Outsourced CRM Data Entry Services: What You Need To Convert Leads To Customers

CRM Data Entry Services December 27, 2021

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Why Go With Outsourced CRM Data Entry Services?

The saying goes that the customer is king as it is their activities with a business that leads to its sustenance and growth. How a business manages its approach towards them determines how much they’ll approach the business ultimately. Fortunately, the digital age has granted a path to that end in the form of CRM’s. But those CRMs can’t function properly with the right kind of data in them. That’s where CRM data entry services help with their expertise in adding the right data in the best way.

Customer behaviour influences their purchase patterns in numerous ways. A salesperson should know all they can about their target to end up making that successful sale. In other words, they should possess all the data they can about their prospects before approaching them. With 80% of the revenue dependent on delivering great customer experience, there is no room for complacency. Your company’s CRM data management must be on-point to deliver such customer experiences, something that CRM Data entry experts can do for you.

How Poor Quality Data Entry For CRM Hampers Everything

Bad data management is the scourge of smooth business operation. Statistics show that companies’ sales and marketing teams lose around 550 hours and $32,000 per representative due to bad data. The business overall tends to lose upto 20% of its annual revenue due to it as well.

Thus, the impact of poor data management practices, particularly in the sales department, can’t be understated as they are the direct contact between a business and the customer. Reps can’t afford to slip up with even one customer, making the need for an accurate CRM with data entered by a CRM data entry service provider all the more important.
The common data entry issues encountered are:

1. Duplication

Duplication is when there is more than one instance of data. The main problem that duplication causes is ambiguity in data usage, especially when there is a lack of coordination between its different users. Each one may use a different file and add updates/make changes to it without the other knowing about them, leading to processes going off course.

It occurs when there isn’t an operation mechanism in place to identify who should do what with data files and when. A CRM using the duplicated data is bound to output wrong results. Professional data entry for CRM can avoid such duplication issues.

2. Wrong Categorization

Data comes in droves and isn’t always sorted into its respective categories. Identification of the data type and the placement of it into the subsequent category is crucial to achieving data clarity and accurate CRM functioning. However, the rush to complete tasks may impede such categorization, leading to the wrong data being present in the wrong category.

Such an error will leave the numerous dependent departments in the doldrums when it comes time to act using that data. CRM data entry experts can distinguish and isolate the various types of incoming data and categorize them accordingly for the best CRM functioning.

3. Missing Data Source

Data streams today come from a multitude of sources. The data on hand could be from internal sources, market-related data, social media, personal inputs from reps after encountering customers, etc. Everyone of the data sources must be accounted for to get a complete picture of the overall standing.

The CRM can also provide comprehensive reports and analysis only when it has the complete set of data, so missing out on even one source will set the business back compared to the competition. A CRM data entry service provider will account for all the possible sources of data and provide the CRM with a complete set of data it needs for its effective functioning.

4. Incomplete Data

No data is bad, but incomplete data is worse. As the name suggests, it is data that has some of its salient parts missing. The problem could result at the source itself or while the data is being entered into the database. It could also be that the CRM or the person entering the data into it inputs the incomplete set of data. Either way, the result of it is never beneficial, leading to the CRM’s users coming to the wrong conclusions and making the wrong business decisions.

It takes experienced CRM data entry experts to recognize the state of the data that is present or being input into the system and make the necessary corrections. They could involve the original data source or any other one for reference and take the necessary steps to obtain the complete data set.

5. Insufficient Data Security

Enterprise data is a hot commodity in the hacker community, with malicious entities always attempting to steal, corrupt, leak, or hold it for ransom. IBM has found that in 2021, data breach costs rose from US$3.68 million to US$4.24 million, the highest average cost in its 17-year history of reporting. Not practicing robust data security during data entry and access is the root cause of such breaches.

Data entry for CRM must include the best data security practices to stop anyone from having unauthorized access to the company’s data. It not only saves money and time, but also the company’s reputation.

As is evident, these data entry problems are a bane for CRMs and must be stopped by all means possible. Otherwise, the business as a whole, and those dependent on the CRM in particular, will be affected in the following ways:

6. Incorrect Reporting and Forecasting

The reports and analysis by the CRM become untrustworthy when the data fed into it itself is. This will lead to bad decision making on everyone’s part unless corrected by CRM data entry experts.

7. Humiliating Mistakes

Incorrect naming of email recipients, giving wrong information to the wrong customer, etc., are a result of false reports created with inaccurate data. It hurts not just the bottom line but also the brand reputation by making the company seem unprofessional.

8. Impediment of Sales Team Progress

The fewer steps the sales team has to follow to succeed at their job, the quicker they will progress towards their goals. If the CRM data they receive is untrustworthy, they will have to fetch accurate data by themselves, which will slow them down and even could frustrate them. They shouldn’t have to do the job that’s best left to CRM data entry services. Poor ROI

Sales and marketing are very sensitive to budgeting as good ROI is at the core of every decision they make. Poor quality information created by bad CRM data leads to decisions that will hurt the budgeting related to these departments.

9. Poor Software Synchronization

Any organization today uses multiple softwares to function, and synchronization between them all is absolutely critical to prevent its operations from going into disarray. This policy applies to its CRM. And that CRM can’t function in line with the other software if the data entry for CRM is not accurate.

In essence, accurate, secure, and timely data entry is fundamental to the functioning of a company’s CRM, its other software, and the various personnel reliant on it. The slightest of issues in any one aspect of it can cause a cascade of operational problems that could derail the entire operation.

Outsource CRM Data Entry Services For The Best Data Management Experience

Poor data management is rectified with the use of a robust data management strategy and its rigorous implementation across the organization. Every applicable person must be well trained and informed on the best practices to be followed to mitigate the problems caused by bad data management.

The management must set into motion conventions, protocols, and practices that support quality data management across the board. They must implement technologies that assist as well. Data entry for CRM will then be an error-free and reliable process, as will the software’s results and analysis.

One of the best solutions to prevent poor data management is to outsource the numerous tasks associated with it. Data entry falls under this category squarely, as using company resources for it that are already utilized for other functions will lead to flawed entries not conducive to any quality data management practice.

A dedicated CRM data entry company can help you with your CRM data management in the following ways:

1. Cost Reduction

The setting up of an in-house data entry team along with the necessary infrastructure to support its activities can prove to be a costly affair. WIth outsourcing though, you only need to think about the CRM software costs as a data entry service provider for it won’t break your bank.

Economies of scale and the implementation of efficient processes help bring down the costs at the service provider’s end. Currency exchange factors for overseas companies will further cut down the costs. You’ll get the benefit of quality CRM data entry services that give you the added benefit of good ROI as well for your Sales and Marketing budget.

2. Quality Talent

One of the best data management practices is to constantly train the personnel involved with the job in the latest and best practices. That will make sure that they are up to date with the progress made by the industry and can deliver the best service to their clientele.

A quality CRM data entry service provider, by virtue of being in the industry, will have a program in place to conduct regular personnel skill upgrades consistently. Such a practice ensures that outsourcing your data entry services will give you access to the best professionals for the job.

3. Robust Data Security

Maintaining data security comes as an integral part of a data entry service provider. When you outsource CRM data entry services to them, you can be certain that your data is in safe hands. They will have data protection policies in place to secure their clients’ data against known and anticipated attacks.

The measures will even cover cloud systems that the client may be using. You can authorize only select personnel from your end as well to access that data, so that the security measures can be compounded in effectiveness.

4. Capturing of Multiple Data Streams

As mentioned before, missing a single source of data can be harmful to CRM data entry. A CRM data entry company will be well aware of this problem, and will seek out every possible customer data stream for CRM data entry. Their experience in the industry will allow them to identify sources that you may have missed had you gone about it yourself.

5. Data Management Guidance

The advantage of hiring a data entry partner with a vast talent pool of data management experts that are experienced is that you have a potent resource that can better your own internal data management practices. Such companies make available CRM data entry experts who can double up as your company’s data management consultants. Their guidance can prove most beneficial to your overall data health in both the short and long terms.

These, and other benefits like quick turnaround times, constant customer service, customized implementation, and more can be experienced by outsourcing to a CRM data entry company, especially an overseas one.

Why SunTec Data Should Be Your CRM Data Entry Service Provider

Outsourcing your company’s CRM data entry services should be an effortless, inexpensive, and tension-free decision. SunTec Data fulfils all of those criteria with ease. As a company that’s been at the forefront of providing accurate and reliable data entry services since 1999 to many global companies, including Fortune 500 ones, we know what it takes to give your CRM the data it needs to propel your business forward.

We offer Multi-source CRM Data Entry, Data Cleansing, Data Categorization and Indexing, Sales Forecasting, Buyer Persona Creation, Lead Segmentation, and Anomaly Detection as a part of our CRM data entry services list. They are implemented in a manner that gives you the accuracy and security you are seeking.

Contact us today to gain the edge your business needs via our email id info@suntecdata.com or call us on +919311468458 for a consultation.


1. Is CRM data entry done manually or automatically?

Data entry has traditionally been a manual operation with a trained professional entering the required data into a database by typing it on a computer. The growth of technology and big data has made that method virtually impossible. Today’s CRM data entry is a combination of manual and automation processes. With increasing automation, the entire pipeline is getting less reliant on manual input, but the latter is not going away anytime soon as there are things that software can’t do the way people can.

2. What constitutes CRM data management?

Customer Relationship Management is the combined set of protocols, procedures, technologies, and strategies used by a company to handle its customer lifecycle. It is meant to analyze and report on the customer interaction and associated data for further decision making in the sales and marketing department. Many data management practices like categorizing, data security, etc. are applied to this customer data used for CRM purposes, with the goal to gain more market share and retain existing ones.

3. What are the main principles that apply to CRM?

CRM mainly goes by the following principles: the company’s vision and business objectives, planning for that growth, gaining user input, matching the user data with goals, considering the target audience, taking a simple step-by-step approach towards implementation, and measuring the response to it via various KPIs. CRM data entry forms a critical step when it comes time to enter the user data.

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