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Emails started the age of true digital communication, helping people reach their receivers without the limitation of geography. The evolution of the web means that email communication has only gotten easier and richer with time, allowing multiple media types to be sent through it. This evolution has enabled companies to avail web and email surveys services for market research purposes.

Easy global reach, quick turnaround time, and cost-effectiveness are a few benefits offered by web and email surveys. However, it calls for in-depth domain expertise and experience to create email and web surveys that garner high response rates. At SunTec Data, we hold a wealth of experience in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes in gathering feedback of millions of customers, businesses, and key decision makers about their brand, products and services via our web surveys services.

Our experts keep in mind your research objective to create effective online questionnaires, custom designed to reflect your brand and corporate identity.

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With web and email surveys services, SunTec Data can help you conduct in-depth market research and gain valuable insights that facilitate the decision making process.

We can help you with the following types of web and email surveys services:

And more!

Our web surveys services are truly versatile, letting you gain insightful and actionable data from multiple sources via multiple services. And you gain it all without stretching your budget or any other resource.

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The market is an ever-changing enigma that needs constant, fast, and accurate monitoring to be able to gain its trust and share. Market Research methodologies need to match such demanding circumstances to give you the valuable customer data you need to match their expectations in serving them. Web and email surveys offer a value proposition that can deliver on the demands of the modern day market research mechanism that’s cheap and has a wide reach.

Opting for this method also sends the message to your potential and present customers that your brand is putting the effort to stay with the times, and is thus a trustworthy one that can be counted on to deliver the best of services or products. Building that brand image and value requires your efforts to be error-free and appealing enough for your targets to not want to dismiss them.

In other words, you need the help of a professional web and email survey agency like ours to make your market research efforts bear fruit. We have the expertise and experience to render the ideal online surveys that your targets will enjoy responding to, and we’ll give you comprehensive reports of the same at affordable rates so that you can develop and implement viable business and marketing strategies for the best growth scenarios.

To learn how we can help you gather richer insights through email and web surveys, please contact us today! You can also drop us a line at info@suntecdata.com.


How are email marketing and email surveys services different?

While email surveys fall under the broader purview of marketing, as the data collated from it is used for that purpose primarily, it is different to outright email marketing. In the case of the latter, the emails are sent out for the specific purpose of brand and product/service awareness increase. These emails contain many details about the said product/service, including a call to action in most, if not all, cases. They are also designed to be catchy and bring the marketed item to attention. Survey emails on the other hand tend to not contain the levels of appeal found in the previous case. Their call to action leads to a separate survey form page in all likelihood. And unlike marketing emails, these are not sent out at random and are usually sent to a specific targeted audience. The marketing emails are sent before a sale while survey ones may be sent before or after a sale, depending on the purpose of the survey.

What categories of web survey services are available?

The web offers a myriad of ways to conduct surveys, and we have ensured that you’ll have access to them all when you outsource your web survey requirements to us. Email will be the primary means of conducting online surveys as it is most familiar and easy to access by the receiving party. We also include website and mobile ad based surveys, including in third-party apps. Pop-up surveys are another popular means of web survey services we provide, where the customer gets to give their feedback at the end of their visit to your website or the product page. We can create separate survey forms on applications like google pages for easier access to the survey. We can integrate the survey response section into your web page as well for on-page surveys. We can even create surveys for internal company purposes, such as employee feedback, on the company’s intranet/cloud network. The possibilities are endless, and we will go with those that will suit your needs and budget the best.

What are the drawbacks of email and web survey methods?

As with anything, there is no free lunch. Email and web surveys are one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods of market research, but they are not without their flaws. The main drawback is the ability of respondents to outright dismiss them and block such emails altogether, by either unsubscribing or using other means. This way, market researchers won’t have the capability to reach out at all, or their attempts will fail before commencing, leading to wasted resources. The second drawback is that these are novel technologies, especially the more sophisticated ones. Many of the target audience may not have access to the internet at all, rendering them unreachable. Seniors face the problem of not understanding the technology, making it difficult to get their opinions. The third is the technological expertise required to develop and implement it. Unlike paper surveys, you need the help of experts to do the necessary programming to successfully make it function on the desired platform. Any bugs present will make the respondents lose interest, leading to the failure of the entire process. A lot of things up and down the tech chain must function correctly for it to occur. Not to mention the loss of data or incorrect data being gathered due to tech glitches. Our professional services make sure that there are contingencies to tackle such problems so that you’ll get the best of services always.

What are the steps involved in web/email surveys?

The web and email survey process is an exhaustive one, involving numerous steps. The number and type depend on the requirement of the company initiating it. Generally, there are 8 important steps that are run through irrespective of the service. The first is the identification of the initiating company’s objectives. These include both the company’s overall business objectives and those of the survey. After that comes the selection of the target demographic. The type is carefully selected to have the maximum impact and ROI. Then, the structure of the survey is determined by creating a blueprint of it. The appropriate survey instrument is then chosen based on many criteria, usually at the discretion of the client. Then comes the stages of question type selection and actual question formulation. Care is taken here to make the questions as specific and relevant as possible, while keeping in mind to elicit answers that are brief and valuable. Multiple choice questions are a staple in these circumstances as they are easy to understand by most and have answers already present for respondents to choose from. The necessary coding to implement the survey is then performed, with tests following it to check for errors. Once the green signal is received from the tests, The survey is finally introduced into the field and the corresponding data gathered.

What makes your web/email survey services unique?

SunTec Data is a full-fledged data services provider that has multiple years of experience under its belt in the industry. Our expertise and professionalism has made us the industry favorite, along with our impeccable attention to detail while delivering these services in a timely and affordable manner to every one of our clients. We extend that reputation and quality of service to our market research services that include our web and email surveys. Our experts are well versed in creating questions that are on-point and simple, helping you get accurate and quick responses from your target audience regardless of the qualities of the demographic. We implement the surveys using sophisticated software and the latest techniques to yield maximum results. AI/ML is a standard and not just a feature of our data gathering and analysis facility, resulting in you getting error-free and quick reports that are actionable from the get-go. And we also take care to keep your data private and secure with the latest in security softwares and protocols so that you can maintain your edge over the competition without having your valuable data getting leaked. And we give all of these services at pocket-friendly prices so that only your market knowledge gets stretched and not your budget. We also provide other data management services should you need their help as well, all under one roof and in affordable packages. With us, you’re guaranteed to get the best web/email survey experience along with the information you’re seeking.

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