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Outsource Data Scrubbing Services to SunTec Data

The flow of enterprise data from multiple sources corresponds to the flow of revenue of that company. Every channel carries the vital asset i.e. enterprise data in various formats and flow rates that need to be monitored and accurately deposited in the data warehouse.

And accuracy is the keyword here-your databases will only be the asset your company needs if that data is free from quality issues. The scale, source, flow rate, and other such factors, however, introduce high data error rates. A data scrubbing company can rectify those errors in your database, rendering it a data powerhouse that's actionable towards achieving your objectives.

Data is said to have issues if and when incomplete, wrong, incorrectly formatted, or duplicate records are keyed in. Data scrubbing entails the process of identifying and rectifying such erroneous data and information in a database.

It involves the meticulous combing of present data in every database of the company. It also comes with the screening of incoming data from its various sources for the preemptive removal of these errors.

It helps prevent the entry of these errors into the various other data management processes and the consequent production of counterproductive reports. Such reports would prove detrimental, instead of being instrumental, in the growth of the company when decisions are made based on it.

Errors in the databases can be the outcome of a number of factors, viz.:

SunTec Data is the data scrubbing service provider you need to render your database free of such errors. We will transform it into a potent remedy against poor quality data-based business decision making. We will redirect the trajectory of your business towards the best-case scenario of growth, brand value, and customer relations.

Offering a complete suite of data cleansing services, SunTec Data does whatever it takes to deliver you clean, accurate, and up-to-date data. From identifying inaccurate, outdated, and redundant data and rectifying errors to appending missing data, de-duplicating, standardizing, normalizing, updating, and enriching your records, we do it all with an optimum level of accuracy.

It will also be done in a time-bound and cost-effective manner so that you keep or gain the greater advantage of increased ROI and a quick time-to-market to outdo your competition, increasing your target market share and profit margins.

We have Expertise in the Following (but not limited to) Data Scrubbing Services:

Our data scrubbing services are engineered to enhance the quality of your business-critical data and ensure that it helps you maximize the value of your prospects and make informed decisions. We work to not only clean your data but also improve its quality by bringing in uniformity and consistency between different data sets.

Data Scrubbing / Data Cleaning Services at SunTec Data: Our Process

SunTec Data offers data scrubbing services and assists in checking and modifying your business-critical information. Our experts can scrub your customer database, containing names and contact details of existing as well as potential customers, making sure that you always get the most out of your database. We update your database with accurate, up-to-date information that is free from duplicity.

Our Data Cleansing / Data Scrubbing process includes:

Why Outsource Data Scrubbing Services to SunTec Data?

There is no disputing the relationship between efficiency and the number of personnel. Every additional task you decide to perform in-house adds to the number of people in the workforce and increases the possibility of efficiency getting impacted.

Not to mention the additional drain on resources like costs associated with hiring experts and maintaining them. If yours is a non-technical business, then it is likely that your hiring process will be led by inexperience. This further increasing the chances of a sub-optimal output and the wastage of valuable resources.

Your ideal solution is to hire data scrubbing experts, like those at SunTec Data, to carry out your data scrubbing requirements. It will leave you free to carry your business forward by utilizing your resources for better core business decision-making.

We are well-equipped to handle your data scrubbing challenges at any scale while maintaining the efficiency and accuracy that only a top-notch data management service provider can give.

While rendering database scrubbing services, we, at SunTec Data, have had the chance to work with many data-intensive businesses in the field of finance and banking, market research, telecommunications, and media, retail, insurance and healthcare, legal, publishing, education, transportation, identifying and remediating data quality issues, and cleaning up the information stored in their database.

By outsourcing data cleansing services to SunTec Data, you can free up your resources for imperative business activities. It will also save money that can be invested for marketing purposes to generate more sales. We help you:

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, meeting all the data quality measures and delivering you superior quality services. Our ISO 27001:2013 certification ensures that your business-critical data is safe and secure with us.

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With data cleansing services, we provide you with accurate and up-to-date data that helps you improve operational efficiency. Get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements and get a free sample job on a no-cost obligation basis.

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What are the challenges associated with data scrubbing?

No company can function optimally without clean, organized data supporting its every activity. Data scrubbing is at the heart of gaining that kind of supportive data assets. For all its benefits though, data scrubbing is not without its share of drawbacks and shortcomings. While not severely impactful to the functioning of an organization's operations, they will result in suboptimal outcomes if not taken into account before the commencement of the process and the subsequent business decisions based on the processed data.

The problem with data scrubbing starts with the lack of complete knowledge about the data being considered in the first place. Misinterpretation can lead to the entering of false data even if the original is fault-free. There could even be a lack of awareness of the issues present in the data altogether. Accidental erasure of important data is another major issue, and it is caused by miscommunication of requirements from the client or their misunderstanding on the service provider's side.

This lost data is hard to recover, if at all. All systems need regular maintenance and upgrades, and scrubbed databases are harder to maintain as they will be expensive and time-consuming. Preparation of a data graph before the process to assist those conducting it is hard to do as well, especially when large scales and short delivery times are involved.

How to best approach data scrubbing?

As with all enterprise data-related processes, data scrubbing too is a complex and rigorous process with multiple steps involved. Some preprocessing may also be required in certain cases, or an entire overhaul of your company’s approach to its data cleaning process. The first step of all data scrubbing variations is to develop a plan that is based on the objectives you desire to achieve from it all. It is here that you set the standard for what constitutes quality data and what doesn’t.

It is also when you decide who will be in charge of handling the process, who the result is for, what the metrics used will be, and what actions you intend to take with the scrubbed data. It’s best to delegate separate business and tech talent for each use case. The planning phase is also where the resources required for the process gets allocated. The next step is to start collecting the data, identifying possible errors at the source, and doing your best to eliminate them right there. Preemptively removing errors before the start of processing saves a lot of time and cost.

Once you’ve collected the data, it’s time to measure its accuracy. It is to be done using the best tools available to not compromise on time and accuracy. It’s now time to remove the duplicates present via the deduplication process. Other data management services can be applied here as well. Then, any data left incomplete or missing can be filled using data appending. It helps define and add the unavailable information.

How do I recognize high-quality data that has undergone scrubbing?

Much like there’s always fire when there’s smoke emanating from somewhere, clean data has its share of attributes and identifiers that will help you recognize it. A database that has undergone scrubbing can be qualified as containing high-quality data by checking for the data’s validity, accuracy, consistency, uniformity, traceability, completeness, and time-bound nature. Validity can be gauged by how well the data meets the set of defined business constraints for a particular task or overall business strategy.

These constraints may come in the form of mandatory constraints, unique constraints, foreign-key constraints, regular expression patterns, data range constraints, data type constraints, set membership constraints, or cross-field validation. Constraints may also come in the form of size, especially when an organization is dependent on a leased cloud service provider for its business computing and data management requirements.

The available space and processing power may be limited, so the input data to the processes conducted by the business need not overwhelm the restricted resources accorded. Another telltale sign of high-quality data is the lack of a need to hypothesize data points. It indicates that data completeness is up to the mark, leaving the entire database more trustworthy for those harnessing the valuable asset it contains.

Why go with SunTec Data for my data scrubbing needs?

Data scrubbing is a complicated and time-consuming process that will drain your resources if you handle it by yourself. You need the assistance of a reputed data management service provider like SunTec Data to outsource it to and get the results you desire. We have been working in the industry for over a decade, and have earned the reputed ISO 9001:2015 status for our services. Our customer-centric approach has us covering your every data management need with impeccable quality, one of which is data scrubbing.

Being a data-related service provider, we understand the importance of data to any organization and have shaped our services to deliver the most valuable, accurate, and actionable data minus the fluff that reduces those attributes. Our experts come from diverse backgrounds and are spread across the world. Their varied expertise and years of experience will keep the scrubbing process on-point and extract the most valuable data from it.

Time Zones and linguistic barriers will no longer be a potential threat to accuracy, aiding your international ventures with just as much support as your domestic ones. We are always on the lookout for ways to give you our best, and as a consequence, make sure to incorporate the latest in technology to perform the process. The same principle applies to data security, helping to keep your data safe and private for maximum market advantage. And we provide all of this at affordable rates to boost your ROI and minimize losses. Therefore, with us, you get the best data scrubbing service package and accelerated revenue growth.

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