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At SunTec Data we offer Scanned Files’ Data Capture Services to help businesses convert their scanned files into a format of their preference.

We will meticulously capture the data from your scanned files and build you efficient databases so that you do not anymore have to bother about the sharing and retrieval of data. We can, if you require, also organize your scanned files’ data in orders of relevance when we capture it. Whenever necessary, we will improve the quality of your scanned files by de-skewing and de-speckling them so that capturing data from them gets easier. We can perform data capture from scanned files both online and offline.

At SunTec Data we go to great lengths to ensure a near one hundred percent accuracy of scanned files’ data capture. Two or three of our operators work simultaneously on the same terminal when capturing data from scanned documents. Whenever there is even the slightest discrepancy in the data being entered by them a software triggers an alert and an on the spot correction is done. However, we still put a finished project through the minutest scrutiny so that no error or inconsistency slips through. Our teams are scalable and can be deployed at the shortest notice. You can send us your scanned files in any format - JPEG, PDF, TIFF, GIF or RTF. Besides, we also have our own high speed ADF scanners capable of scanning as many as ten thousand daily. You can also deliver your scanned files to us as mail attachments, over a secured FTP connection or on CDs and DVDs.

We meticulously customize our Scanned Files’ Data Capture Services to suit the requirements of our clients. Depending upon the nature of the scanned files and their quality we either use OCR tools or resort to manual data capture. As a part of our Scanned Files’ Data Capture Services we can also perform targeted data capture, that is, we will capture only the data that you specify or require form your scanned documents. We will provide you the captured data in MS Word, PDF, MS Access, My SQL or any other digital format of your preference.

We can scan and capture data from:

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All our employees are signatories to strict confidentiality agreements. Your data is thus completely safe in our hands. Our turnaround rates are the best in the industry. Please get in touch with us to know more about our Scanned Files Data Capture Services.

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