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We offer streamlined data aggregation, curation, and delivery for reliable sustainability reporting

Simplify reporting with ESG data management services from SunTec Data

ESG data management and reporting is necessary for enterprises to understand their sustainability performance. However, it involves several challenges, like multiple data sources, isolated and incongruent data points, changing global ESG disclosure standards, and numerous data entry methods. To overcome these obstacles while expediting ESG reporting for your organization, you can outsource ESG data research services to SunTec Data.

We retrieve, standardize, and deliver accurate datasets to assist enterprises in measuring their KPIs toward sustainability objectives. We provide ESG data management services and reporting support to businesses, ESG data companies, and ESG reporting companies through

  • data collection from multiple disparate sources,
  • data cleaning and curation as per disclosure reporting requirements, and
  • data preparation for AI-based ESG reporting software.

Our team captures ESG data from internal sources (corporate, legal, financial, IR, and HR) and reliable external sources (company reports, public filings, websites, news reports, and reviews). Moreover, our ESG data services are designed to cater to diverse requirements across a broad spectrum of ESG frameworks and ensure accurate and precise outcomes through a state-of-the-art data infrastructure.

ESG data research services we offer

We help enterprises and organizations handle ESG challenges, such as poor data alignment with performance standards, data shareability, and ambiguous disclosure incentives through a comprehensive range of ESG data services. We take the lead on handling the mundane task of ESG data management so you can focus on other critical activities.

Our data specialists streamline your team's access to high-quality data. Once a proper dataset is in place, you can easily analyze it to gain business intelligence and generate reports.

Data collection icon ESG data collection

  • We maintain focus by aligning our data collection strategy with your objectives and determining relevant metrics for tracking.
  • Data is sourced from internal departments like HR, legal, finance, and facilities.
  • Data is gathered from external sources, like suppliers, vendors, CSR reports, and public filings and declarations.
  • Data is acquired from third-party software your organization uses, like CMS, SCM, ERP, EMS, and other modules.
  • We verify the aggregated dataset to ensure all target sources are covered.

Data cleansing icon ESG data curation & cleaning

  • We check the dataset for standard compliances, like CDP, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The database is diagnosed for inaccuracies and validated for completeness.
  • To maintain data quality and keep pace with data inflow, we maintain an internal scorecard and update the dataset periodically.

Data delivery icon ESG data delivery

  • We prepare the data for the purpose at hand, like formatting the data according to your ESG reporting software or AI-based software.
  • The dataset is delivered in an accessible format so you can make changes as necessary.
  • We add metadata to the fields to improve their usability.
  • After delivery, we conduct regular checks on the data quality, if required.
Success Stories

ESG data management for an AI-powered reporting platform

The client (a US-based impact reporting software company) needed help in ESG data compilation and formatting. We aligned a team, identified data sources, and collected, cleaned, and compiled a dataset. We verified the final dataset for quality and regulation compliance. After handling similar requirements for two years, the client established a dedicated team of 30 data resources with our company.

Experienced resource

Subject matter experts (SMEs) and ISO-certified data security assurance

We employ science and finance professionals who understand the process and infrastructure around data collection and reporting to curate ESG data for our clients. We ensure complete data protection with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications for data quality and security. Additionally, we sign NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) and apply stringent access authorization controls.

Client's speak

The team has helped us improve sustainability reporting through ESG data research and support.

We have been working with SunTec Data for the last two years, and it's been a great experience. The team has helped us improve sustainability reporting through ESG data research and support. They are quite attentive to our queries and maintain seamless communication.

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