Data Management Services

Manage and streamline your data to make your business more agile.

SunTecData helps you leverage the core asset of your company - your strategic data, including the operations, customer or sales data. With our data management services, we support you in managing the flow of your enterprise’s data throughout its life cycle, beginning with the creation and initial storage, data quality maintenance and archival to its retirement, assuring you the privacy and integrity of your data, all the way through.

With our comprehensive data management services, SunTecData supports you in engaging your customers, building brand advocacy and maximizing return on your marketing budget. We are well resourced with dedicated teams with expertise in all aspects of data including providing you with Data Normalization, Data Cleansing and Standardization, De-duplication, Data Migration, Data Verification, and Address Management for accurate and up-to-date consumer information, etc.

Manage Your Data Effectively To Improve The Performance of Your Database
Whether you plan to launch multichannel campaigns, or acquire new customers, grow existing customer base or reignite the relationship with lapsed customers, data management services of SunTecData offers the expertise, knowledge, technology and resources to manage all your data related requirements.

Our custom data management services help you with:
  • Improving the efficiency of your data
  • Economizing the cost associated with managing data
  • Normalizing data from diverse sources, for rectifying alignment and definitions
  • Complete, efficient and accurate contact data/ address management
  • Data cleansing, including correcting spelling mistakes, typos and formatting errors and maintaining data consistency
  • De-duplication for delivering a single customer record of your customers
  • High speed, high volume data migration maintaining consistent data across heterogeneous environments
  • Validating data by means of verification services

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