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Summarize and quantify your market research data to extract the most value from it.

Outsource Qualitative Data Coding Services

Data drives the world and every business in it, making its management an inescapable and invaluable aspect of your business growth. For it to be a successful endeavor, you need to have data in its most valuable form after filtering the raw data obtained from the various sources. The qualitative data available also needs to be modified, as using it for quantitative purposes without the necessary transformation towards gaining a quantitative value is not possible. Qualitative data coding can provide that quantification you require.

Data coding goes to the very core of the respondents’ data and extracts the true value it contains. Being the precursor to data analysis and acting on vast quantities of raw, qualitative data, coding requires a deft touch to accurately identify pertinent segments of data to assign the corresponding preliminary codes, filter and refine them until the most precise and concise codes are left. Care must also be taken to not eliminate the data deemed excessive as it could contain value in some other form; the researcher must only summarize the segments deemed useful after the quantification by coding. You need the support and expert touch of a quality data coding company to make the process a successful one.

SunTec Data offers a complete range of coding services to help global organizations in analyzing and coding pertinent data, providing them with valuable insights and facilitating their decision making process. We cleanse, verify, validate, summarize and present the data in a preferred file format or database that can be easily accessed by the users. The data will be preserved in such a manner as to make it viable to be easily read based on the codes attached for reduced resource expenses during analysis and other data-driven instances.

Thus, when you outsource data coding services to us, you’re giving your raw heap of data the expert touch it needs to get trimmed and have its most salient parts extracted for the most impactful usage. And the entire process will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and security measures that you can only expect from a top-tier service provider like us. And it will come at a price point that’s easy on the books.

Data Coding Services at SunTec Data: Key Features

We specialize in delivering data coding services to businesses across diverse domains and niches such as IT, Media, Telecommunications, Banking and Finance, Medical and Healthcare, Real Estate, Legal, etc. Our experts are proficient at using advanced coding techniques and assigning valid values, percentages, and similar numerical artifacts to codify the data, thus enabling users to draw inferences from it.

Our Qualitative Data Coding Services Include:

Data Cleansing and Data Validation: To prepare your market research data for coding, we cleanse, enrich, verify and validate it. Our experts identify and remove redundant entries, match, merge and purge data, fix data inconsistencies, and verify & validate it against reliable sources of information to ensure authenticity.

Tabbing Services: After cleansing and enriching your business-critical data, we process it and create crosstabs. Our tabbing services include:

Reporting Services: Our experts can create comprehensive reports in a file format of your choice such as Excel or any database.

Data Coding Services: Our capabilities to deliver a complete spectrum of data coding services, our experts use cutting-edge technologies, as listed below:

Getting Started With SunTec Data’s Qualitative Data Coding Services!

Getting the best out of your market research data need no longer be an intimidating and resource intensive process. With SunTec Data, you will have a data coding company that’s been at the forefront of data management services for decades. We are always aware of the kind of requirements you’ll have to get the actionable intelligence you need out of your market research data to acquire the market share that will help you meet your business objectives.

It is why we combine our market research services with the coding and analysis that it needs. Our motivation to give you the power over your destiny with your data ensures that we will always have the best talent to codify your qualitative data in the most cost-effective and deadline friendly manner. Our thrust to stay ahead of the competition has us working on improving our services through constant innovation as well. So, when you outsource data coding services to us, you are guaranteed to get the best and most advanced coding services around.

We also believe in collaborating with our clients to get the best results, so you’ll be in on the entire process and your inputs will be considered by our teams at every step of the way. Should you feel overwhelmed with the process for any reason, you can simply contact our experts and they will provide the necessary guidance. It is all a part of our effort to give you the best market research experience you can possibly have.

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How are important qualitative data segments selected for coding?

Qualitative data is actually a valuable asset because it contains the full expression of the respondent when answering a survey’s questions. It is, in fact, the default manner of obtaining market research data since most, if not all, respondents tend to utilize their emotional experience with the product or service offered when explaining it to surveys. Thus, when coding happens and experts are tasked with the selection of important parts of the data, they have to condense long sentences of qualitative nature into summaries of quantitative quality that can be further processed in the proceeding analysis stages. They do this by reading the sentences, or listening to them as the case may be, and recognizing the most pertinent subject of that sentence. They note that phrase and attach it to the sentence by associating a numerical value to it. This value helps in the extraction of the relevant data whenever required. Thus, what started out as large quantities of qualitative, raw data gets summarized into snippets that contain quantitative value and are retrievable due to the numerical values associated with them.

Do you use AI/ML for the coding process?

The march of technology towards increasing automation has given rise to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms that can expedite any computation related tasks multifold due to the ability to learn as it works on its tasks. This ability has made AI a standard across industry types, with the data management and analysis sector lapping it up most eagerly due to the multitude of benefits it offers. As a data management company dedicated to being at the forefront of the industry’s trends, SunTec Data is always innovating and adopting the latest technologies to provide its services. AI/ML for data coding is a standard feature of our bespoke data services. We utilize the latest algorithms to conduct the coding process as it provides the accuracy and speed of processing that is unparalleled. It is most suited for the task as the amount of data that needs to be sifted through and filtered during the process is substantial, and what would take days to complete takes a few hours at most. What it means for you is reduced expenses and excellent data coding results with quick turnaround times, helping you to gain the all-important early bird advantage in the market.

What are the common concepts associated with data coding?

Data coding is a complex process where a person, usually assisted by a software, extracts the most pertinent concepts out of qualitative data for the sake of attributing quantitative values to it during market research process, after gathering the often large quantity of customer or prospect feedback data from multiple survey sources. Experts performing the coding have to rely on coding methodologies to ease the process and make it less vulnerable to giving erroneous results. The two most common coding concepts applied are In-Vivo coding and Descriptive coding. With in-vivo coding, the respondent’s original quotes are retained when the relevant code is created. They’ll contain the direct phrases and words of the participant, along with the original voice/tone. The idea is to preserve the originality of the responses in the data collected. In contrast, descriptive coding is used to create codes that contain the core topic or summary of the feedback. These codes use top-level themes as their root. It captures the essence of the respondent’s statements without diluting it too much, while also affording the flexibility to render the codified data more digestible to the proceeding purpose for which it is to be used. There are others like binary coding and process coding, but what they have in common is that the coding results will vary depending on the subjective interpretation of the data by the professional performing it.

How will your company provide accurate coding services?

SunTec Data’s data coding accuracy is a hallmark of the service offered. We insist on giving your market research data the qualitative data coding it needs to truly have the impact on your business it is meant to. In that respect, we use the best of technology that’s at the cutting edge of the industry and ensure that your data is only handled by professionals who have the expertise and experience to conduct the necessary coding. They are well-trained and can spot the most valuable snippet of data from the raw pile and draw out the essence of it without affecting the overall meaning and tone of the response. They will be assisted by sophisticated AI/ML algorithms that not only hasten the process but also render the entire thing that much more accurate. Our AI models are trained enough to detect possible valuable data and assign the most relevant numerical values to them for improved ease of extraction from the database whenever required. The end result is a culmination of all of these to give your data the transformation it needs to undergo rigorous analysis and provide valuable information that you can use readily to better strategize your marketing and overall business operations. And it all happens at a price point that’s budget-friendly.

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