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Every business looks for new opportunities to expand its customer base and gain a competitive edge. When you outsource data mining services to SunTec Data, we help you unveil the previously unknown valuable customer information that can strengthen your decision making, and empower you to identify new opportunities for your business. We offer an all-inclusive and robust portfolio of data mining services, aimed at helping you obtain critical information from reliable sources, get accurate customer data and up-to-date business trends, and streamline operations.

Backed by a dedicated and able team of data miners, we have the expertise to support you in converting a huge amount of data into information that helps you make strategic business decisions by identifying new opportunities. Our experts hold extensive experience in mining data across industry verticals and niches, including academic and market research, real estate, finance, human resource, marketing, legal, etc.

Database Mining / Data Mining Consultants at SunTec Data

As one of the leading data mining companies, SunTec Data can help you with a wide gamut of research areas over web/internet. Our services include:

Contact Discovery

Professional Details, Résumé, Contact Information, viz., Name, Address, Email, Phone, etc.

Property Documents Research

Mortgages, Deeds, Affidavit, Certificates of Deed, Sale, Purchase, Redemption, Sheriff’s Deed, Trustee’s Deed, Foreclosures, Title Research, Financing statement, Assignments, Releases, Credits, etc.

Company / Business Research

Industrial, Competitor, Market Report, Financial / Annual Report.

Document Research

Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters, Magazines, Thesis, Technical Documents, White Papers, Case Studies, Solution Papers, News Stories, etc.

Professional Services

Chartered Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Local Courier, Plumbers, Computer Repairs, Carpenters, Painters, Researchers, Professors, Hospitality professionals, etc.

Events Research

Exhibitions, Expos, Trade Shows, Industry Fairs, Training Programs, Workshops, Seminars, Webinars

eCommerce Product Research

SKUs, Manufacturing Details, Technical Specs, Design, Top Selling Products, Pricing, Product Images, Descriptions, Trend, Product Reviews / Ratings, Shopping Channels, etc.

Conducting Database Mining : Our Methodology

SunTec Data's data mining solutions are engineered to support business owners in collating critical information with regard to their potential clients, competitors, products, and much more. Our data miners are adept at extracting required data from a variety of sources, such as directories, ERPs, catalogs, etc., analyzing the data, and presenting it in any of the easy-to-access file formats, including Text, Word, Excel, Access, etc.

We also provide web data mining services, as part of which, our data mining experts capture relevant information from online sources like competitors' websites, social media channels, online directories, etc., to help entrepreneurs make informed business decisions and formulate effective marketing campaigns. Our database mining experts employ a proven methodology in order to mine the data from both structured and unstructured records, and in addition, classify data in predefined fields, and organize it efficiently in your preferred file format.

We offer high-end data mining services that incorporate:

Business analysis

Our data miners work as an extension of the client’s in-house team to analyze the length and breadth of their business and develop techniques that are in tune with their requirements.

Data collection

We mine the existing databases to gather relevant data pertaining to client’s business, competitors and customers, and identify hidden business patterns that facilitate an effective decision-making process. We collate customer’s contact details including names, email addresses, postal addresses, etc., their buying patterns, purchase histories, etc.

Profiling and segmentation

After collecting pertinent information, our experts create customer profiles and segment them on the basis of buying history, demographics, geographies and several other factors.

Data standardization

We clean and standardize the collected raw data and deliver it to you in a suitable file format, as per your business needs.

Data validation

Our experts also validate the information to ensure that it is authentic and up-to-date.

Make SunTec Data your Data Mining Services Partner

Through data mining services, SunTec Data helps you gain valuable insights into customer and business trends, and utilize the information to target the right set of customers and boost Company's performance. Our data mining consultants can help you have a peek into your data's quality.

Getting Started

To find out how we can help you draw out relevant information from your database, kindly get in touch with us! You can also write-in to us at to know more about our data mining services.

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