Healthcare Research Data Management Services

We accelerate clinical research with complete medical data collection and processing support

Get high-quality datasets built for research

Healthcare professionals and clinical researchers spend a lot of time locating, cleansing, and preparing the right data before they can get to actual analysis. Challenges like missing details, duplicate data, incompatible structure, and poor quality add to the complexities. Our team offers help in the form of verified, clinically-relevant data that can support healthcare research and analysis projects.

We cater to healthcare research companies, health informatics companies, academic researchers, clinical research networks, data vendors, and healthcare providers. We support research and evaluation studies, such as epidemiologic research, policy analysis, performance measurement, cost research, etc., with clean data organized in a database where it can be securely stored, analyzed, and shared.

We help in:

  • Medical data collection from multiple sources (surveys, medical records, forms, EHRs)
  • Data cleansing, data enrichment, and curation
  • Adherence check for organization and regional quality and security regulations

What can you do with SunTec Data

Our healthcare research services are designed to help researchers by building a single source of reliable information with a guarantee of quality.

We help manage healthcare research data according to the regulations mandated by HIPAA, Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), The European MDS Registry (EUMDS), IVDR, and HITECH (The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act).

Case study

Data management for provider fraud detection research

The client (a US-based healthcare research firm) wanted to identify potentially fraudulent providers based on the claims filed by them. Our data experts extracted and assembled each provider's inpatient, outpatient, and beneficiary details from the sources provided. We cleaned the dataset and identified important variables for improved analysis. The client was able to perform quick and thorough analysis using our well-curated datasets.

Experienced resource

Get a dedicated team of healthcare data experts

Our subject matter experts from different disciplines have experience in handling data requirements for a diverse research projects.

  • Medicine, nursing, dentistry & pharmacy.
  • Behavioral and social sciences
  • Biostatistics and epidemiology.
  • Engineering.
  • Research, administration & management in health care.

Client's speak

"The team understood the research data complexities"

We are delighted to have chosen SunTec Data for our healthcare research data project. The team understood the research data complexities we were facing and thoroughly focused on quality-driven support. Will recommend SunTec Data’s team for all forms of data management requirements.

Tracy Baker, Chief Medical Officer, USA

What do our healthcare research services entail?

Our healthcare research data management services are tailored to fit diverse clinical research needs. For each service offering, our experts monitor, sort, and cleanse all the data collected, making it easier for researchers to find relevant data when needed.

Healthcare data collection

Data is collected from diverse sources, such as administrative and medical records, insurance databases, patient questionnaires, patient intake forms, consent forms, treatment evaluation and health assessment forms, claims data, surveillance, disease registries, and peer-reviewed literature. After collection, manual data entry is performed for the information to be available in the backend.

Healthcare data management

Our healthcare research data management experts create, access, and consistently update data. This helps identify potential matches, avoid duplicates, and prevent overlap from the source data. To ensure relevance and accuracy, our experts frequently visit clients’ sources to identify modified data and update the database accordingly. Regular data cleansing, validation of existing dataset entries, and multiple quality checks make the data unique and accurate.

Healthcare data delivery

Our data delivery services include various quality assurance practices before it is delivered in the client’s preferred format. Our professionals perform a thorough check to surpass quality parameters and data standard compliances. For a detailed analysis, the database is simplified through transparent metadata addition to the data field.

Complete data support for diverse business needs

Data management in clinical research involves various other aspects. Our team handles all those requirements in addition to medical data collection and processing.

Healthcare data mining

With data mining support, healthcare providers can simplify customer relationship management, detect fraud and abuse, determine the effectiveness of treatments, and handle predictive medicine. Our data mining services also help cut costs, efficiently manage Big Data in healthcare, and increase operational efficiency.

Healthcare data enrichment

Data enrichment is a critical part of data processing in healthcare research. Our data enrichment services help enhance the existing information by adding missing or incomplete data from external data sources. We also manage and update old data using relevant sources with a prime focus on quality.

Healthcare data cleansing

Our subject matter experts ensure that the clinical data fed into your database is vetted at each stage. Our data cleansing service includes constant validations. We identify inaccurate, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, or incomplete data and return a clean clinical dataset with a faster time-to-value.

Healthcare database & list building

We update medical databases with valid data on regular intervals, make sure that every entry is reliable, and maintain overall data quality. Additionally, if required, our team can also create customized lists to help clinical researchers in their analysis.

We extract, process and manage data from the diverse sources, Including:

  • EMR abstracts
  • Electronic EMR feeds
  • Disease management program data
  • Claims data
  • Enrollment data
  • Medical programs
  • Remote monitoring and wearable devices
  • Survey data such as patient experience
  • mHealth data
  • Patient lifestyle information

Why outsource healthcare research data management to SunTec Data?

At SunTec Data, we aim to solve healthcare research complexities with focused medical data collection, cleaning, and processing. We provide customized datasets and create reliable data assets to simplify the job of researchers. Outsourcing healthcare research data management to our team benefits your business in the form of high-quality data support.

Leverage our 20+ years of industry experience to support all your research needs. Spend your time on analysis while our team aggregates rich datasets for you.

ISO certified

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified & ISO 9001: 2015 certified for information security & quality management system.

More time to focus on core business objectives

By outsourcing healthcare research services to us, you can focus in your core business functions.

Reduced costs

We provide services at the most competitive pricing & enable cost savings on infrastructure, technology & resources.

Quick turnaround time

We allot a dedicated team of data professionals for your project and ensure to deliver your project in a quick turnaround time.

Flexible engagement models

Depending on your unique project requirements, you can hire our data experts on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.

Competent team

You can be assured of getting highly-trained, industry-best, strong, competent, and experienced professionals from us.

Transform the way you interact with clinical research data

Get a trusted data support partner with a foundation in data support, proven data security practices, and a skilled team of research data management experts. Contact us at to know more or request a free trial today.