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Outsource Data Profiling and Segmentation Services

Your target market is rarely a homogenous entity that can be satisfied with a blanket marketing and product/service delivery approach. It is more likely a motley mix of various characters, with many commonalities and differences in terms of tastes, interests, aspirations, financial situation, etc. Your company’s success depends on catering to these varied characteristics with a laser focussed targeted marketing and product/service development and delivery. Data profiling services by SunTec Data of your market research data hold the key to unlocking these varieties of opportunities. We can help sort out the kaleidoscopic view of the market that is full of ambiguity and help reflect the true nature of your target market so that the market research data becomes more digestible to the strategizing done using it.

With us as your data profiling company, your customer data will be enriched in value, and subsequently, your brand image among your target audience as well. The summaries of the data gained from the profiling will contain the most profitable aspects of it, having gotten rid of data quality issues that are bound to hinder your march towards market consolidation. You’ll be better placed to predict oncoming market trends early on and alter your messaging and outreach to stay ahead of the curve.

Our profiling services are accompanied by our astute data segmentation services as well that can stratify your market research data based on factors that suit your specific needs and business dynamics. We look into your research data with a keen eye and tally it with your business objectives to create segments that will best serve your interests and aid in capturing the market with very little friction that arises from the misunderstanding of the prospect’s/customer’s attributes that influence their purchase decisions.

Together, the two can help you study the changing behaviors and adapt in a manner that inspires people to respond positively to your promotional messages, as against the elements that make them drift apart from your brand. Our ingenious data profiling and data segmentation analysis solutions encompass all dimensions of customer profiling and segmentation, and are aimed at putting you in an advantageous position to tailor your marketing efforts to remain competitive.

With our data segmentation services, we ensure that similar interests, needs, age groups, etc. are collated together, and customized marketing strategies are adopted in the process.

Data segmentation and data profiling services from SunTec Data will help you put your customer insights to good use, thereby facilitating you to make informed decisions in your effort to achieve enhanced marketing performance.

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Data Segmentation

There are many ways we can help you segment your data, including:

Data Profiling & Segmentation offers you numerous opportunities to capitalize on, based on facts, like:

Data Profiling

Profiling your customers enables you to target the right prospects, employing the right media and channels.

Benefits of Segmentation and Data Profiling Services

Outsource Data Profiling Services To Us

Any market can showcase the traits of a chameleon-changing its properties and behavior at random and predictable intervals and moments. Market research data that is meant to decipher its inner workings and extract intelligence on it to better understand and act in sync will not go far if it isn’t worked on by competent data profiling services like SunTec Data’s.

We have been operating in this space for many years, and have accumulated a lot of experience and expertise along the way. And they have been gained by serving some of the best companies in the world across industries, including Fortune 500 brands. Our insistence on quality at every step of the way has been manifested in the form of the hiring of only the best and brightest professionals for our data profiling and data segmentation services.

They are accompanied by the latest in technology, particularly AI/ML to hasten productivity while diminishing the instances of errors ending up in the final output. We also tackle every data related issue from a multifaceted angle, involving our expertise in all data related services like analysis and market research to give you well-rounded support in your requirements.

As a professional data profiling company, we are always aware of the trust you place in us. And we strive to retain it in every way, including with your data’s security. We have deployed the most advanced data protection software available to ensure that your data remains safe from those not authorized to access it. We also have strict data protection protocols in place so that the chance of accidental data security compromise is eliminated.

The culmination of all of the above allows us to deliver to you data profiling services that are exhaustive, focussed, and cost-competitive, all within your stipulated deadline and upto the industry quality standards. You also get to customize your final results of the process in ways to better suit your business operations. And we guarantee that they will provide you with the necessary in-depth assessment capabilities of your target market to enhance both your marketing and operational strategy development process.


What’s the importance of geography as a market data segment?

It’s common for us as humans to consider personal attributes of a person first when gauging a person’s potential as a prospect for a business. Things like height, weight, personal interests, financial situation, cultural views, and practices, etc., are what get the primary attention. But what can go unnoticed is that these factors are also dependent on the geography of the person. For example, trying to sell winter wear to someone in the tropical belt will be a futile exercise, even if their other attributes match with that of a person in a colder part of the world who could really use that attire, unless of course they live at an elevated location. It is why data segmentation emphasizes the inclusion of a market’s geography along with their other characteristics-there is simply no escaping the importance and impact it has on the prospects there, in turn, affecting the efficacy of the marketing efforts of your company.

What are the different types of data profiling?

Market research yields data that is as vast in quantity as it is rich in hidden information about the contributors. The complexities and variations involved demand that any data management process applied to it not be done in a narrow manner. There must be variations to the applied processes to extract the most out of that set of data. Profiling works on the same principle, hence there are three major types of it. Structure discovery is the type that helps understand how well the focus data is structured based on a certain related criterion. The data is validated for consistency and compatibility of format, and mathematical functions are performed for checking purposes. Content discovery looks into the data to find out the errors present in it. It helps highlight the systemic, tabulation, and other types of issues that could be present. Relationship discovery, as the name suggests, works to draw possible relationships between different parts of data. It helps unite related data and makes it easy to reuse it whenever required.

What are the main types of data segmentation?

Market data is a hodgepodge of many types of people with vastly different attributes attached to them. Catering to such a diverse populace in a generalized manner will not yield the kind of ROI a business wants. The solution is to segment the available data on the market, obtained through extensive market research, into different categories based on criteria that the business can cater to and that’s inherent to that market. In this regard, market data is normally segmented based on 4 main types - demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and geographic. It may be divided into variations of these 4 types as well by creating valid sub-types of them. The demographic type contains person-centric attributes like age, sex, height, marital status, nationality, religion, education, etc. Psychographic type is similar to demographic type, with the added information about a person’s mental and emotional characteristics. It helps identify a person’s motives, necessities, and preferences. Behavioral type looks into the actions and habits of the target, such as their shopping habits, usage rate of a website, their loyalty to a brand, the actions they perform on a website, etc. And geographic type divides the people based on their location, which is useful for creating and sending location-specific ads. Thus, segmentation lets you sculpt your marketing strategy to the customer’s needs, attributes, and values.

What makes your data profiling and segmentation services the best?

SunTec Data is known for delivering more than what our clients ask of us with their data profiling and segmentation services needs. When you outsource to us, you’re getting the benefit of doing so to a partner with a reputation that's been developed by serving the best in every industry type with best of services. You always get the guarantee of high-quality, speed, data security, and low cost from us. Our experts are chosen through rigorous tests designed to filter through only the brightest and experienced. We also ensure that they keep in touch with the latest developments in the field that could benefit you. Our use of AI/ML for the purpose keeps delivery times and costs low and accuracy high. You will be involved in every step of the process, allowing for the customization of the final report you get so that it brings the most value it possibly can to your proceeding steps that rely on it. As a global company, your project will be worked on without the effects of time zones hindering its progress, giving you the competitive first-to-the-market edge you need. So, give your data profiling and segmentation service requirements the hallmark SunTec Data touch and stand out of the crowd of competitors and amongst the crowd of your target market.

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