Data Standardization Services

Having an agreed-upon data standard in any organization sounds like a great idea. However, in reality it’s difficult to implement and maintain. You cannot control how your customers submit the records (through your eCommerce platforms, or the contact-request-form on your website), how your vendors deliver data, how your HR or sales force key-in data, or the integration of business lists and directories that your business development teams download from diverse sources, or inconsistent imports from CRM, ERP and other organizational databases.

Data quality issues can hinder your business processes, thus making it essential to have easy access to clean, consistent data that lead to operational efficiencies. To help you achieve that, SunTecData offers data standardization services at cost-effective prices. Our experts are adept at cleansing and standardizing customer data, financial records, product data and entries in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other online as well as offline databases.

Our professionals understand, interpret and organize data efficiently to provide you clean, consistent data that can be shared across the organization. We hold experience of over a decade and a half in servicing international clients across diverse industry verticals and niches.

Data Standardization Services at SunTecData: Key Features

To help you eliminate data redundancy and improve coordination between users, SunTecData provides data standardization services, as part of which our experts do away with irregularities in your voluminous data to ensure data consistency and compliance with quality standards.

Our data standardization services, include:
  • Proper case formatting
  • Company name standardization
  • State and country name standardization
  • Person name parsing
  • Address standardization
  • Contact number standardization and validation
  • Correcting D-U-N-S and TIN numbers

Our experts help in cleansing, standardizing, verifying and validating your business-critical data against reliable sources of information.

So, if your database contains inaccurate, inconsistent and non-standardized data that is hampering your business processes and marketing campaigns, SunTecData can help! Get in touch with us today to know how we can help you with data standardization services. You can write into us at to know more.