How to Ace Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

B2B email marketing, Business email lists  September 18, 2018

Email Marketing Campaign

With the active email accounts expected to reach the 5.6 billion mark by 2019 (source: Hubspot), it is no wonder that despite a host of marketing alternatives, B2B email marketing is still on top of the marketers’ list.

B2B Email Marketing

Create a brand identity

Since email marketing has the highest retention rate in comparison to other marketing activities, it is a great way to build brand identity. Keeping this in mind you should try to create a unique identity for your brand with the help of identifiable characteristics like layout, colour scheme, etc., that recipients consider unique to your brand.

Business email lists: Segmentation is the key

Why would a person open an email from an organization if it doesn’t seem reliable or beneficial to him/her? Answer to this is targeting the right audience via segmentation.Segmentation is a pre-requisite for a successful email marketing strategy. Organizations should try to make their emails as personal as possible. Moreover, you can segregate subscribers on the following basis-

i. Response received
ii. Different stages of the sales funnel
iii. Demographics, psychographics, etc.

Limit the number of emails

When a potential customer opts in for email, it doesn’t mean that you bombard their inbox with unnecessary emails. In such a case, the recipients won’t take too long in unsubscribing from your business email list. Another scenario could be that they do not unsubscribe but stop opening your emails altogether.

While the first scenario may seem more fearsome, neither of them is good for your business.

This is because even when the receivers don’t open your email, it amounts to a wastage of resources.

How to re-engage your subscribers

When you keep a constant eye on your marketing emails, you can easily identify which subscribers you have lost or are on the verge of losing. Making attempts to re-acquire the attention of such subscribers is worth the effort as it costs much less than earning new subscribers.

Re-engage Your Subscribers

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