How To Avoid Common Data Entry Errors For Effective Results?

Data Entry November 2, 2020

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Data entry tasks are known to be the most critical day to day operations for companies across the industry. It is because almost everything depends on data entry as a single mistake can have a huge impact on your company. However, in this upgrading digital word, it is important to have accurate data to run a successful business. Maintaining high accuracy in data entry is necessary as the same data is utilized by the top management while taking important decisions related to the business.

You can also hire professionals for data entry services as it decreases the chances of mistakes and gives positive outcomes irrespective of the number of data entry. Our professionals understand the importance of enterprise data quality problems and perform their tasks efficiently. The article will let you know details about the common data entry errors and how to improve your accuracy in data entry.

What are the common data entry errors you make?

Mistakes are part of our work, no matter how much you double-check your work. However, there are various common mistakes you make while data entry such as:

  • Transcription error – It is a specific type of data error in which the bookkeeper accidently alters two adjacent digits while recording transactional data in the system. It is also known as human transcription error. This mistake is generally the result of typographical mistakes that can be reduced by taking some obstructive measures.
  • Transposition error – This type of error occurs when a certain amount of data i.e. entered wrongly in the database. This type of mistake can happen as a result of switching the positions of two or more digits during data entry. However, such mistakes happen unknowingly and can be decreased by taking several major steps.

How to improve data entry accuracy?

Data quality management is the primary key to the success of your company. Moreover, it is necessary that you understand the effects that occurred by the enterprise due to data accuracy problems. Here are some of the steps that will help you resolve such problems or will help help you avoid such mistakes:

  • Spot the source of data inaccuracies – Prior to beginning the process of data entry you need to identify the internal and the external sources and make certain that the data is reliable and rich in quality. To get the best outcomes it is important to find the source of data imprecision to fix. However, the best alternative to avoid the inaccuracy is to outsource data entry services to adequate outsourcing partners at a reasonable cost.
  • Get organized – Organizing the data is necessary before you initiate with the offline data entry. However, the team should be well-organized and the data should also be deputed to the experienced staff. The cross-functional information access will help you in receiving perfection and will ensure you to provide better insights. Hiring a data-governance professional team will assure that there are no faults in daily data management and data entry work. The professionals will also ensure to cross-check every data entry before final submission. This helps them in making error-free entries efficiently.
  • Set desired goals for data entry accuracy – Setting high targets for your employee can increase the risk of making mistakes during the data entry process which is why it is important for you to set realistic data accuracy goals for your employees. This will enhance their data entry quality and will help your business gain positive results.
  • Use of software tools and resources – Usage of resources and software tools help in easy processing of data entry to make it error-free. These technologies can decrease the workload while reviewing the entered data and intercepting it to be processed manually. Moreover, the tools not only check the entries but also suggest the corrections in the data being input, they also help to instantly complete the data entry with quality.
  • Understand the importance of data – Training plays a vital role in getting the best results from your employees. It is because training helps your employee to understand the importance of data entry that helps them enter the right data entry and make them accountable.
  • Create a sustainable solution – You can get more sustainable results with the utilization of the right automation techniques of data entry processes. Despite this, providing proper training and communication to your employees can also lead to positive outcomes and maintain the data quality with constant workflow.
  • Avoid overloading of data – It is important not to pressurize your team members to achieve unrealistic data entry goals. This will help them in working efficiently and will simultaneously decrease the chances of errors.
  • Positive Work Environment – Data entry requires a lot of focus and speed and having a comfortable working environment without any diversion will help you preserve quality data. Being a renowned data entry company, we ensure you to improve your productivity and efficiency by serving you with the best services.

However, besides adopting various techniques, our company has found outsourcing data entry services to a professional data entry company to be a feasible solution to multiple data entry challenges. You can contact our professionals at +919311468458 or else can mail us your requirements at

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