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Nothing drives a professional more to frustration than spending extended hours on voluminous documents to abstract a couple of points buried deep inside them.

Nothing drives a professional more to frustration than spending extended hours on voluminous documents to abstract a couple of points buried deep inside them. They are left combing through a seemingly endless pile of information that may not have anything to do with the purpose they are going to use the target data for. Such Information overload can drastically affect productivity, both at the organizational and individual level.

The first to go will be their focus, to the extent that they may forget their original purpose altogether. Fatigue and loss of interest soon set in, further lowering their will and zeal to accomplish what they set out to do. It is not a situation any company would like to find itself in: teams of employees being unproductive and without any motivation to change. Not to mention the wasted resources for the endeavor that may not even be recoverable, depending on how much and for how long they have been invested.

Data abstraction can prevent it all by delving deep into the enterprise data and extracting out only the most relevant portions of it that still contains the entire meaning and value of the complete segment. The summary thus resulting will aid in the faster processing of data by increasing the retrieval times of the data from the database and only running the process on the core elements that matter the most.

SunTec Data is the professional data abstraction company that can transform your bloated database into a funneled and impactful asset that can in turn transform your business from the ground up. Our data abstraction services come with impeccable accuracy and unwavering consistency to keep your business on a steady path towards realizing its full potential.

With our Data Abstraction Services, we help you filter out the less important or irrelevant data, reset the critical goals in focus, and increase your productivity. We can perform vital analysis on your academic, medical, or sales data, and provide actionable insights.

Our Key Data Abstraction Services Include:

Data Abstraction Services

Ours is a data abstraction company filled with highly skilled researchers and data professionals who can handle your needs from start to finish, right from gathering the required data to performing data abstraction, and in a number of diverse fields.

Key features of our Data Abstraction Services:

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A little help with a difficult task like data abstraction goes a long way in making the entire endeavor fruitful. SunTec Data is here to provide you with that help when you outsource data abstraction services to us.

We leverage our many years of years experience of working with the top players in every industry to bring to your data abstraction project every possible advantage there is to offer. Our cross-functional teams of experts will apply their variety of skills to filter out the most pertinent aspect of every data segment, giving you accuracy and excellence that’s par none. They will deliberate on critical data types like legal terms and conditions and carefully bring to the surface the true context of it while simultaneously trimming the excess.

Our teams being distributed across the world means your abstraction project will contain the same level of accuracy and consistency no matter the business you’re operating in or are planning to expand into. The differences of language, laws, culture, etc., will be removed from the final documents and you’ll know about your business’ functioning in that/those market/s like in your home. This distributed setup also gives you quick turnaround times as timezones limitation won’t apply; your project will get worked on even when you’re asleep.

Thus, the benefits of acquiring distilled information from us, or in other words, lightening the burden of information overload, are many. Productivity, time and cost benefit, efficient resource allocation, and overall business results will all be affected positively, pushing the envelope of your business’ performance capabilities.

Contact us now for data abstraction services and we’ll be at your service at short notice, delivering our very best regardless of the volume and complexity of your project.


Is data abstraction necessary to display it on a dashboard?

The data analysis report dashboard is the single point of access of information for most, if not all, businesses as it shows everything required by the concerned personnel in an easy to understand window, replete with interactive capabilities to view many types of information by navigating the pages. One of its greatest downsides is that it can display only a limited amount of information at any given instant due to various constraints like size, type of visualization, metrics, and KPIs chosen, etc. To maximize the efficiency of a dashboard by making it display the most amount of information in one window, data abstraction can come in very handy. When combined with the most suitable visualization, data abstraction fits the pertinent piece of information of a particular data type that is sought after on the dashboard, thus preventing truncation and overflow of information. The more condensed and accurate the data is, the more effective the dashboard and reporting become.

How are data abstraction and data coding related?

Both data abstraction and data coding serve similar purposes-to reduce the size of the data present to a more consumable amount while keeping the original context and value intact. One could even say that data coding is a type of abstraction process too. However, in the general context, the two have some differences. The first being, data coding finds most use with market research data while data abstraction is a rather universally applicable process that can be used on many different types of data. Another difference of note is that in data coding, a certain numerical value is assigned to every code based on a predetermined chart. The end user relies on this numerical value for using the data. Abstraction, on the other hand, doesn’t have such a system and only uses regular language to create a summary of the data set. The skill sets needed for the two processes also differ, as the coding professional has to be aware of the coding mechanism along with the best summarizing practices, which isn’t the case with abstraction.

How do the experts determine what’s important in a data set for abstraction?

Data abstraction professionals are called experts for a reason, and that reason is that they possess the expertise required to identify the main gist of a portion of data. They will then use the experience they have with handling different tools necessary to perform the abstraction. The experts are well versed with the different types of data that usually make up a database of a company, and that knowledge helps them identify the value proposition of any new data set they come across. They use that as the guiding beacon to go about the abstraction process. They will also be made aware of the business objectives of the client, along with the purpose behind the process. This information also helps them differentiate between useful and unuseful parts. If required, they’ll directly interact with the client and learn from them the details.

Can SunTec Data fulfill my every data abstraction services need?

Outsource your data abstraction requirements to SunTec Data to experience the best in the industry service and get the true value that’s scattered over your entire database in manageable chunks. Our professionals are trained in every skill set needed to deliver the best results, be it identifying the right context of the data or using the latest technological tools for the process, particularly AI/ML. Our strict data security practices keeps your data safe from being preyed upon, ensuring confidentiality that puts you ahead of your competition. Since we work on the entire gamut of data management services, we bring everything we learn from those functionalities into your project, giving you a well-rounded result that’s comprehensive and innovative. And we deliver it all within cost and deadlines. Efficiency, excellence, and effectiveness. That’s what SunTec Data does best.

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