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Enterprise data comes in many forms, each carrying its own weight and value and affecting a company in its unique way. The daily routine, however, tends to skew the attention of the administration towards some more than others. One of those that tends to fall by the wayside is lease-related data. Unless yours is a business steeped in industries that directly deal with everything related to leases on a regular basis, lease data will not be a priority for the most part. And neither will the consideration of a lease abstraction company.

But this core data asset has loads to offer to your business growth when managed to its best. The lack of complete attention paid to lease data by companies leads to the accumulation of data issues such as duplication, false data, incomplete data, etc. When it comes time to actually rely on this lease data, they’ll find themselves with little useful information, or worse will use false information that will harm them in many ways.

It is a complete loss of opportunity at utilizing a data asset to the fullest advantage as well as suffering from the consequences of neglecting to convert it into an asset in the first place. Not to mention the damage it does to subjective aspects of the business like tenant/landlord relationships, brand value, revenue generation, and ultimately, profitability.

Lease data abstraction is the antidote to this problem. It removes the inaccuracies and inconsistencies in your lease data without compromising its integrity and context. It brings out the data’s true value that helps the company fulfill its objectives and build better relationships with the people involved in relation to the lease agreement. The reliability of the data is enhanced, along with the ease of comprehension and its extraction from the company’s database.

SunTec Data renders a wide range of lease abstraction services, right from lease audits and one-time lease abstraction to ongoing lease abstraction services, covering addition of new leases as well as renewals.

Some of the Key Lease Abstraction Services Information that SunTec Data Extracts and Updates are:

Operational Aspects of Lease Data

Financial Aspects of Lease Data

SunTec Data can help you accelerate the lease abstraction process, improve the quality of your lease data and make your operations more efficient while reducing the costs. Key features of our services include:

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A lease contract is a matter of more than just signing of a paper to get some office space. It establishes the environment that the company will be in for the mentioned duration. Not to mention the numerous ways in which it can affect brand value and revenue generation. Which is why you must outsource lease abstraction services to a professional agency like SunTec Data who can get it done and leave your lease data with no frills.

We offer the best in class service no matter the size of your project. We excel at undertaking bulk orders from landlord clients who have multiple spaces and corresponding lease agreements they need help with. We look into each with the utmost attention and note the unique proposition they each have to offer to both our client and their tenant, and zero in on those points to make the landlord’s lease management system for their entire operation a smooth and effortless affair.

With our stringent processes and systems, we ensure that the interpretation and abstraction of your lease are accurate and consistent. We leverage the best in technological advancements in the industry to our, and subsequently, your advantage. Our equipment of choice utilizes the latest in AI/ML technology to not only speed up the entire abstraction process but also do so without introducing errors. In fact, we can eliminate any present in the data through our data verification process that we perform alongside. Your report will, hence, be an accurate representation of the actual picture of your lease terms and conditions, with every rider in it highlighted for maximum clarity.

Also driving the process ahead will be our team of expert data abstraction professionals who apply their years of experience to every line of your lease data and refine it to contain its most fruitful portion. We ensure that they remain trained to use the very latest technologies applicable to the job and are aware of the innovations in the sector. They will always give their best so that your lease arrangements will remain on firm ground while your business, be it leasing or any other, always has the edge in the market. And this will deliver time and again for the consistency you need to keep that edge as sharp as possible to get ahead of your competition.

If you have concerns about confidentiality and data security, then you needn’t worry. SunTec Data provides its services with maximum possible data security at every step of the way. We deploy the latest in data security software to keep unwanted data users away. Our data security protocols will only give access to your data to those who absolutely must use it and only for the duration of the work. We even collaborate with you constantly, understanding and even incorporating your security measures as required.

And we render these services at the best possible market rates to help your ROI stay firmly in the positive. We will hand over the reports for the operation within deadlines as well to help give your brand a reputation for reliability.

To obtain more information about our lease abstraction services, along with other data management services for your business, please contact us. You can also reach us on our email ID


What are some of the must-have information in a lease abstraction report?

Lease abstraction services exist to remove data from lease documents that are deemed excess, only containing the gist of everything. It does, however, also mean that some things are simply too important to be left out, and thus, will and should make it into the final document. The most important information that you must have in your lease abstraction report is basic information like property’s address, the floor area that is made available, the total price based on a particular unit price such as cost per square foot, how the lease money will be paid and when, the duration of the lease, with the date of occupancy and tentative final date mentioned, any amenities provided along with the building and the fees associated with them, rate hike details like when and by how much, whom to pay and how much for any damages caused by the occupier to the structure and vice-versa, and preliminary details of how the extension of the contract will take occur.

What are the common steps in a lease abstraction process?

Lease abstraction works on a massive amount of data that scales with various factors like the number of leases, number of amenities in each, number of guarantors, information about loans taken for the same, etc. It must, therefore, be conducted in a rigorous manner to make sure that all valid and critical information is present, with room for changes to be made whenever and however required. Thus, our experts will study the entire agreement document to identify such information. This team will consist of professionals adept with both the technical aspects of the job and the legal ones too. They’ll then either extract the important points verbatim or create them by themselves, while ensuring that the underlying context is preserved. They’ll then list them out in order under relevant sections for easy access to each. They’ll finally use any relevant reporting methodology to give you your desired abstract.

Do I need lease abstraction services even if real estate/legal isn’t my industry?

If you’re a business that needs some space to perform your associated operations, then you will be entering into some sort of contract with a landlord. You could even be purchasing the land or space, but will still have to sign a document with some important details for the same. In either case, you will have to depend on a team of professionals who can give you an unambiguous and consolidated version of your lease data to gain a complete picture of what you’re getting into and where you stand in terms of the negotiation or the leasing situation altogether. You’ll also need it to resolve any dispute that may arise from any incident. Thus, there is simply no escaping the need for a professional, quality lease abstraction service.

Why should I outsource my lease abstraction needs to SunTec Data?

You need the best in class services provider to handle something as important as your lease data. SunTec Data is a proven one, with decades of experience in the industry and a reputation for it. This is the result of our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, irrespective of the amount of data we have to work on on the time constraints for the work. We are known to deliver quality work at the best rates in the industry with utmost data security. Our global presence will give your project the global standard touch it deserves, and will remove the time-zone constraints that could slow its progress. Thus, with SunTec Data, your lease abstraction needs will be met with professionalism and accuracy that your business needs to drive ahead.

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