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Robust data cleansing services to clean enterprise data and simplify insight discovery

Our data hygiene services empower businesses with clean, coherent, and up-to-date databases

Using unstructured databases with inaccurate information, missing entries, or duplicate fields negatively impacts an organization's decision-making process. A clean and coherent database is necessary to discover actionable insights and define effective marketing strategies. Get such a ready-to-analyze database with data cleansing services from SunTec Data. As a leading data cleansing service provider, we are equipped to clean large databases in a short time. Our team uses automated tools and techniques to eliminate duplicates and errors in data, delete incorrect entries, add missing values, and consolidate the information extracted from multiple data sources to provide high-quality datasets. Our data cleaning service specialists perform integrity checks before delivering the data in the client's preferred format.

Our comprehensive range of data cleansing services

Gain access to reliable, accurate, and complete data using our effective data scrubbing services. As a leading data cleaning service provider, we are equipped to handle data of all sizes and types, from enterprise databases to B2B datasets.

Data cleansing icon Data cleanup & enrichment

Our data cleansing experts use various data appending solutions to identify missing and incorrect values & update complete information in existing datasets. Our database cleaning services involve appending and collecting relevant data from multiple sources to ensure high quality and updated datasets.

Data standardization logo Data normalization & standardization

Our data normalization and standardization strategy focuses on maintaining data uniformity and quality. With data standardization, we ensure that the data is consistent in format and structure. We fix issues regarding similar data attributes being written in different formats to maintain coherent and sorted datasets.

Data duplicate icon Data deduplication

As your data cleansing outsourcing partner, we take care of data matching, comparison, merging, and purging activities using manual techniques, rules, scripts, and bots. Moreover, our experts utilize advanced methods to remove duplicate records in complex datasets collected from disparate sources. Our data cleaning company identifies and removes repetitive and inconsistent data from all types of file formats and databases, either digital, online, or offline.

Data validation icon Data validation & verification

As a part of data scrubbing services, we use manual, automated, and advanced processes and methodologies to validate your datasets. Our experts perform data verification against internal and external sources. We further remove inaccuracies and update missing values precisely to maintain your database, Salesforce, ERP, CRM data, and other business-critical data.

Mailing list Mailing list cleansing

We aid businesses in boosting their email marketing efforts with mailing list cleansing services. This involves rigorous cleaning of mailing lists to identify inactive, obsolete, and invalid email ids and further replace them with functional email ids. This way, you can improve your marketing efforts and gain a better campaign response rate.

CRM Data cleansing CRM data cleansing services

Our B2B data cleansing services enable businesses to keep their CRM database accurate, up-to-date, and high-performing. Errors and inconsistencies in these datasets can make it difficult to gain reliable insights. We mine the relevant data and append it to your existing CRM lists to grow your business.

Success Stories

CRM data cleansing & enrichment for a consulting firm

The client (a US-based consulting firm) struggled with quality maintenance for a dataset of over 20,000 contacts in the salesforce CRM. Our team cleaned the dataset by removing errors, redundant data, and inconsistent formatting. To ensure data reliability and accuracy, the data was verified using multiple parameters and delivered to the client after QA.

Data security

Complete data security assurance and client satisfaction guarantee

Data security is at the core of our services. Our data cleansing company is ISO 27001:2022 certified for information security and ISO 9001:2015 certified for data quality. We follow stringent data protection measures, restrict access control through authorization, and undertake supervised data processing within a secure facility.

Client's speak

Would love to work with them again!

We were looking for a reliable partner for regular CRM data cleaning. This data was crucial for our marketing strategy and we needed almost immediate results. SunTec Data helped us save ample time and amazed us with their best-in-class data cleansing services. Would love to work with them again!

Moren Rosewell, Data Manager, USA
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