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Data quality is critical for business research purposes. But the data collected for research purposes is enormous, with high chances of duplicate entries, inaccurate information, and inconsistency. Moreover, this unstructured data can be outdated and irrelevant. The challenge of dealing with multiple data storage, data integration, and data governance & security further add to the problem. This is where our data research and analytics services can help!

Our data research services give researchers quick access to accurate and vetted data from multiple sources. We fetch the most meaningful and relevant data points for your priority goals while complying with data standards and governance. Whether you need to discover data from external sources or use your enterprise data, our team can diligently integrate, aggregate, cleanse, analyze, and preserve various data types to meet your deliberate research needs.

End-to-end data research analytics services

We strive to reduce research time & improve the quality of research with our data support services for research and reporting. Backed by a team of data experts, advanced data scraping and analytics tools, and proven methodology, we aid enterprises and researchers meet their goals. Our wide range of service offerings includes-

Business research icon Business research services

Our research data services support your business research tasks with primary data collection solutions from divergent web and offline sources. Our data research experts further perform data compilation (in your design structure and format) and data analysis to help you draw intelligent conclusions and recommendations.

Market research icon Market research services

Access to readily-available, quality market data is the key to smarter & faster decision-making. Following a comprehensive approach, we empower your business-critical workflows with high-quality information with data collection, analysis, and reporting. We enable you to access clean, easy-to-integrate, trusted, and machine-ready data that support your market research.

Healthcare research Healthcare research services

We collect relevant data from trusted sources in compliance with EU MDR and IVDR for clinical evaluations and post-market surveillance to build a strong foundation for your research. By finding the right data, cleansing and standardizing it, we help you save enormous time, focus on patients, and innovate health services.

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Financial research Financial research services

We perform data acquisition, cleansing, and dataset structuring for AI-based financial reporting tools. Complying with accounting regulations, we assist investment firms, financial advisors, and brokers in creating an unbiased dataset, covering relevant data points from multiple sources like financial databases, corporate findings, and company reports.

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Data research icon ESG data research services

We support businesses and ESG data reporting companies with comprehensive ESG data management services to retrieve, standardize, and deliver accurate datasets. Our team captures data from disparate internal and external sources, curates data meeting the disclosure reporting requirements, and prepares data for AI-based ESG reporting software.

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competitor analysis icon Competitor intelligence/ analysis services

As a part of our competitive intelligence services, we enable consulting firms, startups, SMEs, and fortune 500 companies to identify valuable data points, extract competitor-related data (from internal and external sources), sort, cleanse, and create a consolidated dataset for final delivery for in-depth competitor research. Upon client request, we also create custom reports and deliver competitor intelligence.

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Success Stories

Market research to enhance PR activities for a client

The client (A US-based eCommerce company) approached us to enhance their PR activities and reduce the time involved in market research. Our data research team defined & discovered the client's target audience, identified relevant media sources for promoting their online store, and analyzed their competitor postings on social media platforms. This helped the client boost their PR activities, lower their research time by 70%, analyze their competitors, and improve their overall lead quality.

Experienced resource

Subject matter experts for diverse research needs

We hire data engineers, data analysts, business intelligence engineers, data management experts, and data mining professionals who are familiar with enterprise data environments. We further upskill our team with the latest data practices to help them deliver impeccable data solutions and supplement your research processes. Each professional from our team has proven experience in dealing with large-volume, complex data to empower your organization with bespoke data support solutions.

Client's speak

Saving a great deal of time in extracting data from various sources

Their team has done a commendable job in supporting our research project. Their data research services enabled us to focus on research analysis and findings by saving a great deal of time in extracting data from various sources. Highly recommended!

Samuel Brown, Researcher, USA
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