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Our premium Document Scanning and Indexing Services are highly ingenious and adaptable.

We render exceptional document scanning services using state-of-the-art, high-speed ADF scanners, which can scan up to ten thousand pages daily, in both simplex and duplex formats. Besides, we leverage flatbed, handheld and overhead scanners, which we variedly employ, depending upon the nature of the documents to be scanned. As a leading document scanning company, we possess many overhead scanners that are especially excellent for fragile documents. From receipts and invoices, some of which are as small as 2"X3" to relatively large blueprints and maps, which can go up to 24"X36" in size, we, at SunTec Data, can scan them all.

The highly trained and skilled professionals at SunTec Data are equally comfortable developing both tabular and illustrated indexes. We can either index your documents at the time of scanning itself, or batch index them once you are done with the scanning. We will put together the index fields, in accordance with the nature of the documents and the data or information carried by them. We can also make use of techniques such as barcode reading in order to index your documents. If need be, our document management services can also help you with cross-referencing, along with mapping of your documents.

Thus, with our document indexing services, you will be able to simultaneously match up and retrieve relevant data available on a variety of documents.

We can provide your scanned and indexed documents in the following digital formats:

As a part of our Scanning and Indexing Services we perform:

At the start of a project we will assign you a Project Manager who will be in constant touch with you and thoroughly understand you requirements and expectations. We will provide you the finished project on a DVD or CD-ROM or you will have the option of downloading it from a secure FTP server.

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