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Data Extraction & Data Enhancement for Finance Firm

Standing out from the crowd or giving your brand a competitive edge in an unbendingly competitive market like financial services – requires truly insightful data.

For several years now, SunTec Data has been involved in providing data extraction and enhancement services to the financial domain – including finance firms, analysts, content publishers financial document providers, and legal service providers, etc.

Pulling out data and information from a company's financial reports can indeed be challenging. It does not only involve dealing with the intricacy of mining data from the core financial statements, but also quarrying the data that exists in the notes and the tables inside the notes. Besides, financial documents usually come in diverse file formats (for example PDF, Word, Text, HTML, etc.) adding to the degree of complexity. Even after having discovered the data in all those files, it still requires skills and expertise to convert it into information.

Data Mining and Extraction:

Financial Data Management and support services at SunTec Data can consolidate your document file formats, mine the relevant data, and meaningfully assemble the data that you can use for your analysis and business intelligence requirements. We can help you in extracting data that is often overlooked and usually very time consuming to locate, for instance dates, fiscal values, types of stock, currencies, regions, and additional descriptions in notes, etc., as well as tag the data with those attributes.

Document Enhancement:

In addition to financial data extraction, we also enhance and standardise your financial documents comprising converting documents, bookmarking, indexing, extracting tables from inside the notes and XML tagging.

Indexing Financial Documents:

SunTec Data helps leading companies, listed on premium Stock Exchanges across the world to index their financial documents. The filings of these companies are usually in the form of Annual reports, Interims, Bonds, Results and Trading Reports, debt/equity brochures, Merger Acquisition papers, RNS (Regulatory news service) filings, SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) filings, etc., that can be accessed using online tools or application.

Document Conversion:

We help you transform your document files into your preferred file format, incorporate level styles to the document and generate a Table of Content (TOC) to help you access data in a streamlined fashion.


We help you increase the accessibility of the PDF document by adding bookmarks, code tagging of the bookmarks, and creating links to the notes, etc.

Discuss Your Project With Us

SunTec Data helps in improving the productivity of financial organizations by providing quick and accurate information from commercial documents to financial analysts and other such users of these documents. For more information about our financial data extraction and document enhancement services, please touch base with us.

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