How Email Validation Can Boost Sales and Conversions of Your Business?

Email Marketing, Email Validation Service March 14, 2022

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Email Validation And its Benefits For Your Business?

Indeed, business and enterprise owners frequently communicate with their valuable clients and customers using emails as it is one of the fastest means of communication. Usually, company owners use emails to communicate with their customers and share valuable information about their products so that the customers are updated with the required information now and then. Considering email as the fastest and most reliable means of communication, and on the top, it is a free service, it is widely used in the business and corporate world, and has become the first choice for most of the corporate giants. Email services are also being used by businesses for email marketing and campaigns as their primary marketing strategies to attract their target audience and improve sales figures and conversions.

Though email marketing is widely used in the business world, many businesses and organizations do not understand the importance of email validation. Such businesses face severe consequences which can even lead to loss of customers and dropping down in sales and overall business revenue. If you are one of the business owners who is not validating email data periodically within the organization, then you might have the wrong email information saved in your database. Also, this can be the reason that you are not getting the most out of your email and marketing campaigns as your emails are not landing in the correct inboxes.

Email validation has always remained the backbone of any email marketing campaign, be it any business or organization you belong to. It helps in assuring that the information that you are sending in the emails is reaching the correct audience and the efforts that you are making are not going in vain. Dead-end emails are of no use to any businesses and will just add to the clutter which will lead to unsuccessful and ineffective marketing campaigns strategies. In this blog post we will discuss what is email validation and why is it important for your business, so let’s begin.

How Email Validation Services Can Benefit Your Business?

What Is Email Validation?

Email validation is a process that includes a standard procedure and related set of activities to check the authenticity of an existing email address of a person or an individual. Such a process helps in identifying the incorrect email addresses present in your databases and fixing them to assure that you are connecting with the required person while sending an email or while conducting the email campaigns and other email marketing programs and activities.

As the goal of email validation is to catch and fix incorrect emails, it is a laborious and time-consuming activity. You can even perform email validation within your organization by asking your staff or doing it yourself, but it will cost you a lot in terms of both time and money and can even lower the productivity at your workspace. Therefore, it is always recommended to outsource the email address verification services to the professionals in the work to save time, money, effort and to get high-quality results. By outsourcing the email validation work to the market players you can get the opportunity to avoid the negative consequences that you can face if the email you send does not reach the correct person or business.

Why Email Validation is Important For Your Business?

Until now, if you were not able to get the expected results out of your email marketing campaigns then definitely you have the wrong email information of your customers in your database and you need to act quickly on that part. This can also be one of the reasons that you are getting limited sales and footfall if you are running an eCommerce store or dealing in products and services. Email verification is very crucial for your business as it will allow you to detect incorrect emails and will help you fix and replace them with the correct email addresses. This way you can assure that you are always writing and sending the mail to the correct recipient and can boost your sales and conversions.

If you believe that email validation has just one benefit and is capable of just reducing your email bounce rate to a certain extent, you are wrong here. Below, you will find the real benefits that you can leverage from the email validation services to grow your customer base along with your business.

1. Get the Chance to Boost Engagements with Customers

Validating your emails most professionally and driving high-quality results out of them is one of the best ways to improve your engagement and communication with your customers. We can say that email validation services can entirely change the way you communicate with your customers as you will be assured that the emails that you are writing and sending are reaching the correct person. This way you can get more focused on working on business activities rather than just worrying about whether your emails are reaching your customers. Also, email validation will help you create a never-ending bond with your customers and will help your customers believe in your brand and the products that you are selling. Your customers will also receive regular updates for the new launches that you will make.

2. Quickly and Easily Improve Deliverability Rate of Your Emails

Email deliverability is defined as the probability regarding the number of emails landing in the correct inboxes. So, ultimately the email deliverability rate will help you analyze that out of the total emails you sent, how many reached the correct contacts and how many were in vain. To be true, email deliverability rate depends upon several factors and that includes mails that were bounced, rate of engagement, number of spam emails, and more. Therefore, if you are getting a poor email deliverability rate for a long time and do not know the cause behind it, then definitely you have an incorrect email database. In such a situation, the email validation service can be your best bet as it will help you kick out the incorrect email data from your database and just keep the correct mail addresses of your customers. This way you will always send the email to the person who you want to receive it from.

3. Skip Getting Blacklisted and Maintain Good Image Online

One of the other benefits that you can leverage from the email validation and verification services is that you can get the opportunity to reduce the risk of getting your email account blacklisted and hurting your deliverability. If you will not validate the email addresses in your database there are good chances that you will have to face high bounce rates, low engagement, and reduced conversions along with spam complaints that can add up to getting your domain or IP address blacklisted. And being a business owner, if you face such a situation, you should understand that all the future emails that you will send to your contacts will go directly to spam and that will be a complete waste of both time and effort.

So to ensure that you are sending your emails to the correct contacts, get good responses out of your email marketing campaigns, and avoid getting blacklisted, you must validate and verify your email addresses well. You can either do this activity in-house or can opt for the professionals in the market to save on time and get high-quality results. Sending correct emails to the desired individuals or businesses will improve the visibility of your product in the market and will help you in maintaining a good bond with your clientele. This will ultimately help you in improving your sales figures and increasing your business ROI.

4. Leverage the Opportunity to Boost Sales Figures, Conversions & Profits

Another benefit that you will leverage by outsourcing your email verification and validations services to an email verification company is that you will be assured that the correct person is receiving your emails every time you are sending them. If you will have correct email information and the mail will reach the required recipient then you can achieve good sales figures along with improved conversions. For example, if an eCommerce store owner is selling products online but is not able to get the expected footfall and sales at the store, then he/she might have incorrect mail addresses of the customers in the database which can impact the sales conversions and profit. Therefore, the eCommerce store owner should opt for email validation services to get accurate email addresses in the database and improve the sales and conversions of the store.

5. Get the Opportunity to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your Emails to a Great Extent

With email validation services, you will get a lot more than just boosting sales and conversions, and yes reducing the bounce rate of your emails is another good thing that you can get. With email verification services, you can ask the experts to analyze your existing database and find out the incorrect email addresses. The experts will not only filter the incorrect email addresses but will even replace them with the correct address using advanced tools and technology. This way you can have the correct email information every time in your database as the experts will continue to update your database in a certain interval of time. This will ultimately help you in avoiding sending the emails to the incorrect recipients and will therefore reduce your bounce rates.

6. Save on Your Cost & Investments

Though email is a free service, as a business owner who uses email services for communication, you might be knowing that storing emails costs good money. And if your emails are not reaching the correct recipients, then you are bearing hefty losses all these times. So, if you are investing in something you must get results out of it, and the same is with sending emails. Therefore email verification services are the need of the hour for you as you can get the opportunity to get 100% accurate email addresses in the databases which will be worth your investment and you can communicate with the correct person whenever you want.

Final Thoughts

To get good output out of your email marketing campaigns, 100% accurate and authentic email addresses are required as you need to ensure that all your emails land in the correct mailboxes. Therefore, organizations and businesses need to verify and validate their email data regularly to ensure that information inside their email database is accurate and error-free. Business owners or organizations can perform email verification manually or hire in-house employees to verify and validate email data but this will not only take a lot of your time but can even impact your productivity at work. Therefore, it is wise to outsource email validation and verification services to the market players. Outsourcing the service will ensure that you get the correct email information in your database.


1. Why is there a need to validate email?

If you are running a small or a big business, you need to connect with the correct audience every time you need to share anything about your product or the services you are offering to your consumers. Keeping your customers updated is the most important thing that you need to maintain a stable presence in the market, and for that, you need email address verification services. Email validation ensures that the email data you have in your database is 100% correct and error-free. It ensures that you do not have any duplicity or inconsistencies concerning the email data. Validation of email is, therefore, crucial to mitigate any project defects. So, if in any case, you choose not to verify your email data, you will probably be at the risk of not connecting with the correct person every time you send an email. Also, this can ultimately impact your business decisions and the growth of your business.

2. Is there any risk to my data if I opt for email verification and validation service?

No, there is no such risk at all, if you choose to opt for email validation services and outsource your email validation work to the market professionals. There are several big names in the market that provide professional email validation and verification services. These companies follow all the standardized procedures to ensure that your data is 100% safe and secure with them throughout the data validation services process. Most of the email validation services providers nowadays follow a standard methodology to validate and verify your email data which ensures that there is no data loss or data theft.

3. Why should I outsource email validation services to the service providers?

There are various reasons for which you should not choose to perform email validation activities in-house and rather outsource email validation and verification services to the market professionals and one of them is the quality of output that the professionals deliver. If you will choose to validate email on your own by asking your employees it will not only be costly, time-taking, and less productive but there will be no surety that you can get the best results out of it. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to outsource the work to the experts.

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