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Discover what your social network thinks about your business and brand.

We provide in-depth consumer data through social media mining

Processing dynamic and noisy user-generated content on social media can be challenging and resource-intensive. Our social media data mining services can help you by offering a single, qualified source of reliable data ready for analysis.

We collect, process, and sort data from multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Our team uses the best social media analytics tools to identify patterns in the data and deliver data visualizations. We determine relevant data points for specific use cases, maintain compliance, and pass the data through quality testing to ensure the best outcomes.

Social media mining services offered at SunTec Data

To reduce research time, we build datasets ready to be used by researchers for social media analytics. Our team scans and filters through publicly available social media data, curates relevant data points (name, age, location, posts, clicks, views, gender, etc.), and discovers meaningful information that can help your business.

Website data scrapping Ethical web data scraping services

Every social media platform imposes certain data scraping constraints and guidelines. We stay updated on the same and only extract information legally, primarily by collecting publicly-available data (like user profile information, post content and media, likes, comments, views, interactions on common groups, followers, hashtags, engagement rates, and shares.) This is done through manual data capture, APIs, scripts, and automated social network mining tools.

Social media icon Social media data management support

We unify the aggregated data through data processing services, including data cleaning, validation, verification, enrichment, formatting, and standardization. The clean dataset is sorted so researchers and analysts can get a holistic view of the information and observe all data points.

Data analysis Data quality analysis and pattern discovery

To aid social media research activities, we pass the dataset through a quality funnel. We use a standard quality analysis workflow that can be customized for a client's specific use case. Once the dataset's reliability is assured, our social media analysts build visualizations that can help researchers in their analysis.

Data delivery icon Data delivery

We deliver the final dataset as per client requirements. We can upload the data in enterprise databases, format it for use in reporting software (AI-based or otherwise), or create segmented datasets as per your research strategies. Additionally, we frequently check the data and update it when required to maintain relevance.

Success Stories

Social media data mining for a retargeting campaign

A leading US-based sports merchandise seller wanted to retarget users who had previously engaged with their campaign on Instagram. Our team collected user data for the engaged consumers across different social networks and delivered sorted data and visualizations. The client analyzed this data and successfully increased the engagement rate for the retargeting campaign.

Data security

The guarantee of data quality, accuracy, and utility

Our social media data mining services are handled by a team of subject matter experts using ISO-certified processes and the best web scraping and data mining tools. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for data security and ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality. Our team signs an NDA for every project. Additionally, we secure client data through strict access controls.

Client's speak

Increase engagement on multiple social channels

Thanks to this team, we recognized our social network's motivations. The data and insights we received helped us design marketing campaigns and increase engagement on multiple social channels. They have been a great support to my marketing team as well.

Samuel Brown, Digital Marketer, USA
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