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All of them, the documents received and the ones sent in response, together form ‘transactional content.’ Characteristic examples are loan application forms, correspondence, receipts, invoices, purchase order approvals, etc.

As a business grows, so does the volume of its transactional content. Transactional content files can, thus, be hauntingly bulky. A customer loan application file, for example, might contain scores of forms, copies of certificates, salary slips and bank statements, documents establishing residential proof, correspondence and even handwritten notes. Processing, storing, extracting and sharing information from so many paper based documents is difficult and diminishes work place efficiency and productivity. Besides, unless managed and filed well, transactional content might be misplaced with damaging consequences for both you and your clients.

At SunTec Data we provide the most comprehensive Transactional Content Data capture Services to help businesses with the arduous task of capturing, processing and archiving the motley data of transactional content files. Our Transactional Content Data Capture Services are ideal for document and data intensive businesses in sectors like finance, insurance, healthcare and education. Our data capture professionals can handle and capture data from a document of any length or complexity.

As a part of our Transactional Content Data Capture Services we perform:

Data Capture:

At SunTec Data we can perform both automated and manual data capture. Whenever feasible, we scan documents and capture their data employing the latest OCR tools. In case a document is hand written, or is too complex for automated data capture, we extract its data manually. Our data capture professional can capture data from any document with an almost one hundred percent accuracy.

Data Classification and Archiving:

Our Transactional Data Capture Services professionals sort and organize documents and data according to type. Following this, they are tagged and indexed for ease of retrieval and referral.

Data Validation:

As they perform transactional content data capture, our professionals can also validate data against line-of-business applications so that its accuracy and integrity are established beyond doubt. We can, for example, compare a new account application to business rules to ensure that all its fields have been filled out.

Data Export:

Once we have captured your transactional content data we can export and make it available on a digital format of your choice, MS Word, PDF, XML, MS Access, My SQL or any other. Or, we can convert and make it directly available for use in information management systems such as Oracle, Informix and Sybase.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Our Transactional Content Data Capture Services will help you significantly reduce the cost of processing the time and cost of processing inbound information. You will also be able to automate the search and retrieval of data and improve your customer support services. Financial losses and legal tangles arising due to the loss of data and documents will cease too.

Our employees are signatories to the most stringent confidentiality agreements and all your data and documents are completely safe in our hands. Please get in touch with us to know more about our Transactional Content Data Capture Services.

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