Why Contact Discovery Is Important For Your Organization

Contact Discovery Services, Data Extraction Services November 20, 2018

Contact Discovery Services

“The customer data platform industry is expected to grow at least 50% per year, reaching over $1 billion total revenue by 2019”
– A report by Martech Advisor.

This affirms the fact that a customer holds utmost importance and the customer data is at the center, around which every organization revolves. In the business world, getting the attention of the target audience remains one of the primary motives behind the conduct of every business activity. In this era of ever-growing competition, businesses can’t afford to waste precious resources and valuable time. Hence, it has become a necessity for every business to keep track of the latest, accurate and authentic information at all times to stay ahead in this competitive corporate environment.

Organizations are replete with customer data but simply having the information is not enough. Segregating the relevant information from the insignificant one and gathering sensible information with the assistance of a reliable market research service provider is the key. Although important, investing in internal resources for such tasks can hamper your business operations. One must hire professionals to get assistance with the intricate and imperative process of contact discovery. It helps in building a robust client base with the relevant list of the contacts.

Target the key contacts with this proven business marketing technique

Contact Discovery Services help in identifying the key contacts or prospects to gain better market leads. It allows you to be in touch with the two kinds of prospects:

  • who are responsible for taking the final purchase decision pertaining to your product or service.
  • who are waiting to hear from you regarding your services/products or their upgrade etc.

Average acquisition lists fail to provide all such details as they only focus on the job titles. Therefore, engaging a specific person for calling and recognizing the particular prospects is highly recommended.

Apart from enlisting relevant prospects, experts will make innumerable calls, talk to numerous people in the industry and identify the key decision makers that the organization is looking for. This will allow the organization to explicitly distinguish and identify the role and title based discovery enabling it to finalize the right decision makers for their business. Contact discovery services will only get you the genuine leads as they thoroughly verify it on phone.

Alike contact discovery, Data extraction services also help in deriving value based and intelligent information about the prospects. It involves specific processes for identifying and extracting raw data from multiple sources like business records, databases, classifieds, websites, etc. After the extracting process, the data is then converted into easily accessible, integral datasets that you can rely on. So, if your business requires more than contact discovery then you can always opt for data extraction.

Let Suntec Data Assist You With The Most Reliable Services

You only get the most authentic information about the prospects as our team of experts duly verify the phone numbers, email addresses, and other company information. If you are also seeking pertinent database that comprises genuine information and utmost accuracy, then you are at the right place. Drop a mail to info@suntecdata.com and know how you can avail these services.

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