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Web Data Capture Services

The World Wide Web is the repository of vast stores of information needed by every modern business.

At SunTec Data we offer an assortment of Web Data Capture Services to help businesses harvest essential data and information quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately from targeted websites or the internet in general. Our proficient and highly trained team can extract any form of unstructured data from the internet and organize it in Microsoft Access, Mysql, Oracle, XML, Microsoft Excel, MSSQL or any other format preferred by you. If needed, we can even automate the extraction process with web crawlers or by running customized scripts. We are flexible and can quickly adapt to your project requirements. Our web data capture specialists will locate, analyze and collate the data you need intelligently within the briefest time frame.

Our Web Data Capture Services are not just proficient but also protean in the most genuine sense. Whatever might it be that you want from the World Wide Web, we can mine it for you from its tangled alleyways. We can gather valuable data on vendors and businesses from online directory sites like Yellowpages, Yellowbook, Magicyellow, Superpages, Servicemagic and Whitepages, provide sales leads from sites like Clicksmart, Business wire, Whois and Exhibitoronline and extract details of job seekers from job sites. We can also glean contact details like email and postal addresses, phone and fax numbers or urls, metatags and relevant keywords to help you with the development and promotion of your websites. Further, we can acquire product details and product price information from Ebay, Amazon and many other ecommerce sites. As a part of our Web Data Capture Services we also mine social networks’ data. We will dredge Orkut, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online forums for user-generated data that can feed into your business intelligence, predictive analytics and decision support systems. Besides, we can also aggregate real estate info and collect financial data and profiles of companies.

Our Web Data Capture Services are ideal for businesses in ecommerce, finance, FMCG, entertainment, law, healthcare, market research, pharmaceuticals, publishing, real estate, retail and marketing, scientific research and education.

As a part of our Web Data Capture Services we offer:

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