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The flow of consistent, accurate, and actionable data from outside and within a company is vital for its functioning. Disruptions to this flow in the form of errors in the data set, movement, processing stage, etc., will have a cascading effect, leading to loss of productivity and other undesired consequences.

Casting the net of data filtration for errors in the early stages, like at the point of entry into the organization or soon after, can mitigate the imminent cascading detrimental effects of such data and streamline the latter stages of data processing.

Data cleansing services by SunTec Data will serve that function with aplomb. We are a data management company offering data cleaning that is industry-leading, with a history of delivering flawlessly cleansed data. You’ll have a database that contributes to your company’s growth and market share consolidation.

Customized to your unique organizational processes, your data cleaned by us will optimize your data warehousing across utilization purposes. For instances of customer outreach, the contact data cleaned by our data cleansing services will help you connect with them with a high success rate. It will skyrocket your ROI and fortify your brand image with improved positive recall actions.

Data Cleaning Services by SunTec Data: What It Means and Entails

Data cleansing involves the correct organizing and rectification of inconsistencies, inaccuracies, incompleteness, and other such erroneous data to transform it into the valuable asset it is meant to be. It acts as an early line of defense against those issues, especially in the case of incoming data from external sources like market surveys.

They tend to contain randomness in the formatting, which is one of the leading causes of the aforementioned issues. The mixing up of data from different data streams is another hiccup that data cleaning solutions will solve, especially when there are multiple data sources with varying attributes. These could be degree of complexity, speed, error rates, data type, etc. Real-time operations add another dimension of challenge.

Scaling further amplifies the challenges and probability of data errors occurring due to the increased volumes and expanded market horizons. Optimizing productivity according to variations in scale and market dynamics, particularly personnel management, may increasingly demand the stretching of your resources to cover the additional tasks. This change will likely result in a further increase in the error rate.

Outsource data cleansing services to SunTec Data, and have access to one of the pre-eminent data cleansing companies that have contributed to countering these challenges. We have helped organizations improve upon their erroneous to actionable data ratio and make better business decisions. Our services can manage data cleaning challenges at every scale without quality compromise between real-time and regular delivery schedules.

A Few Ways Your Data May Not Be Supporting Your Business Needs:

Unless you take action to keep your database clean and consistent, muddled and chaotic data processing outputs are a guarantee. With our data cleansing services, SunTec Data can help you deal with the issues pertaining to your data's unworthiness, thereby letting you add considerable value to your data.

Make Your Data Actionable With Data Cleansing Outsourcing

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When an organization’s strength comes from using valid and accurate data, it’s inevitabile to opt for the assistance of a data cleansing company. SunTec Data is the right pick for accomplishing your data cleaning requirements. We work with the finesse and fast task finishing capabilities that will work wonders for your valuable database creation needs.

With our data cleansing and standardization services, we do the hard work of lifting away the heavy burden of erroneous data for you. We understand and offer de-duplicating, scrubbing, and cleansing data within any context,and source. We put measures in place to prevent the intermixing of data streams irrespective of their number, preventing the compounding of the previously mentioned issues.

Our data cleaning services will also thwart the extraction of poor-quality data by maintaining a strict regimen of detail-oriented operations. Our experts play an impactful role in realizing that, bringing in their many years of experience and expertise into every task they perform. Their keen eye will identify the errors’ particulars and mend them using the most appropriate technique.

And since we are a global company, our experts are present all around the world. This international presence allows us to cleanse data irrespective of the region of operation. Multilingual data is also not of concern as a result, and you can expect the same work excellence for data in many languages.

Operating in the sphere of B2B data cleansing services, we understand the value of data security and privacy. We strive to be the best in the market for the services, and we know that you desire the same. We acknowledge that data privacy and security play a role in gaining that competitive edge in the market.

Therefore, we have incorporated several measures to achieve the highest levels of both in our practice. Your data will be protected with encryptions, the latest security software, confidentiality agreements, limited access protocols, and constant collaboration regarding the matter so that there is no accidental unauthorized usage of your data.

Our data cleansing services will ensure this is maintained regardless of your choice of cloud service used for your enterprise data storage and operations requirements.

And the best part, it doesn’t end with just that. Once we have accomplished the initial cleansing task, we standardize your data effectively with your database management systems and platforms.

With this, you are guaranteed to not encounter compatibility issues between your numerous enterprise data management software. It flattens disruption curves in your productivity charts, and easing any worker discomfort that might have resulted from it.

As a full-fledged data cleansing company, SunTec Data covers you comprehensively right from data matching and deduplication, to data standardization, normalization against custom or third party reference standards, data enhancement drawing from company resources or external databases, and more, so that you have no data sets that are compromised.

We also offer multiple other data management services such as market research, data coding, data analysis, report generation, etc., all under one roof to cover your every data management need.

Thus, when you outsource data cleansing services to us, you’ll be set to turn every kind of data management challenge into an opportunity without having to challenge your budget allocations. And all you have to do is contact us for that complete, actionable data that actualizes your business objectives.


What are the stages of data cleansing services?

All successful processes follow a methodical approach towards achieving their goals in an efficient manner. We do the same with our data cleaning, starting with the formulation of a plan where we define the data cleansing requirements. If you’ve requested for a trial, we will oblige with a sample that demonstrates our top quality of work and will proceed from there once you find it satisfactory. We then discuss the specifics of the terms and conditions, including pricing and deadlines, culminating in the signing of a contract for the same. Your project then gets allocated a dedicated team with a project manager with whom you will collaborate constantly. They will get in touch with you and obtain the data to be cleaned in the available format. Then, the actual cleaning happens, with the cleaned data being stored in our database and format of your choice. We’ll then review the data for any mistakes and then finalize it by delivering the results to you. This optimization of our service will save your cost and time.

What are the common types of data errors encountered while performing data cleansing services?

Enterprise data covers a vast field of data types, and they all have the potential to contain their own types of errors. Some errors occur across the spectrum as well. The common ones present are inconsistencies, inaccuracies, incompatibility, incompleteness, duplication, and mislabelling. Inconsistency means an example of a dataset belonging to a particular type is not similar to the others of that type. There are variations in it that shouldn’t exist. Inaccurate data means the obtained data is false and doesn’t resemble the expected result. Incompatibility is data being in a format that is not workable for the purpose at hand. The purpose could be simple storage of a data management process, either manual or automated. Incomplete data means the data is broken and has some portions that are absent. Duplication of data means that there are copies of the same data that are redundant and/or have errors of their own that could get used in place of the original. Mislabelling means attributing false data identity to a data piece, leading to wrongful categorization of it while storage and usage.

What are the difference between data preparation, modeling, and cleansing?

Data management is rife with processes having terminologies and purposes that can overlap one another. It can get confusing to decipher which process accomplishes what exactly and when it is to be applied. Perhaps the biggest example of this data preparation, data modeling, and data cleansing. All of these are conducted before the main data analysis phase, and they all achieve goals that are similar to a certain extent. But, there are some notable differences between them all. Data preparation captures the overall set of processes that gets a dataset ready for analysis. While the other two also fall under it, they don’t mark the end of the extent of the term. Data modeling makes data sensible by applying business logic to it. It sculpts the data to make it match with business concepts and metrics. It requires clean data for the task, which is where data cleansing comes in. It removes the unwanted errors and leaves the data clean for the purposes it has to be used.

What’s the USP of data cleansing services offered by your company?

Tackling the errors that creep into enterprise databases is not for the ill prepared. SunTec Data is the polar opposite of that. Our cleaning services incorporate the best of techniques and methodologies, along with the latest technologies for it. We hire only the best talent to work on our clients’ projects, and that list includes some of the biggest names across industries. We ensure that your data is kept safe and private at all times. Our multinational team comprises professionals across the world, leaving you free of time zone and language concerns. And we deliver our services at a fair price and within your timeline, and in the format of your choice. Thus, with us, your bases are covered when it comes to data management as a whole and not just data cleansing.

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