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Quality Management

SunTec Data is a division of SunTec India which is ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Quality Management System.

The ISO certification demands that we must relentlessly strive to maintain impeccable quality standards and we never flinch from the task.

No matter how intricate the project, our clients are assured of a nearly one hundred percent accuracy. For us perfection is not an abstract ideal, it is something we earnestly pursue and realize every day.

At SunTec Data we go to great lengths to ensure that a project is turned around without any errors whatsoever. If a project happens to especially big, it is broken up into segments. Each segment is then taken up by a specially scaled and trained team. If required, we can suitably adapt our software to accomplish a project.

We also employ techniques like double and triple key data entry to avoid errors and inaccuracies. In the double and a triple key system two or three data entry professionals enter the same data in tandem. In case there is any discrepancy in the data being entered by them, a software triggers an alert and a correction is done on the spot. Every project is supervised by a Project Manager who ensures that quality standards are never compromised upon. Also, a finished project is put through a meticulous quality check. Only after we are completely sure that no errors have slipped through do we hand over a finished project to a client.

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