Striving To Grow Your Business? Don’t Miss These 6 Email Marketing Trends!

Email Campaign Services July 15, 2019

6 Email Marketing Trends

Today, email marketing has come of age. Unlike the earlier days when businesses filled the inboxes of their prospective clients with massive blocks of text, today email marketing has become more subtle and targeted. While earlier people did not even bother to open emails from organizations, now a business executive takes every mail from an organization as an opportunity. This change in perception did not happen overnight; it is the result of years of research on customer behavior and use of the latest technology. Even email copywriting has gone through a sea change over the years and use of appealing GIFs, videos and graphics have become an integral part of every email marketing strategy.

However, email marketing is beyond these common techniques. Here are some of the latest trends that you should not overlook if you are using email marketing to grow your business:

The Latest Email Marketing Trends You Should Never Overlook

  • Implement Artificial Intelligence

    Implement Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is a convenient, reliable, and useful resource which is dominating almost every industry these days. It is also taking over our digital marketing efforts. Many companies have already started to invest in artificial intelligence to bolster their email marketing campaigns. For those who are yet to adopt AI for email marketing can outsource email campaign services to a reliable service provider. They will take care of everything and ensure that your marketing campaign will be a success.

    If you are wondering how is it going to help, here’s how Artificial Intelligence can make your email marketing campaigns successful:

    • Suggesting appealing subject lines and images.
    • Customize content for an individual client by looking at past emails and interactions.
    • Determining when users may unsubscribe to emails.
    • Provide additional insights on customer engagement and interaction.
    • Look for potential solutions to resolve issues.
  • Include Storytelling Content

    Include Storytelling Content

    What always works in email marketing is storytelling content. No matter what industry you belong to, it is crucial to connect emotionally with your potential clients. Getting story building content in your emails will effectively grab customers’ attention and engages them throughout. The primary aim of such content is that every email subscriber should open every single one of the emails you send them. If you are not good with words and find it challenging to build storytelling content, then you can seek professional assistance. Email marketing services from a reliable service provider will give you access to experts of the field.

    Storytelling content will improve your email marketing efforts by:

    • Offering stories that are focused on the customer’s pain points so that the emails get instant attention.
    • Building a connection between consumer and brand through content
    • Providing value for the reader.
    • Trying to eliminate the ‘spam’ connotations with brand emails.
  • Additional Personalization

    Additional Personalization

    It is human psychology that people want to be seen as individuals and like to be addressed with their names. However, personalization is much more than that. About 50% of marketing influencers believe that personalization is considered a significant email marketing strategy which brings positive results. Besides, 82% of marketers have witnessed an increase in their email open rates through this strategy. These numbers prove that subscribers certainly appreciate opening emails and reading content that is personalized to their interests.

    By leveraging personalization you can:

    • Stand out within the inbox of your subscribers.
    • Provide highly relevant, customized content that your customers actually want to receive.
    • Have increased open rates of emails.
    • Help establish your brand as one that listens to the needs of their consumers
    • Enhance customer experiences by delivering the right content to the right people.
  • Automation: Increasing Segmentation

    Automation: Increasing Segmentation

    One cannot deny the fact that personalized and segmented emails do better than generalized ones. Even HubSpot suggests that adding elements of personalization like the first name, to the subject line of the email will significantly increase its clickthrough rate.

    Personalization and segmentation go hand in hand. Segmentation involves targeting specific audiences through emails. The email list is segmented on the basis of additional information like gender, age, purchases, browsing history, location, etc. It helps to improve ROI and overall campaign performance. With such positive results, more companies are working towards automating the segmentation.

    Here are the ways in which you can use Automation for your marketing campaign:

    • Keep track of open rates for specific clientele.
    • Optimize by cutting out clients who do not engage in with emails.
    • Observe the type of content that leads to website traffic from emails.
    • Structure nurture emails to drive customers towards engagement.
  • Quality Over Quantity

    Email Marketing Trends

    Last but not least, deliverability is one of the primary concerns for marketers. Emails often land in the SPAM folder, making all that hard work useless. Because poor data management and increased standards from Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, restrict emails to reach the inbox. Marketers often make the mistake of sending numerous emails. Rather, they should focus on sending relevant content to duly qualified email subscribers. Sending relevant and quality content will ensure that their emails are reaching the inbox every time. This will maximize revenue from email marketing campaigns.

    To conclude, email marketing has become more significant than ever. The introduction of innovative technologies is enabling marketers to experiment. However, the same technologies have left some confused. Therefore, it is advisable to outsource email campaign services. Professionals can ensure that your email campaigns include these effective trends to capitalize on the specific interests of millions of customers. With experts at your assistance, you can reach your clientele with compelling, relevant emails that will drive better business results.

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