Data Collection Services

Get access to business-critical data with reliable data collection experts

We address exclusive enterprise data requirements through custom data collection

Identifying the right data sources, capturing accurate information, managing unstructured data, and streamlining multi-format content can be tricky. We help businesses overcome these challenges with our data collection services.

Our qualified workforce utilizes the best tools and adheres to regulatory guidelines when capturing data from the web. We sift through diverse data types, scrutinize sources, and extract accurate information so you can easily convert it into meaningful insights.

We obtain relevant data according to client use cases and deliver it in the preferred format (spreadsheets, database upload, CRM updates, PDF, etc.)

Case study

Product data collection for a US-based eCommerce store

The client is an eCommerce seller. They needed data to justify the launch of a new product range. Our data collection experts scraped essential information on similar products, including features, price, sales, and SERP, and compiled it in a spreadsheet. The client derived insights from the data and launched their product range accordingly.

Experienced resource

Get assured data security with subject matter experts

We understand the ethical, legal, and governance-related aspects of data collection as well as the complexities related to data standard adherence. That is why we bring in experienced data experts and employ ISO-certified processes with quality controls to maintain stringent security across our entire data collection workflow.

Client's speak

"The data they deliver are reliable and accurate."

SunTec Data has been our company's reliable data provider for a few years. The data they deliver are reliable and accurate. We are very happy with this partnership and plan to continue it.

Nate Wilder, eCommerce Business Owner, USA

Data collection services offered at SunTec Data

Our data aggregation specialists gather useful information about your customers, competitors, and industry and convert it into functional and operational data. As a part of data collection services, we offer the following:

Web data collection

Data collection experts at SunTec Data utilize web research, scripts, and API to scrape data from social media platforms, websites, surveys, and other web resources. The data is delivered to the client in their preferred format.

Data collection for training AI/ML models

We cater to your AI/ML model training needs by capturing and delivering high-quality data. Our team helps you enhance the performance of your machine-learning models by collecting multiple data types, including text, video, images, audio, and speech.

Data collection for competitor analysis

We extract critical information about your competitors by scrutinizing disparate sources such as financial reports, website content, online promotions, social media platforms, stock market data, company profiles, market research reports, and search engine data.

Customer data collection

Our data extraction services help you create and update customer profiles by collecting demographic, behavioral, and personal customer data from web browsing, online surveys, feedback forms, advertising and marketing platforms, and social media campaigns.

Market research data collection

Besides competitors and customers, we sift through the web to procure data for market research. This includes information related to brand awareness and outreach, concept testing, customer efforts scoring, etc.

Product data collection

Information, such as product details, sales performance, pricing, product market analysis, customer reviews, competitor product performance, and other product-related data, is acquired from online retail sites.

Industry-specific data collection services

eCommerce & retail

  • Track data on competitors’ pricing, top sellers, inventory, sales, and performance
  • Collect product codes, images, specifications, and other relevant details
  • Observe minimum advertised price (MAP) rules violations

Travel & hospitality

  • Monitor competitor inventory, pricing and review aggregation via automated tools
  • Gather images and descriptions to enhance online travel listings and customer experience
  • Collect customer behavioral data

Sales & marketing

  • Procure market research data related to brand awareness, market analysis, and competitors
  • Extract data from market reports and surveys
  • Customer data collection and aggregation

Equity & finance

  • Data extraction from income statements, SEC filings, balance sheets, and other critical reports
  • Financial data aggregation for investment strategy optimization and portfolio management
  • Market data collection from news, articles, and discussion boards for equity research


  • Acquire data from varied healthcare sources and discussion forums
  • Data collection to create healthcare apps, sales leads, and more

Real estate

  • Data collection for real estate listings
  • Data extraction from mortgage forms, loan forms, foreclosure forms, etc.
  • Competitive price research

Data collection use cases

Our data collection experts implement reliable ways to help organizations in elevating and accentuating business growth, impact, and performance:

  • Price Intelligence
  • Product Development
  • Recruitment
  • Market Research
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Business Automation
  • New Business Model Implementation
  • Internal Business Operations Streamlining
  • Alternative Data for Finance

Data collection process we follow

1. Zero-obligation trial

We offer a free trial to help you gauge our services, expertise, and data collection process.

2. Requirement analysis

We collect and analyze your requirements to ascertain relevant methods and identify sources for data collection.

3. Data collection and extraction

Our experts capture and extract relevant data from trusted sources and summarize it into a unified database for easy accessibility.

4. Data cleansing & verification

We implement strict data quality mechanisms to cleanse the data and eliminate any discrepancies.

5. Data standardization

We standardize the data into a common format depending on the client’s requirements and preferences.

6. Project delivery

The final database is shared with the client via a secure server system, email, or any other client-desired way.

Why choose us as your data collection service partner?

Rich domain expertise

A proficient team with industry-best experience and well-versed with the latest terminologies and data collection regulations.

Cost-effective solutions

Save on training, infrastructure, and technology costs. Get flexible pricing models customized as per your budget.

Uncompromised data security

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified for data security and thus follow strict data protection measures. We also sign an NDA and offer supervised transcription within a secure facility.

Quick turnaround time

24*7 operations for fast project delivery without compromising data quality, accuracy, and integrity

20+ years of experience

Serving global businesses from diverse niches and verticals with an all-inclusive range of data management services and solutions.

Derive valuable data insights with customized data collection services

Do you have customized data collection requirements? We offer tailored data collection solutions to meet business-specific needs. Share your requirements at, and our professionals will get back to you shortly.

Data collection services: Frequently asked questions

Our data collection experts sift through the web and gather useful information from online forums, databases, business directories, online repositories, articles, company reports, surveys, questionnaires, social media channels, etc.

Yes, we offer a free sample to help you gauge the quality of our data collection services. Upon receiving your requirements, our team collects the required data, compiles it, and delivers it within a short timeframe. Once you are satisfied with the services, we sign an NDA before project commencement to ensure data privacy and security.

When you outsource data collection services to us, we make sure your project is delivered within a quick turnaround time. However, the final delivery depends on several factors, including project size and data complexity. To get an exact estimate, brief us on your requirements at

As a renowned data collection company, we deliver data in your desired format, such as .txt, .csv, .xls, .tsv, PDF, XML, JSON, and others. Additionally, we can integrate the collected data into your systems.