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Financial research services that help you make business decisions confidently with rich, structured, and ready-to-use datasets

Financial institutes need valuable insights to navigate the markets, build reliable portfolios, and grow with speed and agility. However, the challenge lies in extracting meaningful data from various data warehouses or ERP systems. Consolidating datasets in compliance with country-specific regulations while ensuring data transparency and security can be demanding. We can help you combat the challenges associated with financial data research so you can focus on business-critical priorities.

We provide financial research services to analysts, financial reporting companies, insurance firms, wealth management organizations, banks, financial advisors, and investment consulting agencies. We curate hundreds of unique data points to create a dataset your stakeholders can trust. Our team handles:

  • Data acquisition from relevant sources
  • Data curation, filtering, cleansing, and enrichment
  • Dataset structuring and preparation for AI-based financial reporting tools

Execute actionable strategies for your firm with rich and unbiased datasets that facilitate easy analysis and informed decision-making.

Financial research services offered by SunTec Data

Analysts are more likely to reach valid decisions and valuable insights if they get accurate, well-processed data that can be directly used for financial analysis. Our team gathers and compiles such information to offer a complete view of key performance metrics and facilitate improved analysis, reporting, and decision-making. Our financial research services include:

Financial data collection

We understand your requirements and determine the data types needed for a particular research project. Then, we gather data from multiple internal and third-party sources, including financial reports, accounting records, Google Finance pages, websites, and financial filings. Our data collection experts narrow down relevant information and enter it into a unified dataset.

Financial data cleaning

We deploy specialized data cleaning, enrichment, and standardization processes to fix unstructured data, inaccuracies, missing records, or duplicate entries. We use specialized tools to minimize data integrity issues and regularly update the database. Further, we ensure that the consolidated information complies with financial reporting laws and standards.

Financial data delivery

Before delivering the database in your preferred format, our data support services for financial research also involve performing data quality and standard compliance assessment to deliver data that fits your financial analytics and reporting requirements. We also structure and streamline the database by adding transparent metadata to relevant data fields for easy and quick analysis.

Success Stories

Country-wise financial data research for a UK-based client

The client is a UK-based asset management firm that manages investment portfolios through a proprietary investment strategy tool. They wanted key financial data indicators across 45 nations while accounting for country-wise financial regulations. Our team used verified sources to extract data, conducted QC, and formatted the data as per their tool's requirements. The client was able to refocus on core business activities while streamlining financial research and reporting.

Experienced resource

Subject matter experts (SMEs) from diverse industry domains

Our financial data research services simplify data management for financial institutions and firms through an upskilled pool of professionals. Our team includes subject matter experts with relevant experience and expertise in the fields of finance, business, research, and economies. Additionally, we have dedicated project managers and quality control teams to deliver stellar financial reporting and research solutions and help you make informed business decisions.

Client's speak

Completely satisfied with the results!

SunTec Data has been our outsourcing partner for the last three years. The team has considerably fueled our growth by providing financial data management and support. Completely satisfied with the results!

Victor Cook, Financial analyst, France
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