlog of mortgage deed and loan data

The client (a real estate brokerage firm) needed to process nearly 1.5 TB of mortgage deed and loan-related data for easy accessibility. Our team compiled the data from all the sources supplied by the client and efficiently cleaned and entered the data in the correct form in a central database, enabling quick retrieval and analysis.

Experienced resource

Subject matter experts (SMEs) from diverse industry domains

The real estate and mortgage industry frequently faces regulation and compliance changes. Our mortgage data entry services employ a progressive approach to data management through professional support. We hire SMEs from the field of data entry, administration, legal and paralegal, real estate, and banking/financial services to ensure precise outcomes.

Client's speak

They have proven that small businesses like ours can profit significantly

We are very satisfied with the team at SunTec Data. They have proven that small businesses like ours can profit significantly from outsourcing mortgage data entry services. The team assigned to us continuously impressed us with their agility and adherence to deadlines. Can't recommend them enough!

Our Process

How does our mortgage data entry process work?

Mortgage data collection & compilation

  • Collaborating with clients to comprehend their database design, document types, and reliable data sources
  • Proposing a suitable mortgage data collection and compilation model
  • Testing the model on a sample database to calibrate its efficacy
  • Implementing the improved data collection and compilation model on the target data sources
  • Entering data in the client's preferred format

Data cleaning & organization

  • Maintaining a clean and organized database to ensure accuracy
  • Deleting incorrect, duplicate, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, unstructured, or incomplete data
  • Adding missing data to the dataset using data enrichment and appending techniques
  • Fixing structural errors
  • Mortgage data indexing and migration
  • Adding appropriate tags to the data

Mortgage data delivery

  • Organizing and structuring a database to ensure a comprehensive overview of mortgage data
  • Real-time addition of key property metrics to keep the information updated
  • Adhering to the stipulated schedule
  • Converting and presenting the data in client's preferred data format and design
  • Complying with the best data management practices for the client
  • Data delivery through safe FTP servers or encrypted emails
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