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Shopify Product Data Entry Services

Of all the many hats that online merchants wear – from developing products to marketing it – the “product listing and catalog management” hat is the one that is mostly neglected – leading to increased shopping cart abandonment. If your eCommerce store is built on Shopify platform, SunTec Data can help you populate, manage and update the product catalog at frequent intervals to provide customers with all the product details, required to make buying decisions.

We deliver a bouquet of Shopify product entry services that include curating product information from a myriad of sources, entering the details in a spreadsheet, CSV file or Excel sheet, writing product descriptions, processing customer orders, managing inventory and a lot more. Our team of Shopify data entry experts make sure that your product database is complete with details like SKUs, product IDs, titles, descriptions, unique identifiers, attributes, pricing, images, manufacturer, brand, shipping, etc.

SunTec Data’s Gamut of Shopify Product Upload Services

Whether you are selling physical and digital products or services, SunTec Data can help you manage your online store with utmost accuracy. We hold extensive expertise in managing online stores that deal in products like clothing, accessories & shoes, consumer electronics, pet supplies, home furnishing, medical equipment, sports goods, etc. Our Shopify catalog management experts capture product data from varied sources like physical/ digital catalogs, manufacturer’s sites, competitor’s stores, etc., to create product catalogs with correct, current and complete information.

Our rich array of Shopify product upload services, include:

Product Research

Right at the beginning of every Shopify product catalog management project, we make it a point to understand the client's product range, and carry out an in-depth research, determining the key features and technical specifications of each product.

Shopify Product Data Upload

Our Shopify product data entry experts accurately enter the details including SKUs/ UPCs, product titles, description, brand, prices, image URLs, attributes, shipping information, warranty details, discounts & promotional offers, etc., in an Excel sheet or CSV file with 99.95% accuracy.

Shopify Product Category Management

We not only appropriately sort your products in suitable categories and sub-categories but also create category names, descriptions as well as category images to ensure easy search for visitors.

Shopify Product Attributes Data Entry

As part of Shopify data entry services, we help online retailers in creating and updating product attributes like UPC, MPN, shape, size, color, style, weight, model, material, quantity, etc., to ensure user-friendly online shopping experience.

Shopify Product Description Writing

Our team of eCommerce copywriters creates precise, informative and compelling product descriptions that provide all the required information to the buyers. We incorporate high-volume keywords in the content to help you gain an edge over competitors in all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, drive more traffic and boost product sales.

Shopify Product Image Editing and Upload

We use advanced photo editing tools to enhance the quality of product images and help you attract buyers. Our services include editing and retouching, cropping, resizing, image masking, background, borders and watermark removal, etc. Our image editors also create normal, thumbnail and zoom view of the images, ensuring they meet Shopify’s image upload guidelines.

Shopify Bulk Product Upload

We use advanced tools to populate your Shopify bulk product upload catalog with thousands of products and their multi-faceted information, while ensuring complete accuracy and precision.

Shopify Back Office Support Services

Our range of Shopify back-office support services include cross-selling and up-selling, inventory management, order tracking, order entry and management, shipment handling, competitor price monitoring, inventory management, and other day-to-day business activities.

We also have a dedicated team of SEO executives, headed by highly skilled and experienced SEO Manager, to help you optimize your online store and gain better position in search engines.

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