5 Stepping Stones to Make Real Estate Data Entry ‘Worth’ It

Data Capture Companies, Data Capture Services, Real Estate Data Entry July 2, 2018

Real Estate Data Entry

Calculated business decisions form the foundation of business success. The importance of reliable data increases even more in the real estate industry where reaching out to buying prospects is altogether a different story. Since the industry involves handsome investments that are quite often one-time and not recurring, delivering real value to your target audience becomes all the more crucial.

We have listed below 5 key aspects you need to emphasize on to maximize the returns from real estate data entry

5. Use specialised tools
If your real estate data capture practices are ‘ancient’, you are obstructing your business from tapping its utmost potential. It is based on the premise that the more old the tools and techniques, the more would be the time taken in carrying complex data entry processes and lesser would be the business profit.

4. Eliminate duplicate categories
When data is captured and entered from a variety of sources, there are high chances of a same entry being made more than once. You might think what can be the harm in it or does it really need your attention. Duplicate entries can have some fields exactly the same and some different. For instance, you might come up with data where Mr. Joseph Campbell may live in Boston but have different contact numbers entered in both the entries. In such cases, it becomes important to validate the information to know which the correct contact number to reach Mr. Campbell is.

Outsourcing the task of creating new database or refining the existing one to data capture companies is a prudent move towards enhancing your ROI.

3. Automate processes
It is advisable to automate chunks of data processes to maximize your efficiency. When you stick to an all-manual entry approach, the chances of making a mistake are quite likely to increase. Intelligent capture technology not only helps in reducing costs but helps to save a good deal of your company’s time.

2. Customer centric approach-personalisation
You should aim at moulding your data in such a manner that you become a ‘value maker’ and help in creating personalised experiences for your customers. For instance, when you are classifying the data of your target audience, it should be broken down into several components to help you shape highly customised experiences. It is quite probable to turn the table in your favour by taking you a step closer to the intended outcome- the actual sale.

1. Fix a time interval for checking on your data quality
The most important of all the key focus areas is to keep your data ready to use and relevant at all times. If your data doesn’t undergo quality checks at regular intervals, no amount of efforts can keep your boat afloat. It takes into account all the changed contact numbers, email-addresses, etc.

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