5 Critical Points That Data Entry Experts Should Make A Thumb Rule

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Data Entry Experts

In the day-to day functioning of your organization, you come across with responsibility of taking several decisions pertaining to spheres like sales, marketing, inventory, fund management, etc. Any wrong decision can amount to heavy losses for the company. Data provides a firm ground on which these decisions rest.

Knowledge driven data related to ongoing trends, current demand, competitor’s activities, etc., that act as a fuel for the organization needs to be prepared. Since entering data is a cumbersome job, many organizations resort to outsourcing Data Inputting Services.

Data entry experts take into account several factors to ensure qualitative data entry:

  • 1. Eliminate Unnecessary Information-Organizations have a flood of information. However, not all the available information is relevant. While entering data, only useful information should be entered so that it can be easily used to draw valuable insights without the need to go through futile data.
  • 2. Amalgamation of Automation and Manual– When organizations outsource data entry services, they can save a good portion of their time by automating certain tasks involved in data entry. However, solely relying on automation can be extremely risky, especially in case of error identification and rectification.
  • 3. Standardization is the Key– Before starting the entry of data, categories under which data has to be placed should be clearly defined so that there is no scope of mismatch between expectations and results. Moreover, standardization helps in maintaining accuracy levels.
  • 4. Careful Use of Software Tools– Several tools like Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can be used for reading and culling out texts. However, these technologies are not free from limitations like- more chances of error when the text source has a font size less than 12.
  • 5. Double Key Entry Verification– Since data entry involves dealing with humongous data, the chances of errors are very high. Double- key entry verification aids in reducing these errors.

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