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In order to streamline operations and improve on their performance, businesses need to capitalize on data. With its manual data entry services, SunTec Data aims to ease the task of keying in the details for data capture, data entry, and indexing. Backed by a dedicated team of highly-skilled and experienced data entry specialists, we make manual data capture considerably easy, supporting businesses in fetching data from handwritten, printed, and typewritten documents, and entering the details in any of the preferred file formats, like Word, Excel, Access, etc.

As part of manual data entry services, our experts collate data from company reports, paper invoices, forms, financial records and other documents and key-in the details with utmost precision, ensuring easy accessibility. We follow intensive quality norms to deliver 99.95% accuracy in all our projects. We cater to a wide range of global clientele from Education, Finance, NGO, Healthcare, Market Research, Retail, Automotive, Real Estate, Law Firms, Technology, and other sectors.

Accurate Manual Data Entry Services at SunTec Data

If your office space is filled with unstructured and semi-structured forms, the need is to capture the data and enter it in easy-to-access file formats. With manual data entry services, SunTec Data can ease your task to locate and retrieve essential information, stored in hardcopy files.

Our experts:

Furthermore, we help you efficiently collect data from scores of survey forms and questionnaires - filled by the respondents - through our wide range of manual keyboarding services. Our data entry specialists manually input and add the responses in a spreadsheet, making it easy to access and retrieve the data, as and when required.

We employ Double Entry System and Double Comparison Method to ensure optimum level of accuracy in the final deliverable. Our experts follow the steps as part of data entry services:

Why Outsource Manual Data Capture Services to SunTec Data?

SunTec Data holds a wealth of experience and proven track record of supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes in entering required data in an easy to access file format, thus helping entrepreneurs streamline business processes, reach out to the target market and make strategic decisions. With our cross-industry experience, extensive technical know-how and advanced tools, we ensure utmost accuracy and precision in all our projects.

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