Nonprofit Organizations Data Management

Data Management for Nonprofits Organizations

It must build exhaustive databases on the people it is trying to benefit. A non-profit organization must also maintain databases of donors and potential sources of funding. All this is essential to developing organizational efficiency and outreach. An average non-profit organization, thus, is as data hungry as any modern business.

The data intelligence, data marketing and data support services offered by SunTec Data are ideal for the complex and diverse data processing needs of non-profit organizations. With our diverse solutions we have helped a large number of non-profit organizations improve their funding, efficacy and technical and organizational efficiency.

Among’s data intelligence, data marketing and data support services there are some services especially relevant for non-profit organizations:

Data Management Services:

The databases of a non-profit organization must be error free and regularly updated. Gaps in data, or inaccuracies and repetition in data can result in the waste of a non-profit organization’s valuable resources. As a part of our data management services we offer address management, data cleansing and data de-duplication services. We will keep a non-profit organization’s addresses’ list updated and error free so that it can contact donors and potential donors without glitches. We will also remove errors and repetition from data to improve its utility. Click here for more details.

E-mail Campaigning Services:

A non-profit organization must constantly reach out to potential donors and sources of funding. It must also publicise its vision and policies as much as possible to attract more funding. Running e-mail campaigns is a cheap and quick means of doing this. As a part of our E-mail Campaigning Services we do custom list building, personalized email campaigns, email campaign analysis and list management. At SunTec Data we help non-profit organizations augment their funding and their visibility at very affordable rates. Click here for more details.

Specialized Data Capture Services:

Under its Specialized Data Capture Services SunTec Data offers services like survey data capture and questionnaires’ data capture services. These services are especially relevant for non-profit organizations as they must undertake periodic surveys or gather data on the demographic they are serving by distributing questionnaires. Click here for more details.

Sales Support Services:

Some of the Sales Support Services like contact discovery services and appointment setting services offered by SunTec Data are also very useful for non-profit organizations. Click here for more details.

At SunTec Data we also perform data capture from paper documents, handwritten forms, web data, telephone directories, etc.

We implement ISO Standards. (SunTec Data is a virtual entity owned by SunTec Web Services Pvt. Ltd., which is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management and ISO 27001:2013 Certified for Information Security Management.)

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