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Telephonic Interviews/Telephone Surveys

Phones today are synonymous with social media and productivity, and market researchers certainly have exploited those facilities for their benefit. But their original feature and purpose-telephony-is still a potent marketing and market research tool.

Though people may avoid making calls in favor of the other means of communication phones today offer, a well timed and placed call to the right person about their product or service of interest is bound to elicit a response. This way, telephonic interview services can help gather valuable collate valuable data directly from their targets personally.

The biggest advantage of telephone-based surveys is the access to real time data that’s instantaneous. Adding to that is the fact that the person being asked the questions feels like they matter. Telephonic interviews add a personal touch to the customer-business relationship that enhances brand trust and value in the eyes of the former. Any product or service that is subsequently introduced to the market will then have customers waiting to opt for/ purchase it as they will connect with it easily on a personal level.

It is also very easy to reach out to prospects as nearly everyone has a phone today. Compared to on-ground paper surveys, you’ll save on time and money, thus increasing ROI too.

So let SunTec Data help you in conducting telephonic interview surveys and gathering critical information so that you can rise and overcome your business challenges.

We are equipped with a wealth of experience in interviewing targeting markets for B2B as well as B2C-based companies across the globe. We have a dedicated team of telephone interviewers that supports small and large organizations in collating information.

Telephonic Interviews/ Telephone Survey Market Research Services at SunTec Data: A Glimpse

We help you right from drafting a set of effective telephone survey questions to creating reports that can be used to keep track of the progress as well as make strategic business decisions. Our experts draft appropriate questions while keeping in mind your research objective and the target audience. We can conduct the following types of telephone surveys to help you gather pertinent information from the target market:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our telephone interviewers can help you gather the feedback of your customers regarding your brand, products, and services. We can also carry out telephonic interviews to find out their customer service experience.

Website/ Mobile App Feedback

We carry out telephone surveys to help you gauge the effectiveness of your website/ eCommerce store and mobile application. Our experts create relevant and to-the-point questions to find out what your visitors are looking for, and how you can improve further.

Political Research

Our experts conduct phone surveys to run quick polls, horse race polls, or tracking polls for political campaigns and research.

Education Feedback

We support educational institutions in gathering feedback from students and parents on teacher performance.

Employee Engagement

Our team of telephone interviewers can run phone surveys to find out employees’ take on improving services, boosting engagement, and increasing employees’ retention rates. And we will do this in a confidential manner so that the employees will feel free to voice their true opinion and you’ll be informed of the actual engagement levels and other related factors.

Event Feedback

If your company organized an event/ seminar, it helps a great deal to know what the visitors felt and thought about the event and its minutiae. Such feedback becomes all the more important if the event was about the introduction of a new product or an entire range of products.

Relying on feedback forms in-situ and expecting the attendees to respond immediately is likely to not give the desired survey results. The logistics and time-consuming nature of the exercise could yield false or no responses at all, or worse a negative one.

Telephone interview surveys by us can help you find out what the attendees are saying about it and how successful it was. We will

Our Telephone Interviews Services can be accompanied by many others like sales forecasting and market tracking surveys, customer services representative surveys, sales lead generation surveys, brand equity surveys, etc. We can conduct B2C as well as B2B telephone survey market research for global clientele, while keeping in mind varying time-zones of countries to ensure higher response rates.

Getting Started with Our Telephonic Interviews Services!

The presence of other market research mechanisms of the modern era, particularly digital options like social media, may dissuade you from opting for telephonic surveys for your market research needs. However, doing so will result in a missed opportunity of vast quantities of valuable customer data that’s relevant and accurate.

You’ll also miss out on the opportunity to inform the target audience that they matter to the extent that their opinions can shape the direction of the company and the associated product/service design, thereby letting go of a chance to enhance brand image and trust among them and not getting the word-of-mouth marketing advantage. It will only serve to decrease your ROI.

Partner with us for your telephone interview survey needs and you are guaranteed to gain deep insights into your target audience in the form of clearly visualized data reports. We bring our many years of experience in the field of market research into every call we make on your behalf, asking the most impactful questions to the appropriate persons at the most opportune times to gather data that’s most useful in crafting the marketing strategy with the greatest ROI. Our actionable market intelligence thus created can help guide your business and product development strategies as well. And you’ll get it all in a cost-effective manner with quick turn around times.

For a free consultation quote, please write-in to us at and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time-frame.


What are the typical questions asked during telephone interview surveys?

Telephonic interviews are designed to be brief but detailed, and the kind of questions asked to match that intention. In case of B2C customers who have already purchased a product or service, the questions will be about their experience and if the product or service was up to their expectations. For surveys conducted prior to product launches, the emphasis will be on what the customer desires or expects from a particular product/service or about learning the inconveniences they could be having that a prospective product/service could solve. The difference between this and B2B is that the tone will be a lot more formal and the details about the person’s designation will take priority. Also, B2B calls tend to be targeted towards influential individuals of an organization.

Do Telephonic Interviews have any disadvantages I should know about?

The biggest drawback of telephonic interviews is the lack of time to delve into the subject or topic of discussion. It is normal for the caller or called party, or both, to be in a hurry and get through the questions and answers swiftly. There is also the possibility of interruption when the called party receives a different, more urgent call they need to attend that could delay the entire interview process or even cut it short. Some people might be averse to telecallers and outright refuse to answer the call or shut it down altogether at the very first instant of learning what the call is about. The caller must also pay close attention to the answers as their interpretation is oftentimes the recorded answer, especially if they are not using a recording device during the call. So they must be well trained to be attentive for the entire duration of the survey.

What industry sectors can benefit from telephone interview surveys?

There is no limit to the type of industry that could use telephonic interviews. The versatility of the process is what makes it such a popular option for many. The ubiquitous nature of telephones, coupled with their long existence, means that any demographic will be capable of operating it. Thus, no matter the target audience of the company wanting to conduct the survey, they are sure to get their customer data as that customer will be able to operate and answer the phone when it rings. The inexpensive nature of the technology also means that even small companies on a low budget can go for this market research method.

How can telephonic interviews be used for internal company purposes?

Telephonic interviews are not just for outbound survey purposes. They can serve to collect information about the performance of a company’s various departments as well. They serve as potent employee feedback mechanisms, allowing employees to report on the various factors concerning their workplace, from pay to work culture. Simple automated IVRS-based calls are made to employees and they are instructed to enter their preferred ratings as feedback for each question asked. They might even be given the option to respond over voicemail if needed. One of the areas of particular use is in gauging the effectiveness of customer service personnel. When customer service is outsourced, it is not uncommon for companies to call them as pretend customers and determine the service quality based on the questions asked. That way, the company gets the information needed without letting itself out during the process.

What makes your telephonic interviews services different?

SunTec Data has been the industry standard when it comes to market research services. We have years of expertise in the field, including but not limited to telephonic interview surveys. Our experts are well-versed with the nuances that are required to conduct a successful research campaign that will bring out the relevant information from your present/potential customers/clients. Our equipment is state of the art and we utilize the power of AI/ML to parse the collected information and categorize it as required. You also get the advantage of the ability to add other survey instruments if you find this one type insufficient. You’ll then get the combined information of all the instruments in a neatly compiled report that’s visually as appealing as it is detailed. And all of it can be had at affordable rates so you can have the budget to work on the rest of the project, be it a new product being developed or a new marketing strategy. You’ll also get the information quickly so that you can be ahead of your competition in entering the market.

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