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Outsource data abstraction services to get quick access to key information

We simplify complex data to help businesses gather valuable insights

Businesses deal with large volumes of data daily. But extracting critical information from data-heavy documents or large databases is challenging and requires expertise and patience. You can manage these hurdles by outsourcing data abstraction services to SunTec Data.

We help save your time and effort through complete support for data abstraction. Our team captures relevant information from the dataset you provide and consolidate key points in a report with specified sections for easy accessibility. We help:

  • Identify and extract relevant data from various organizational sources (printed files, documents, reports, or the web)
  • Review and summarize the key information into a simplified report
  • Proofread and validate the data via rigorous quality checks

Our data summarization services empower enterprises through valuable insights while minimizing redundancy and overall operational inefficiency.

Data abstraction services offered at SunTec Data

Expand the potential of your enterprise data with our wide range of data summarization and abstraction services that cater to diverse requirements and industry verticals.

Clinical data iconClinical data abstraction services

We extract key details from varied medical sources to provide medical record management firms, litigators, TPAs, medico-legal consultants, and private corporations with a consolidated dataset per the use case. Our team abstracts all sorts of clinical data, including orders, appointments, medications, patient history, and immunizations. This, in turn, strengthens administrative coding functions, patient registry functions, litigation support, underwriting applications, and clinical research.

Data abstraction icon Document data abstraction services

Our data abstraction experts extract valuable information from diverse document types, such as production reports, customer details, corporate reports, files, reviews, or product documents. They employ intricate document compressing techniques and meticulously observe all the documents page-wise to identify and summarize essential information. Our data abstraction company follows a step-wise approach that includes reading, evaluating, extracting, and compiling relevant information from large data chunks without losing any important data.

Realestate data icon Real estate data abstraction services

We obtain and summarize information about bill payments, tenant rent receivables, property charge settlements, lease reports, and other documents on behalf of real estate owners and managers. Moreover, our lease abstraction services allow property dealers and agents to access the required information from a single data source readily.

Financial data Financial data abstraction services

We streamline financial statements into a simplified report that depicts bi-directional cash flows, debt amount, overdue amount, and other critical financial details under separate sections. Our SEC financial abstraction services also help investors and financial professionals make intelligent investment decisions via filing abstraction. Our team is well-versed in the legal norms, terms, and requirements of the filing process and offers you comprehensive services aptly.

Success Stories

Data abstraction from 1.75K documents for a real estate firm

The client, a US-based real estate firm, wanted to manage mortgage documents (primarily deeds, releases, and assignments) stored on their online software- LAREDO. They gave us access to the portal containing data from 105 countries. Our team captured information related to lenders, sellers, borrowers, parcels, property type, legal descriptions, and ten other critical fields and created a summarized version of this data in an MS Access file. As a result, the client established a permanent team with us.

Data security

We value your data and keep it secure

Data security is our topmost concern, which is why we follow strict privacy protocols and sign an NDA before project commencement. Additionally, we are ISO 27001:2022 certified for information security and ensure the use of the most secure data management tools, practice authorized access control, operate on client data in a secure facility, and facilitate seamless data transfer through encrypted methods.

Client's speak

The data they deliver are reliable and accurate.

We have been engaged with the data experts at SunTec Data for several months. We are delighted with their approach to fulfilling our data abstraction needs within a quick turnaround time. They are proficient in following strict data security norms while maintaining accuracy. Highly recommended!

Karl Adams, Data Manager, UK
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