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In the last 25 years, we have worked with several renowned brands, startups, and SMEs across diverse industry niches and enabled those businesses to achieve excellence by solving their data challenges. Take a look at our client case study snapshots to help you understand how we can drive ROI for your organization.

Data Quality Management For US-based Medical Equipment Supplier Company

The client (a US-based medical equipment supplier) wanted a B2B sales-ready database. However, the database contained outdated mail addresses, apart from erroneous and missing information. Further, the client wanted to extract lead information from LinkedIn to create a prospective client profile. Our team thoroughly analyzed the requirements in a short time and built a complete B2B database by combining data cleansing, data enrichment, and LinkedIn link-building techniques. After successful process execution, the client received a comprehensive, error-free database and a custom list of LinkedIn prospects that helped them pitch their services & enhance their marketing ROI by 10X.

Data Enrichment Support For An Insurance Firm

The client (a US-based insurance firm) faced challenges maintaining their claims database (with over 1M entries). We identified the data gaps, extracted relevant information from credible, client-approved sources, and filled in the missing information to create a complete database. As a result, the client could expedite the claims approval process, detect fraud, and make informed decisions.

50% Increase In Email Delivery Rate With Email Data Appending

The client (an Australian software company) was struggling with ineffective email marketing. They wanted to validate their email database with 8000+customer records. We aligned a team of data appending experts who identified the obsolete IDs and replaced them with active ids. We also filled in the missing information and delivered an updated email list in a quick turnaround time. The client witnessed exceptional results and collaborated with us for data cleansing and enrichment.

Created A Verified Contact List for A US-based Client

The client, a US-based IT firm, struggled with reduced sales via email campaigns. They were facing issues with misdelivered emails and poor targeting. Our team gathered customers’ email addresses from credible internal and external sources for the client and compiled an accurate list. We also verified and validated the existing database for enhanced performance. As a result, the client’s email marketing campaigns registered higher delivery rates and 5X higher ROI.

Country-wise financial data research for a UK-based client

The client (a global UK-based asset management firm) manages investment portfolios across 45 countries. They wanted to gather financial data from all the nations to simplify financial reporting. Our team deployed reliable sources to extract data, compiled a database, conducted QC, and delivered the final datasets in the client’s preferent format while adhering to country-wise financial regulations. The client was able to save a considerable amount of time to focus on core business activities while streamlining reporting and analysis using the updated database.

ESG Data management For An AI-Powered Reporting Platform

The client (a US-based impact reporting software company) needed help in ESG data compilation and formatting. We aligned a team, identified data sources, and collected, cleaned, and compiled a dataset. We verified the final dataset for quality and regulation compliance. After handling similar requirements for two years, the client established a dedicated team of 30 data resources with our company.

LinkedIn Data Mining for a US-based Manufacturer

The client (a multinational manufacturing company in the USA) faced challenges in extracting contact information of senior management professionals from LinkedIn to grow their client base. Further, they also desired accurate data, free from duplicity. Our team of skilled data mining experts scraped the desired contact information (name, company, website, and email) of 1200+ professionals from LinkedIn within three days. We also used data cleansing techniques to provide 100% error-free data.

Data Scraping for a Travel Company

The client (A USA-based travel company) faced challenges with mining relevant data for hotel listings, inclusions, exclusions, and prices as it needed to showcase the same on its portal. They also needed data extraction from competitor websites for research purposes. Our data mining team helped by scraping travel packages, hotel and airline data from the competitor website. Leveraging this data, the client was able to conduct thorough competitor research and make vital business decisions.

Data Extraction for a US-based eCommerce Merchant

The client, a US-based eCommerce store owner, wanted to conduct competitor research and required complete details of competitors’ products. We assigned a data scraping team to sift through diverse sources and extract critical product details, including SKUs, offers, pricing, availability, reviews, seller information, and ratings. The information was compiled in a secure database and delivered within a short turnaround time. As a result, the client could easily retrieve the data to perform competitor research and make informed decisions based on the analysis.

Annotate Video Data for AI-basedTraffic Management Solution

The client (a UK-based data analytics company) approached us for data annotation of pre-recorded videos for a road planning and traffic management solution. We analyzed the requirements closely and assigned a fairly large team to annotate videos of moving vehicles under different exposures and frames. The resultant dataset was tested for quality and accuracy and delivered on time. It helped the client’s solution predict traffic-related issues like congestion, accidents, road planning, and lane movement.

Data Annotation for a Face Recognition Algorithm

The client (An AI-based solutions development company) needed a labeled dataset for its face recognition algorithm. They provided a database of facial images, including obscured and poorly visible photos. We omitted unusable photos from the dataset and tagged and categorized the rest as per client instructions. We delivered 1000+ annotated images within two weeks with 99% accuracy.

Improved Video Captioning Capability for a Global Technology Company

The client (a leading global technology company) wanted to improve the captioning capability, supporting 22 languages, of its video conferencing solution. High quality and accurate audio data were required to train its models. Our video annotation experts transcribed long & short audio clips in the target languages. With our service, the client was able to enhance its captioning capability in all 22 languages and thus reach out to new markets.

Data Annotation for A Leading Travel Aggregator

Our client (a top travel aggregator and booking engine) needed precisely annotated datasets for a booking assistant bot operating in various languages. Our team noted references to particular hotels and instances of locations in incoming chatbot conversations (including cities, regions, districts, and addresses). Per their interpretations of the message, they classified the utterances' intentions. The trip aggregator consequently obtained precisely tagged and labeled datasets. This made it possible for the booking assistant AI chatbot to promptly reply to client messages and inquiries in different languages, raising our client’s net promoter score.

Product Data Entry for an eCommerce Store

The client (A US-based eCommerce store for cosmetics) faced difficulty while uploading products on its newly built eCommerce store and needed a solution in a quick turnaround time. Our data entry experts uploaded the product-related data for 10000+ products, such as the brand, images, and title, within a short deadline in an organized format. The client launched the store successfully and was highly satisfied with our timely and efficient project delivery.

Patient Demographics Data Entry for an Insurance Company

The client (a US-based insurance firm) faced challenges managing patient data in their medical billing system. We assigned a team of eight resources to this project. The team curated data from the provided sources, aggregated verified patient demographic information, and entered data into the client’s medical billing system. The client was able to streamline their claim settlement process and has since established a remote team of fifteen data entry professionals in association with us.

Managing a large backlog of mortgage deed and loan data

The client (a real estate brokerage firm) needed to process nearly 1.5 TB of mortgage deed and loan-related data for easy accessibility. Our team compiled the data from all the sources supplied by the client and efficiently cleaned and entered the data in the correct form in a central database, enabling quick retrieval and analysis.

Salesforce CRM Data Entry for a Leading US-based Client

The client (a renowned US-based firm) struggled with Salesforce CRM data entry. They had a huge volume of data to process, which would consume a significant amount of their time and effort. To overcome this challenge, they decided to leverage expert assistance. On receiving this project, SunTec Data assigned a team of data entry experts and quality analysts to assist the client with Salesforce data entry. We meticulously captured customer details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and other critical information, and entered them into the client’s CRM within a quick turnaround time. Our quality analysts validated the data for improved revenue, ROI, and customer engagement.

Medical Invoice Data Entry for a US-based Healthcare Facility

The client (a US-based healthcare facility) reached out to us for data capture and entry using 10000+ e-invoices. The client struggled with lack of time, expertise, and resources and thus sought invoice data entry support. We assigned a team of 10 data entry experts who extracted relevant information from the invoices, entered it into a unified database, and enriched it via rigorous quality checks within three days. The client was happy and satisfied to receive a well-organized database consisting of the desired data points from shared invoices.

Quick product data entry for a newly-launched eStore

The client (a US-based eCommerce business with a newly-launched online store built on Shopify) needed data entry for a catalog of 10,000 products. Our team compiled data from various sources, created listings, and uploaded product details, descriptions, specifications, and tagging within five business days.

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