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Document Conversion Services

Document conversion services are the need of the hour for most companies dealing with documents and data. Most big companies deal with documents that require correction and conversion to other formats. Your organization’s reputation depends on how you use and present your data, and each file format matters.

Several document conversion companies and websites offer conversion services. But how do you choose the best company to fulfill your requirements? Why should you prefer conversion companies over online document conversion tools? And what are the steps you should take to ensure maximum efficiency?

Through the course of this blog, we will have a look at the various advantages, general processes, types of services and a general checklist you should follow before deciding to outsource document conversion services. Let us begin by looking at the advantages first.



Document conversion services have several advantages which make them a necessity. Some of them are making your organization paper-free, reducing conversion time, offshore control, pricing flexibility, and availing high-quality services.

1. Go digital/paper-free

One of the advantages of document conversion is that data can be converted to digital form. You can transform your organization to a paper-free institution with the power of document conversion. Contact a good document conversion service provider to save paper and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

2. Quick turnaround time

Document conversion services reduce the turnaround time of most of your services. For example, availing PDF conversion services helps clients save time as they don’t need to work on the spacing and margins of every page individually. Reducing the turnaround time helps the productivity and business operations of organizations in the long run.

3. 24*7 availability and offshore control

Outsourcing PDF conversion services does not mean that you need to hire experts only in your city. You can outsource document conversion services to offshore experts that operate globally. Most good document conversion experts work round the clock and are available in your preferred time slots.

4. Get flexibility/customized packages

Outsourcing document conversion services to experts also allows flexibility in terms of pricing. Many document conversion experts offer customized packages so that clients can choose the package that suits them the most. It helps clients save money and get the most out of their preferred package. Doc to PDF conversion services are among the services with the maximum number of flexible pricing options.

5. High-quality documents

Another advantage of document conversion services is getting high-quality documents for business use. Document conversion experts provide a better quality compared to free online conversion tools. For instance, by outsourcing PDF to Doc conversion services, you ensure that experts take care of intricate details of your document such as margins, spacing, images, font size, etc.

6. Focus on more important work

Outsourcing document conversion services help organizations focus on other important work that helps their productivity. Specialists in an organization can focus more on the tasks and roles assigned to them, as experts take care of document conversion. You can ask for a free trial for PDF to Word conversion services.



All document conversion services follow a systematic process. This includes the preparation of documents from the client’s side, scanning, indexing, checking, conversion and sharing. Let us have a look at all the steps one by one to get a better understanding of each a little more in detail.

1. Preparation

The first and perhaps most essential stage of document conversion services is preparation. Clients discuss their requirements with the document conversion service providers (experts), who provide them with a list of the documents needed. The documents are then sent to the experts, who check all the documents and proofread them before proceeding.

2. Scanning

The next stage of document conversion is scanning. All the necessary documents are scanned for further processing. A single client can have bulk requirements. This includes many documents that are heavy in size. Some outsourcing partners can scan dozens of such large documents a day, which is sometimes difficult for individuals. Know more about the amazing benefits of scanning to understand how it can help your business.

3. Indexing or categorization of documents

Indexing is another stage of document conversion services, which involves segregation and categorization of documents. Different documents might belong to different categories and need to be classified accordingly. If a client outsources multiple documents belonging to the same category, the document conversion partner must use other parameters to categorize and segregate the documents.

4. Checking

Document conversion companies need to proofread and edit documents before processing to avoid inaccuracies or data mismatch. All documents are checked – quickly and thoroughly. If the outsourcing partner finds an error in the documents, the client is contacted for clarification. Documents that are cleared are sent for conversion.

5. Conversion

Documents are sent for conversion after the verification of data. Conversion companies usually provide an estimated timeframe within which the document will be converted. Once the document is converted, it is again checked for any errors by the conversion company. It is then sent to the client for approval. Clients can perform a manual or automated quality check, whatever suits them.

6. Sharing

Once the clients approve the content and other technical aspects of the documents, the final files are shared in the desired format with the client. Clients can get their files collected physically or online through a secure server. Outsource document conversion services to companies that fulfill all your requirements and provide excellent customer service.

Types of Document Conversion Services

Types of Document Conversion Services

There are several types of document conversion services document conversion available now. Most types of documents can be interconverted. The most common document formats that require interconversion are Word, Flash, HTML, PDF, TIFF, and other image formats. Let us have a look at some common types of interconversion.

1. Text to HTML conversion services

The content of many pages is written in plain text. Such documents need to convert into HTML format for clear viewing. HTML formats such as HTML5 require a lot of coding, and the conversion experts need to ensure that the code is clean enough for proper viewing of the document.

2. Flash to HTML conversion services

Since Flash is now redundant, many interactive parts of online pages like games, animations, videos, etc., require conversion from Flash to HTML. HTML5 is one of the most in-demand markup languages that offer a smooth layout and quick uploading. Ask your document conversion service provider to replace all your Flash files with HTML formats.

3. TIFF to PDF conversion services

TIFF is one of the most popular formats for storing high-resolution images for professional services. TIFF to PDF conversion services are highly in demand, and companies need to present their information in brochures. They need it to show products and services to clients and end customers.

4. Doc to PDF conversion services

Doc to PDF conversion services are also highly in demand, thanks to the presentability that PDF documents offer over MS Word or Google Docs. Most content creators use either of these documents to write long passages of text, but don’t have enough time or knowledge to present these documents with other elements in the desired way. Conversion experts ensure that the documents are presented in the best way possible.

5. PDF to Doc conversion services

PDF to Doc conversion services are also in demand because of the ease of use that Google Docs, MS Word and other similar software and applications offer. Get your PDF documents converted to formats similar to Doc from an expert company as they ensure your data is intact and converted in the desired way.

6. PDF to Word conversion services

PDF to Word conversion services are similar to ‘PDF to Doc’. The only difference is that Word conversion services are meant specifically for converting files to Microsoft Word. MS Word has its own set of capabilities, and you can ask experts to convert to the latest version of Word.

Steps to outsource document conversion services – Checklist

Steps to outsource document conversion services

As a client, how do you ensure your documents are converted appropriately with all your requirements being fulfilled? The best way is to follow this checklist, which you can refer to at any stage of document conversion services.

1. Choose an outsourcing partner

Choosing an outsourcing partner is quite crucial. Search the best conversion service providers online and ask other top managers in your industry about their preferred conversion experts. Shortlist the companies that fulfill your requirements, interview them, and take free trials from at least two companies. Choose the one that clicks the most.

2. Backup your files

Create backups before forwarding your files to your document conversion service provider. Save each backup file in multiple servers or physical systems. Although good conversion experts provide a 100% data guarantee, there is always a 0.01% chance of data loss. Don’t take any risks, and create backups you can refer to at any point.

3. Avail conversion services

After creating backups for your document, avail conversion services from your outsourcing partner. Ask for a budget estimate for individual projects as well as bulk projects. Also, ask the estimated delivery date of the conversion services. Since PDF conversion services are highly in demand, you will get multiple customized options that align with your organization’s goals and vision.

4. Perform a Quality Assurance (QA) check

You should regularly perform QA tests instantly after availing document conversion services from external organizations. Check the converted documents for data, accuracy, UI/UX, feasibility, and functionality. If there is any minor issue that you can handle, correct it on your own if you feel the conversion expert will take time to make the changes. However big or small the issue, let your conversion expert know as it would help their feedback to avoid errors in the future.

5. Send for final correction if needed

As mentioned above, some issues can be resolved by a document conversion company. Let them know as early as possible, so that they fix it quickly. Communicate all the problems in detail at once, so that multiple rounds of conversations are not needed.

6. Create backups of master documents

Create backup versions of the final or master documents received, and store the backups in multiple places. Start using the final documents and note any issues even as you use or share them. Record all the issues noted at every stage of the document conversion cycle, and let your internal team as well as your conversion expert, know once all issues are resolved.


Avail document conversion services now to streamline your processes, and create documents in a convenient format. Get the files in multiple formats with the help of conversion services.

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