Competitor Intelligence/Analysis Services

Derive useful insights and unveil new opportunities through holistic competitor intelligence data

We help strengthen your market position with competitive analysis & data support

Leaders, managers, and business owners must possess adequate knowledge of adversaries to succeed in a market. Competitive intelligence helps them make data-backed strategies and gain a first-mover advantage over their peers. However, collecting competitor data can be a challenging process since it involves knowing which competitors and metrics to track, how to extract data from various internal sources, and how to review it all. We can help you solve these through competitor intelligence/analysis services.

SunTec Data provides 360-degree data support for competitor intelligence to global consulting firms, Fortune 500 companies, startups, accounting firms, and SMEs. Our team identifies valuable data points, extracts data from internal and external sources, and cleans and compiles the data into a coherent dataset. We can also create custom reports and deliver competitor intelligence (after data analysis) upon client request. We help you monitor your competitors and gain an upper hand in the market with:

  • Dedicated analysts with expertise in best CI practices
  • Detailed reports in preferred formats
  • Years of data management experience
  • Advanced competitor intelligence tools

Case study

Competitive intelligence for an antivirus product

The client, a security technology manufacturer, wanted to evaluate the demand for an antivirus product and the associated competitive threats. We identified key competitors and tested alternative products to isolate the strengths and weaknesses at the systems, application, and UX levels. We delivered a report with responses to all client questions and supporting evidence. The client deployed the information to improve their product and eventually experienced high sales.

Experienced resource

Get the assurance of quality with subject matter experts (SMEs)

Our competitor intelligence tools and processes simplify market research and competitor research for businesses. To further strengthen the assurance of quality and utility, we hire experienced subject matter experts in the fields of data management, market research, and web research. Our team has an in-depth understanding of enterprise operational flow and competitive intelligence analysis that helps us deliver impeccable results.

Client's speak

"While maintaining complete data integrity"

The team delivered exceptional results within a quick turnaround time. Their research and intelligence team offered valuable insights and a detailed overview of our competitors while maintaining complete data integrity.

Eva Reed, CEO, Germany

What’s included in our competitor intelligence/analysis services?

The competitive intelligence approach isn’t uniform; it varies according to the industry, product/service type, themes shared between you and your competitors, and several other factors. At SunTec Data, we craft custom solutions based on your business requirements and provide corporate intelligence solutions via a standard workflow.

Competitor data aggregation

We understand your objectives, define the use case for competitor analysis, and identify relevant data sources as well as effective ways to extract crucial information quickly. As a part of competitor data aggregation, we consider a set of potential factors, such as competitors, demand markets, government regulations, supply markets, investors, and potential customers. Once we have an action plan, we aggregate data from defined sources and curate it into a unified database.

Data compilation and cleaning

As an experienced outsourcing partner, we ensure high-quality databases via data cleaning, formatting, enrichment, and standardization. We eliminate and fix typos, missing entries, duplicate records, and other inaccuracies by cross-checking the competitors’ information with the original data sources. Any modified data values are updated in the existing database. We deploy a set of tools to eradicate data integrity problems and achieve an accurate database.

CI data delivery

Before delivering the outcome in your desired format, we conduct rigorous quality and compliance checks to ensure minimum errors and maximum standard adherence. Our team further categorizes and classifies the information per specific competitor groups for simplified analysis. We also design scopes and structure the database to fit distinct requirements.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we can also undertake the following steps:

1. Analyze all the information in the database, determine patterns and extricate competitive factors

2. Evaluate all the competitive factor, classify and rank

3. Conduct SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis

4. Summarize the key findings into a document

Data sources we consider for competitive intelligence & analysis

  • Press releases
  • Pricing data
  • Competitor interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Interviews with suppliers, distributors, other industry players, and experts
  • Company websites
  • Social media
  • Review sites
  • CRM data
  • Google alerts
  • RSS feeds
  • Site scraping
  • Release reports
  • News mentions
  • Awards and recognition
  • Surveys, case studies, and testimonials

Our Process for Competitive Intelligence/Analysis

Data experts at SunTec Data sift through numerous data points to gather relevant competitor information and structure it efficiently to promote easy analysis and insight extraction. We adopt a step-wise approach to deliver the intended outcomes.

1. Analyze requirements

We understand your requirements, define project scope & objectives

2. Identify competitors

Our team locates & identifies competitors in your niche/domain

3. Collect data from multiple sources

We collect relevant from different web sources about your competitors

4. Cleanse & structure data

We compile the data, cleanse it & structure the data, as required.

5. Deliver project

We deliver the final output to the clients via FTP server or secured emails

Why choose SunTec Data for competitor analysis services?

Our competitor intelligence and analysis solutions provide a detailed overview of your competitive landscape. This can help you discover new growth opportunities, rightly position products in the market, safeguard against threats, outrage competition, overcome industry challenges, and achieve your objectives. In addition to this, you can benefit in the following ways:

Competitive pricing

We provide services at the most competitive pricing & enable cost savings on infrastructure, technology & resources.

Data security

As an ISO 27001:2013 certified company, we keep data security at the core & follow the best practices to protect your data.

Data accuracy

Our QA experts perform rigorous quality & integrity checks to identify & fix errors, ensuring 100% accuracy in our final outcomes.

Quick turnaround time

We allot a dedicated team of data professionals for your project and ensure to deliver your project in a quick turnaround time.

Flexible engagement models

Depending on your unique project requirements, you can hire our data experts on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.

Competent team

You can be assured to get highly-trained, industry-best, strong, competent, and experienced data professionals from us.

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