Market Research Services

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Market Research Solutions

The key to gaining a competitive advantage lies in having an in-depth understanding of your target audience, competitors, and the market. This trio of influential factors is extremely dynamic, needing large data collection and analysis mechanisms to fully and accurately collate and understand your business’ standing with respect to them. Besides present situational awareness, you’ll need to possess the ability to accurately predict the future market status of your business as well. Information obtained from the market data analysis by a quality market research company is crucial for this prediction. It gives you the capability to hypothesize probable future market standings of your business by creating simulated scenarios of your business’ trajectory using the different data points of key metrics.

This knowledge will empower you to select the most profitable path towards achieving your business objectives while keeping the metrics like ad spend in their optimal ranges. What’s more, it will enable you to judge your competitors on the same metrics from the data gathered by competitor analysis and the customer response towards their products and services. Thus, by choosing to go with a renowned market research company, you will get the insights and strategizing capability you need to thrive against your competitors and push for an ever-increasing market share, possibly even beyond your target segment.

SunTec Data strives to be that company, providing you with relevant information about market, industry trends, competitors' strategies, and innovations in the marketplace, among other things, thus helping you formulate effective marketing strategies, make informed decisions, and reach out to your prospective clients far and wide.

Right from employing industry-best practices and systematically gathering, recording, and analyzing data to helping you launch a new product/service, set prices, create a business plan, expand into new markets, etc., our experts can do it all. Our market research services encompass peer group development modeling and project evaluation, market assessment, benchmarking, data mining and segmentation, competitor analysis, industry trend forecasting, and a lot more.

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SunTec Data’s Rich Array of Market Research Solutions: An Overview

As part of our market research services, we profile and segment clients, assess the competitors' marketing strategies, anticipate industry trends, and undertake benchmarking. Our market research specialists are adept at gathering hard-to-find information from primary as well as secondary sources, such as social media sites, business directories, forums, online portals, websites, etc. Post gathering, their expertise in accurate data categorization and entry comes into play; they will dissect the collated data and categorize it into relevant categories for easy retrieval and comprehension. This process will happen in real time with the aid of the latest AI/ML software supporting our market research solutions specialists’ efforts.

We can, thus, provide you with valuable insights and forecasts from the industry, facilitating the decision-making process and contributing to successful marketing campaigns.

Our Broad Range of Market Research Services, Include:

Market Research Solutions’ Methodology

Market Research Services

Market research services work best when implemented in an efficient and streamlined manner. Our market research methodology is designed to accomplish exactly that via a step by step process that is comprehensive and cost-effective.

Our market research pipeline begins with the clear definition of the research’s objective. Your requirements from the process, based on your overall business objective, will determine the end result of this stage. And that in turn will lead the entire research process.

We then design the entire process by developing the research strategy. It is here that the most optimal research instrument, such as surveys, telephonic calls, emails, etc., are chosen based on the requirements.

After that’s sorted, we then develop those chosen instruments to meet the requirements of the process. Here’s where the survey’s questions are developed, along with email questionnaire templates and the like.

We then implement it all in order to collect the relevant data. Post-collection, we sift through the data collected to ensure that only quality data remains for the respective stages. The filtered data is then run through visualization and analysis by our experts using the latest in software for the job. The results of that are collected and presented in a comprehensive report for a clear understanding of your target market and other associated factors.

Thus, we as your market research company will provide not just sound research results but also support during the process via a clean and streamlined methodology.

SunTec Data Helps Businesses in Conducting Varied Types of Surveys Critical for Market Research Solutions:

Market Profiling and Segmentation: Our experts identify your clients and segment them as per geographic location, demographics, psychographics, and socio-cultural factors so that you can run targeted marketing campaigns.

Market Description Survey: We determine your market size and share of market, provide details about market growth as well as competitive positioning to help you create effective marketing strategies.

New Product Concept Analysis Survey: If you are about to launch a new product in the market, we can help you conduct its initial screening in front of the target market. We provide you with information regarding acceptability of the product, likelihood of purchase, likes and dislikes, etc.

Customer Purchase Process / Tracking Survey: As a part of market research solutions, we help you track every customer touch-point and the process followed by your customer to complete a purchase. This includes steps like Market Awareness, Knowledge, Intention to Buy, Trial, Purchase, and Repurchase of the product.

Customer Attitudes and Expectations Survey: If you are planning to seek guidance from market research companies to further help you improve your campaigns and boost conversion rates, we can extend the help that you need by conducting surveys to analyze customer attitudes and expectations.

Customer Intention and Purchase Analysis Survey: Our experts create effective questionnaires to help you understand customer’s interest and motivation to buy your products.

Customer Trust, Loyalty, and Retention Analysis Survey: With market research services, our experts help you analyze consumer attitudes towards your company, product, and services.

Customer Habits and Uses Survey:This survey includes understanding where, when, and how the product is being used by the target audience. Additionally, it will give you feedback on the performance capability and durability of your products as the environment and customer usage patterns will inform you about it indirectly.

Product Fulfillment Surveys: Our marketing research consultants evaluate if your product fulfills all the promised attributes and benefits (both tangible and intangible).

Competitive Product and Market Positioning Survey: When you outsource market research services to us, we find out how the market views you in relation to your competitors. This also includes comparing attributes and benefits of the product.

Brand Equity Survey:As part of market research services, our experts evaluate the psychological value that your brand holds in the marketplace.

Advertising Value Identification and Means-end Analysis Survey: We have marked a distinguished reputation among marketing research companies and help you map the hierarchical attributes, values, and benefits associated with and portrayed by the advertisement. This includes analyzing your ultimate goal and determining the best marketing strategy to attain it.

Advertising Media and Message Effectiveness Survey: Our market research experts determine the impressions and effectiveness that persuades the customer to purchase your product/ service.

Customer Service Survey: Bringing our in-depth expertise as a long-standing market research company to the table, we evaluate the process followed in receiving the services and the participants involved in it.

Sales Force Effectiveness Survey: Our experts can help you examine the sales activities and performance, thereby helping you deliver a measurable effect.

Sales Lead Generation Survey: SunTec Data helps you in timely follow-ups and relevant use of the sales leads. We also help you save your valuable sales force time, and track the leads effectively.

Customer Service Representative (CSR) Survey: Reduce cost and strengthen customer relationships by getting hold of Customer Service Representatives’ attitude for their job-related activities like:

Sales Forecasting and Market Tracking Survey: By leveraging our expert’s profound knowledge in conducting sales forecasting and market tracking surveys, you can get relevant market estimates of consumers’ preferences, self-reported purchasing intentions, and judgmental bootstrapping which are rules that describe the most viable use of the available secondary market information.

Price Setting Survey and Elasticity of Demand Analysis:Avail our market research services to get industry estimates of demand elasticity, optimal price points, and different product-service segments or usage situations.

With our wide range of marketing research services, we cater to a variety of industries such as banking, medical, insurance, legal, automotive, real estate, Non-Profit Organizations, IT, media and telecommunications, etc.

Getting Started With The Best Market Research Company!

Reluctance is a natural response to starting something new, like market research. However, the loss of time that comes with not acting on this vital business need will leave a bitter aftertaste in terms of market standing, customer response and satisfaction, and overall pace of growth. It also becomes hard to keep up with a market of which you have little knowledge, rendering your efforts a wasteful drain on resources. Thus, the urgency of conducting it is without question.

The exhaustive nature of the market research process means forging ahead yourself also could be taxing in more ways than one. The elaborate research service instruments require expertise and equipment that is not likely available at a moment’s notice in house. What is available on cue is SunTec Digital’s Market Research solutions.

Our bevy of market research services cover not just the present customer aspirations and demands but also the condition of your company’s departments and their capability to serve those needs. Everything, from customer service executive response and attitudes to new product concept analysis surveys, will be conducted by us to the highest of standards so that you get the most intelligent and actionable information to work with. And all of it will be delivered in an affordable and streamlined manner for easy and quick time-to-market implementation of your new marketing strategy.

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How long will market research take?

Market research is a process with numerous variables. Gathering data on each with a high degree of accuracy requires investment of time on your/ your market research agency’s part. The two main deciders of market survey turnaround time are the sample size of the target market segment and the methodology applied. Our approach uses the most comprehensive method to conduct the required research but we expedite it with the help of many experts who are qualified and experienced to perform to give the fastest results. We also use the latest technology to assist them, including AI/ML. The result is a report that’s full of vital details in as little time as possible. Our average turnaround times hover around the one week mark.

What benefits do you offer against doing market research myself?

The greatest benefits of outsourcing your market research needs to us are those of cost, time, and accuracy. To conduct the market research yourself requires you to have knowledge of the process and the means to do it too. You’ll need to hire a separate team for the same and that will add your budget. Waiting for them to adjust to the new environment and perform their tasks will further delay the research. You’ll also need to purchase expensive hardware and software for the job. An incomplete and inaccurate survey process as the result, due to lack of skill or other reasons, will only end up being a waste of resources, damaging the future prospect of your business. We, on the other hand, have everything in place to avoid such errors and provide you with quick and comprehensive reports that’ll shoot your business’ prospects in the upward direction.

What are the ideal times to go for market research?

You should begin market research during the following scenarios: when starting your business afresh, when you are planning to launch a new product, and to counteract a possible oncoming threat/ grab a possible new opportunity. The other scenario is when you detect a slump in sales despite using the same winning strategy that worked until recently. It will help you determine any changes you’ll need to make to keep growing your sales figures. With us as your partner, you’ll get market research results on a regular basis so that you’re not left behind at any point in time. We continuously innovate as well to keep you in-step with the industry best services and final data reports.

How do I choose the best market research agency for my needs?

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and it is the same with market research. Your choice of the agency will depend on your necessities and the resources you have available to expend. You’ll need to verify your candidate companies’ past performance in terms of delivery times, diligence, and cost. Also, check the technology and methodology and determine if it will be applicable to your needs, and if so, what’s the value they’ll be adding for the cost. With us as your market research company, you’ll get customized market research services at affordable rates, giving you uncompromised information that is accurate and exhaustive on schedule.

What makes your Market Research Methodology effective?

Market research needs to be multifaceted to gather valuable data from multiple sources. It must also be focused to keep everything streamlined and cost-effective. Our market research methodology is designed with these requirements in mind. It starts by clearly defining what your business objectives are, and then defining the research’s objectives based on that. The next stage is where the research design is determined, giving the overall picture of how the process will proceed. Next comes the choice of research instruments i.e. the market research services, like surveys, calls, emails, etc., that will work best to accomplish the objectives laid out earlier. The proceeding stages collect the required data and verify the same for errors and authenticity. After that comes the analysis and visualization of that data, followed by the final report generation for your understanding and convenience. Thus, our market research pipeline covers every corner of your market information requirements, in turn making your marketing efforts more effective.

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