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Contact Discovery Services January 10, 2022

Contact Discovery Services

A firm handshake is a sure sign of confidence between the two parties doing it. It’s the kind of confidence that results when the two parties are assured of themselves and what they know about the other. The sales personnel of a company are required to perform such handshakes all the time to win over new clients for their business.

These greetings take many forms, including emails and calls. Knowing the right information about the person/business they are contacting will let them make that firm handshake that seals deals. Contact discovery services can give you just that.

What Goes Into Prospect Discovery Services

Business relationships are built with sustained efforts over time. But what is also required is time and effort that needs to be put into the collection and processing of data regarding those prospects they wish to establish relationships with.

A thorough examination of the various aspects of the target audience/business prospect is vital to learning about them and creating a plan of action that will reward your efforts once you start to put it into motion. The contact list that results will be one of the most valuable assets for your sales and marketing personnel as they will then be able to move ahead with knowledge about their clients and proceed with confidence.

List building services, thus, save you from not just the initiation of unfavorable contact procedures but also from losing valuable contacts via misplacement, incomplete entry, wrongful entry, etc., of contact information into the database. Such entries result in the sending of wrong emails to the wrong persons, making the wrong calls, calls going unanswered, and many more problems. These problems are countered with the careful and meticulous creation and maintenance of a contact list by data miners.

The many steps that render solid contact discovery services include:

1. Collation Of Customer Data

Every bit of customer data is a valuable commodity that must be collected regardless of its source. And for a business that’s looking to expand its operational horizons, there are many such sources. A wide-reaching procedural setup is needed to get the necessary customer data from all viable sources.

Once that’s been established, there’s the need to sift through the data collected and select the most relevant one to add to the database. That data quantity can be large, considering it will be from numerous sources and over a long period. If you outsource contact discovery services, that workload will be handled easily by the professionals at the company, ensuring accurate data entry and list creation.

2. Persona Creation

Once all the necessary data about customers/clients has been obtained and sorted correctly, the next step is the process of creating a buyer persona. It is the creation of a complete profile of each customer that contains every relevant detail of theirs to better understand them, their post, and their organization.

The persona will dictate the approach that the sales representatives must take to increase the probability of converting that prospect into a buyer. The persona will contain many categories of information that are established by the contact discovery company for easy consumption, such as industry, company size, their need for your product/service and how well it will address that need, their opinion about it, and how they would likely get into a deal.

3. Gauging of Target Companies

Throwing a wide net to catch fish arbitrarily might not yield the required numbers. Ditto with selling to companies. Some could very well not turn up in the net or worse might not be the type of customers you want.

Gauging the target companies as a part of the B2B list creation process will let you focus your efforts on those that are most likely to yield results. You’ll know the ones that will match your projected custom profiles and can more easily table them according to any criteria you deem valuable. The typical selection criteria include geography, industry, SIC/NAICS codes, serving markets, size, franchises, etc.

4. Stratification Of Personnel and Departments

All organizations operate with a hierarchical structure, so aiming for the most influential members will more likely yield the results you’re looking for. With the available information of target companies and their profiles, plus the buyer’s persona, provided by your contact discovery services, you’ll be able to better layer the database of contact information based on their importance to your objectives.

Identification of the decision-maker of your target department and the direct approach to them will cut down on the resources needed to complete the task, adding to the company’s overall margins.

5. Zeroing-in On That Individual

Once the key decision-maker has been identified, the process to gather and learn every single detail about them begins. It’s time to research everything possible about that person related to their work profile, including any relevant personal info that’s available publicly online.

Remote contact discovery services that operate mainly via the internet can religiously gather the relevant information and create the full-fledged persona that your sales personnel will be needing when they head out to conduct their tasks. They’ll give you what you need without adding any bulge to your operations.

6. Confirmation of Contact Information

Despite the latest in technology and data mining practices, erroneous data can make its way into the database and become speedbumps to the seamless operations of your company. Erroneous contact information is a particular thing of bother as it will hamper the very first step that is needed to progress-making contact.

List building services will go through and verify each of the target’s available contact information like email ID, phone number, office address, social media accounts, etc., to validate them. That way, your salesperson won’t have to deal with contact info that gets them nowhere or worse send them and their content to the wrong person. Doing that for every lead on the list before contacting them will expedite the process and reduce stress on the personnel conducting the work too.

Contact Discovery Services

Outsource Contact Discovery Services For The Best Experience

A perfectly timed and curated sales pitch plays a huge role in generating revenue for a company. It also helps build brand reputation due to the impression made by the homework that goes behind it. Such trust can carry forward business relationships to more profitable heights due to the mutual benefits gained. And a contact discovery process that’s clearly defined and conducted is at the heart of creating sales pitches.

The importance of the prospect discovery process will likely lead you to create a dedicated group of individuals exclusively tasked with it. The nature of the information collected and the possible edge in business the results of processing that information gives may make you choose the in-house route for the purpose.

The fact is, however, that a contact discovery company taking over that responsibility is more beneficial for you in many ways. That’s because the decision to outsource your contact discovery requirements to a quality agency will give you the following advantages:

1. Attrition Reduction

Your sales professionals may already have their hands full if they are giving their all for your company. Adding the responsibility of list building on their shoulders could overwhelm them, causing them to lose motivation and eventually quit. Losing dedicated workers is a bane for every company.

By using remote contact discovery services instead, you’ll leave them free to focus on their core tasks. The remote team will supply with all the information required for them to perform at their best, all delivered in an easily comprehensible package. Such a setup encourages them to go further but only for your company instead of away from it.

2. Cost Reduction

Hiring new personnel and getting new equipment for your contact discovery process. Well, you’ll also be greeted with a long receipt along with the contact list. An offshore contact delivery services agency, meanwhile, will only give you the latter.

With the cost advantages of economies of scale, currency exchange values, and experience of working the field for many years creating a cost-effective operational process, you’re bound to lighten up your bill for the process while keeping the contact list long.

3. Quick Turnaround Time

As can be seen above, contact discovery can take a toll on the company’s time as it is an arduous process. That time can be better utilized by your company to perform other more vital tasks.

But quick results are also essential, which is where outside B2B listing services shine. With their numbers and talent that’s astute at what it does, you can expect your lists in record time, preventing delays at getting your work done.

4. The Expert Touch

The meticulous nature of contact discovery demands that those performing it should know the intricacies of the job. In other words, you need experts in the field handling it.

The need to operate in the industry niche makes contact discovery services hire the best experts for the job, giving you access to them when you outsource your work to such a company. You also don’t have to spend time and money looking for such personnel and keeping them.

5. Reliable Customer Support

Collaboration is key to a successful project, and a quality contact discovery company will go to great lengths to ensure that your every need from them is met. They will be there to support you at every step of the way, particularly when it comes to the sharing of crucial data that they learn about your contacts when they make contact with them for information verification purposes.

6. Data Security

Enterprise data and confidentiality go hand in hand, so data security becomes a vital issue when it comes to maintaining a contact database. Even a small leak could bring lawsuits to your table, tarnishing brand value and adding to your losses.

Prospect discovery services ensure that this won’t happen through the adoption of numerous privacy and security measures. They’ll oblige to your confidentiality clauses regarding the data generated for you, thus protecting your business and that of your customers’.

Offshore Contact Discovery Services by SunTec Data

The journey from having an idea of who your customer is and what they could want from you to delivering just that with full knowledge of their most intricate functioning is made possible by contact discovery. SunTec Data is the company to outsource contact discovery services as we offer the best in industry talent and infrastructure that is sure to serve your every contact discovery need.

With our global presence and a history of serving top companies everywhere, including Fortune 500, we’ll give you the expertise you need to connect with the most lucrative customers for your business. Our customer-first philosophy compels us to bring you the most useful customer discovery information in a list that is sure to boost your lead conversions and improve ROI for your sales and marketing efforts.

To build lasting, rewarding relationships with the right customer base, simply contact us at info@suntecdata.com.


1. What questions are asked during a discovery call?

As the name suggests, a discovery call is meant to discover the details about a person, their organization, and their role in it. Thus, the questions asked during this event are designed to extract that information. Typical questions include “Tell me about your company”, “Tell me about your job profile”, “What are your goals?”, etc.

2. What should be the nature of discovery calls?

Discovery calls are set in a formal environment, meaning they must be time bound and to the point. While they are meant to probe into the company and a person, getting too personal or asking about the most intricate details of the company should be avoided. You must have some idea of the person and the company you will be calling prior to it as that will help with closing the deal more quickly and effectively by helping you to ask the right questions. But one must be careful to not ask too many questions either; around 10-11 should do.

3. Are discovery meetings necessary?

Discovery meetings tend to happen after the initial call or email session, where the time for the meeting will be fixed. They are usually conducted to take the deal further after the initial discussion, and an in-person meetup is a sign of the seller valuing the buyer as well. Thus, they do find their place in a salesperson’s to-do list.

4. How can SunTec Data help with contact discovery for me?

SunTec Data is a dedicated data services company that also specializes in contact discovery services. We conduct exhaustive data mining using the latest AI/ML technology for greater precision and savings. You’ll have a contact list that is curated by experts in the field with years of experience. We conduct the necessary data manipulation and database categorization to bring you information of your contacts that is actionable with ease and improves chances of gaining customers greatly.

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