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Data Management for Real Estate Industry

We understand the dynamics of the real estate industry and know what it means dealing with massive data generated from legal papers, adding new residential or commercial properties for sale/rental, property appraisal reports, sales details, keeping the database up-to-date, and several other data processing and data management related tasks.

In the past year itself, SunTec Data processed more than 1.5 Million real estate records, including capturing data from diverse sources, consolidating customer details, keying in data related with appraisals, foreclosures, bankruptcy reports, property taxation and insurance, preparing HUD sheet, uploading property information to MLS or CMA spreadsheet, conducting mortgage related research and data entry, managing property documents and legal documents, abstracting lease information, and much more for 380+ real estate businesses based in USA, Canada, UK and other European Countries, Australia, etc.

Complete Spectrum of Real Estate Data Entry & Support Services

SunTec Data offers end-to-end real estate data entry and back office support, right from capturing data to entering it in the software helping realtors, real estate agents, property dealers, etc., in maintaining consistent, accurate and up-to-date data.

Our most popular real estate data entry services, include (but not limited to):

Why Outsource Real Estate Data Entry Services to SunTec Data?

Data Analysis and Marketing Services for Real Estate

At SunTec Data we offer a host of services highly relevant to real estate businesses. As a part of our data intelligence, data marketing and data support services we perform:

Data Analysis:

Our data analysis services include data audit, data profiling and segmentation, web analysis, financial analysis and custom reporting services. Our data audit services are just right if you are embarking on a new business venture. We will assess and determine the utility of the available data for the new undertaking. Our profiling and segmentation services will identify demographic and earning patterns in your data and help you fine tune your marketing strategies. Our web analysis services we find you means of attracting more traffic to your business’s website. SunTec Data’s financial analysis services will help you make more prudent investments while our custom reporting services are ideal if you want to analyze financial transactions over limited periods of time. Click here for more details.

Data Abstraction:

The data abstraction services at SunTec Data include financial data abstraction services, lease abstraction services and contract abstraction services. All of these are very useful for real estate businesses. SunTec Data is a virtual entity owned by SunTec Web Services Pvt. Ltd., which is ISO 27001:2013 Certified for Information Security Management and our clients can safely entrust their lease and contract related data with us. We will never allow unauthorized access to it. Click here for more details.

Data Management:

Under our data management services we offer address management, data cleansing and data de-duplication services. We will help your marketing efforts reach the intended recipients and remove errors and repetitions from your data sets. Click here for more details. Besides the above we also perform data capture from paper documents, business forms, questionnaires, scanned files, etc.

All modern businesses are data intensive and those in the real estate sector are not an exception. However, what sets them apart is their acute need for real-time data. Real estate businesses must deal with market fluctuations and sundry risks endemic to their sector. They must, as a result, work on improving their business intelligence and market risk assessment. This requires enormous, comprehensive data sets.

The data intelligence, data marketing and data support services at SunTec Data are designed to provide businesses in the real estate sector precisely the kind of data solutions they need. Our services will help you build and manage the eclectic and large data sets vital for the profitable functioning of your real estate businesses. SunTec Data has been providing its data intelligence, data marketing and data support services for twenty years and has helped numerous real estate businesses attain greater levels of competitiveness at reduced operating costs. We are a well-known and reliable name in the outsourcing industry with some of the best trained and experienced professionals. With our services we will help you manage real-time market data and financial data efficiently and accurately. You will improve your understanding of the market and put your business on a surer footing.

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We are experienced in clerical and data entry related with real estate agencies, law firms and processing centers, and offer flexible pricing models in terms of per unit, hourly and monthly basis.

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