Data Enrichment Services

Analyze, update, improve and augment! Enrich your DATA!

Defective overview or information gaps in your customer database can end in uncertainty, ineffective marketing campaigns and lost opportunities.

With SunTecData, enhance the value and productivity of your clients’ files. However, to realize this, your data must be of high-quality – complete, correct and current. We help you enrich your data acquired through third party reference data sources. Plugging the holes and enhancing your existing data, we ensure that you invest your marketing budget targeting the right contacts.

Data enrichment is a complex task as your data can exist in different formats and could have been compiled from different sources. You can leverage our data enrichment services as part of your routine database maintenance to update your prospect lists or donor records, remove duplications, standardize address data to qualify for postal discounts, etc.

Data Enrichment Process at SunTecData

We make use of the following processes to maximize the efficiency of your data:
  • Eliminating obsolete data or old records, etc.
  • Matching, identifying and removing duplicate or erroneous data
  • Updating your information, e.g., change of telephone numbers, address, career moves, deceases, etc.
  • Consolidating and interlinking various data sources
  • Normalizing data in a homogeneous format
  • Standardizing and appending the information, adding fields to complement records
  • Data aggregation, cleansing, and organization
Ongoing Data Enrichment

Ongoing Data Enrichment Services

To maintain the peak operating efficiency of your databases, we strongly advise and recommend you to schedule data enrichment services on a regular interval. On-going data cleansing and enrichment ensure accurate and updated databases at nominal costs to you.

Improve your business processes and reach your most promising prospects. Increase your response rates and ROI, while reducing the mailing costs. Through data enrichment services, we offer great quality, capacity, turnaround and value. Get started today!