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Maintaining data quality is critical to sustaining a consolidated database, making informed decisions, designing effective marketing strategies, and generating revenue. However, data tends to degrade over time, resulting in obsolete, inaccurate, and duplicate information. Also, data volume keeps increasing with time, and evaluating every entry can be quite challenging and time-consuming.

SunTec Data helps you achieve an accurate, enriched database by appending critical data fields, including contact numbers, email addresses, job titles, postal addresses, and others.

We extract structured and unstructured data from reliable sources such as business cards, publications, websites, social media profiles, government records, etc., and compile it into a unified dataset. You can use the information to derive customer insights, create targeted campaigns, and get better responses.

Case study

50% increase in email delivery eate with email data append

An sustralian software company struggled with ineffective email marketing. They wanted to validate their email database with 8000+ customer records. Our data appending experts identified the obsolete IDs and replaced them with active ids. They also filled in the missing information and delivered an updated email list in a quick TAT. The client witnessed exceptional results and collaborated with us for data cleansing and enrichment.

Experienced resource

We value your data and keep it secure

Data security is our topmost concern, which is why we follow strict privacy protocols and sign an NDA before project commencement.

Additionally, we are ISO 27001:2013 certified for information security and thus facilitate seamless data transfer under a secure facility.

Client's speak

"Maintained smooth communication"

It’s been a wonderful experience working with SunTec Data. Despite giving a short deadline, the team completed & delivered the project on time. The team cleaned up our database quickly and maintained smooth communication overall. Moreover, the results were 100% accurate and reliable. Great services!

Elizabeth Miller, USA

Services covered under our B2B data appending solutions

Our data appending solutions enhance your database by filling in the missing records and information. By appending your database, we help you generate leads, acquire customers, increase conversion rates, create better product marketing plans and widen your reach.

Email appending

We create a full-fledged email list by appending the latest, active, and verified email addresses collected via opt-in permission. Our email data append experts update incomplete records to help you attain an increased email delivery rate and decreased bounce rate. We also perform reverse email append to identify customers' names and contact numbers.

Postal address appending

We give you access to a high-quality list containing the postal addresses of your targetted and potential audience, including customers, professionals, business executives, employees, and administrators from diverse locations. Our data appending specialists update your database with accurate addresses to amplify your direct mailing efforts.

Social media appending

Besides emails and postal addresses, we extract and append social media account information to enhance your customer relationships, brand reputation, lead generation, and targeted marketing. As a part of our social media appending services, we collect data related to customers' and prospects’ affiliations and social media handles, including LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter etc.

Phone appending

Our phone number appending solutions aim to fill the gaps in your database for effective telemarketing. We use directory data to append missing mobile and landline numbers to your customer records. We also perform reverse phone append that involves appending customers’ names or email addresses to a record that already has a phone number.

Demographic data appending

We append demographic data such as income, age, education, occupation, buying behaviors, hobbies, interests, and marital status of your customers and audience. The data can be utilized to create personalized marketing strategies and campaigns for optimal customer engagement.

Firmographic appending

Under firmographic appending, we help you conduct business-to-business marketing by connecting with diverse businesses and enterprises. Our B2B data appending services provide important details of firms, such as their annual revenue, NAICS code, industry type, size, internal structure, location, market segment, URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Our data appending process

We follow a step-by-step process to fine-tune your data and create a custom database that syncs with your business approach and objectives. Here’s how we enrich and enhance your data:

1. Receive and analyze the client’s requirements

2. Remove duplicate entries via data matching technique

3. Identify & fill the missing information and data fields

4. Verify the data to ensure accuracy

5. Append & standardize the data into a unified format

6. Share the final database via a secure FTP server

Why outsource data appending services to SunTec Data?

As a trusted data appending company, we have a proficient and knowledgeable workforce to create custom solutions for diverse business requirements. We employ state-of-the-art technology and tools to deliver high-quality appending services. When you partner with us for data appending, we ensure your customer records are updated and complete.

Here are a few more reasons to outsource data appending services to us:

Competitive pricing

We provide services at the most competitive pricing & enable cost savings on infrastructure, technology & resources.

Data security

As an ISO 27001:2013 certified company, we keep data security at the core & follow the best practices to protect your data.

Data accuracy

Our QA experts perform rigorous quality & integrity checks to identify & fix errors, ensuring 100% accuracy in our final outcomes.

Quick turnaround time

We allot a dedicated team of data professionals for your project and ensure to deliver your project in a quick turnaround time.

Flexible engagement models

Depending on your unique project requirements, you can hire our data experts on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.

Competent team

You can be assured to get highly-trained, industry-best, strong, competent, and experienced data professionals from us.

Unlock growth opportunities with our data appending support

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Frequently asked questions - Custom data appending services

We provide a wide array of B2B data appending services to diverse industry verticals, including healthcare, retail, real estate, finance, media, insurance, human resource, non-profit, and telecom, among others.

Creating high-quality databases is a resource-intensive task. By outsourcing data appending to us, you can save considerable time, costs, and effort for other business-critical activities. In addition, you get access to a skilled team of data analysts and the latest technology, increase efficiency, and leverage operational scalability. To know more, reach out to us at

Data appending services can benefit your business in several ways, including
  • Amplify data quality and hygiene
  • Increase customer engagement and targeting
  • Reach more potential customers
  • Boost marketing campaigns
  • Gain better customer insights and many more.

Our data experts extract information from numerous online and offline sources such as business cards, government records, publications, subscriptions, periodicals, events, business directories, and other similar sources.

Our data appending services cover multiple data fields, including email addresses, contact numbers, social media profiles, postal addresses, job titles, etc. We can also create custom lists based on the client’s requirements.