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The lack of proper data management burdens businesses with erroneous datasets, incompatible data silos, and incomplete information. It can lead to faulty analytics and impact your organizations business intelligence negatively. However, processing heterogeneous data requires proper security measures, compliances, and regulatory practices, which gets complex and time-taking.

You can easily handle these enterprise data challenges with data management services from SunTec Data. Our team-

  • extracts and consolidates data from disparate sources
  • performs data quality management (data cleaning, enrichment, deduplication, standardization, and consistency checks)
  • returns a reliable dataset after overall quality assessment

We help enterprises gain confidence in their data through a streamlined data management process, a team of expert data professionals, and stringent quality and accuracy measures.

Explore our comprehensive range of data management services

SunTec Data offers data management services to help companies combat pressing data-related complications rapidly and increase operational efficiency. These consist of:

Data collection icon Data collection services

We collect relevant data from various offline and web-based sources and structure it in an easy-to-understand format for simplified storage and accessibility. As a part of our data collection services, we extract data from online marketplaces, websites, social media, consumer profiles, surveys, questionnaires, business records, medical records, and such other sources across all associated domains.

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Data cleansing icon Data cleansing services

We modify datasets for accuracy and coherency. The collected information is formatted, categorized, modified, and organized. We delete duplicate records and fix incorrect formattings across numerous data fields. In addition, we rectify data inconsistencies, update old, erroneous, and obsolete data, run consistent referential integrity checks, and establish homogeneous databases to fuel quality decision-making.

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Data enrichment icon Data enrichment services

We extract and append information from external data sources and integrate it into your existing database. Our team uses scripts and APIs to scrape information about your customers, prospects, and competitors from websites, online directories, social media, or any other sources specified by you. The extracted data is cleaned before it can be merged with existing datasets.

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Data abstraction icon Data abstraction services

We review large datasets, summarize the key points with relevant references, and ensure concise and compact data representation. The source dataset is kept intact while the abstracted data is delivered in a customized database.

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Custom list building Custom list building services

Target consumers, businesses, or active buyers with customized lists. We pull necessary information (name, industry, job role, email address, phone number, zip code, industry type, employee size, revenue, and other data points) from various sources., verify the data, and deliver accurate and relevant lists.

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Success Stories

Data quality management for US-based medical equipment supplier company

The client (a US-based medical equipment supplier) wanted a B2B sales-ready database. However, the database contained outdated mail addresses, apart from erroneous and missing information. Further, the client wanted to extract lead information from LinkedIn to create a prospective client profile. Our team thoroughly analyzed the requirements in a short time and built a complete B2B database by combining data cleansing, data enrichment, and LinkedIn link building techniques. After successful process execution, the client received a comprehensive, error-free database and a custom list of LinkedIn prospects that helped them pitch their services & enhance their marketing ROI by 10X.

Data security

We assure data protection and guarantee accuracy across all enterprise datasets

SunTec Data is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for data security and ISO 9001:2015 certified for data quality. We are dedicated to providing high-quality services with 99.95% accuracy. We guarantee data protection and privacy and adhere to stringent measures to avoid unauthorized data access and inappropriate data usage. Additionally, we support our clients through automated and manual validation processes. Following the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), our data security and QA team standardize security throughout all operations through data authorization, authentication, encryption methods, password management, backup and recovery, and process evaluation.

Client's speak

Our productivity has improved, our stress has decreased, and our clients are happier.

The support from SunTec Data has been outstanding. They did an excellent job and were sensitive to our requirements and financial constraints. Utilizing their service has relieved a lot of our stress. Since we started working with SunTec Data six years ago, our productivity has improved, our stress has decreased, and our clients are happier. A special thank you to the crew working with us for so long. Every challenging assignment was simplified for us by you guys.

Stephen Forte, Data Coordinator, New York, USA
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Excellent data management can positively impact your business's bottom line, stakeholders, and clients. Additionally, outsourcing enterprise data management services to our professionals guarantee accuracy, speed, privacy, and prevention of data loss. Empower your data infrastructure and get uninterrupted support for critical operational decision-making with the SunTec Data team. You can send a query at or call us to discuss your needs. Get a free trial by filling out the contact form on this page.