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With a massive increase in competition across the global marketplace, businesses need to understand their customers better and obtain actionable industry insights, not only to make strategic, operational, and tactical decisions, but also to take a deeper dive into their markets. With a full spectrum of business research services, we provide you just that!

SunTec Data, holding 15+ years of experience in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry, supports global clients in taking their businesses forward with comprehensive business research services and analytics. As a leading business research company, we provide actionable insights to help our clients understand the target market, consumer behavior, market trends, industry developments, competitors, and vendors & partners, consequently helping them chalk out future business strategies and gain competitive advantage.

SunTec Data’s Rich Array of Business Research Services: An Overview

We have in-depth domain expertise that enables us to understand the client's requirements and deliver services in complete alignment. We are backed by a dedicated business research service team, comprising specialists in customer profiling, market research, business consulting, and market intelligence. Our experts use industry-best practices along with technology solutions to research and analyze business-critical data, and convert it into actionable insights.

With business analysis and business research services, we support you at every stage – your business's launch, day-to-day operations, and growth. Our service spectrum includes research on customers, prospects, and markets, analysis of companies, market segments and industries, as well as report preparation.

A Glimpse of Business Research Services at SunTec Data

Find Clients: This includes prospect research and gathering contact details of the target audience including name, company, designation, email address, phone number, fax number, etc. It also includes social media profile analysis and LinkedIn profile analysis - activity, group membership, etc.

Understand Clients: We further help sales and marketing personnel in understanding their target audience and aligning strategies in tune with clients’ specific needs. Our experts conduct SWOT analysis, go through mission and vision statements, key products and services, business strategy, key events in the recent past, financial analysis, etc., to help you place that perfect pitch.

Evaluate Competitors: Our business research specialists collate information of competitors’ products and services, their customers, marketing strategies, etc. to anticipate competitors’ moves and chalk out strategies to outshine them. We track strategic, investment, financial, research, and development, customers, marketing campaigns, etc. We can also help you gather industry best practices so you can benchmark yourself against your competition and take necessary action.

Understand Industry: To further help you remain ahead of the competition, we keep a tab on your industry in terms of the market size, key drivers, revenue, number of buyers, etc. Our experts conduct PESTLE Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Industry Benchmarking, Location Analysis, Competitive Landscaping, Porter's Five Forces Analysis, etc., and provide you with insights that help you make critical business decisions.

Vendor Research: Vendors are also a key component in the entire business eco-system from both cost and product/ service quality perspective. Following a step-by-step approach, we help clients in selecting the right vendor. We gather vendor information such as their names, email addresses, phone, and fax numbers, etc. We also help you assess their products/ services capability, project evaluation, etc.

On-going Research Support: Need a dedicated research resource without affecting your balance sheet too much? Let's get into a retainership contract. Under this model, we work with clients based on a fixed number of hours and resources on a long term basis. We manage client's research requests on an on-going basis, including any custom research requirements as agreed under the scope of contract.

Business Research Services: Our Methodology

SunTec Data has been catering to corporations and business houses worldwide, covering diverse industries such as education, banking, and finance, healthcare, technology, legal, real estate, etc. Our business research experts carry out extensive qualitative and quantitative research to analyze and collate richer insights into customer behavior, industry trends, competition, market segments, etc.

Take a look at our methodology:

Business Research Services Methodology

Benefits & Features of Outsourcing Business Research Services to Us

There are dozens of benefits and features that you can leverage by outsourcing business research services to us at SunTec Data. A few of the many benefits and features of opting for services from our business research company are listed below.

Why it is Crucial to Outsource Business Research Services to SunTec Data?

We ensure you that outsourcing your business research work to us can be one of the best decisions that you have made until now. We are experts in understanding the business requirements of our customers and then performing market research analysis to gather results that can help our customers understand their target audience and make better decisions to see their business grow and thrive even in the competitive market. By outsourcing your business research work to SunTec Data, you can get the chance to earn a loyal partner who will not only help you get the crucial business data with respect to your target audience but will play a crucial role in the growth of your organization.

Also, one of the other reasons that can influence you to outsource business research services to us is the chance to work with our dedicated team of business research analysts that have years of expertise and experience in conducting deep market research and producing results that can benefit business growth. Also, our dedicated quality control team performs a strict quality check of every project to ensure that every customer gets quality business data.

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We at SunTec Data are market leaders when it comes to providing business research services. We have been serving the industry for more than two decades and know the best ways to conduct market research and provide relevant and crucial business data to our clients that can help them take their businesses to the next level. We have a huge client base and we have our clients in almost every corner of the globe. By opting for our business research analysis services, our customers have seen a noticeable improvement in their sales, conversion rates, and overall ROI which is the reason that they always come back to us for more.

If you are looking for a premium business research company to whom you can outsource your business research work, then look no more as you can connect with us today and let our experts handle your projects and requirements. Please drop us a free consultation request at Our research expert would get in touch with you to understand your business challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is market research crucial for your business?

With an increase in competition in the global market, running a business and being able to sustain in the market against your competitors have become even more challenging. Such a competition brings in the need for market research to provide you with the essential information that you as a business owner need with respect to your competitors and existing products. Besides this, one of the other reasons which has made market research essential to survive in the competitive marketplace is that it reduces business risk by allowing you to determine the consumer shopping behavior, purchasing power, and their choices and preferences so that you can stock on the required products and avoid the ones that are not relevant.

What are the two types of market research?

There are two types of market research and these are primary research and secondary research. Primary research is considered original research as it is fresh research that is conducted either by you or a professional who you have hired. Primary research is conducted to collect specific data as per your business requirement. Primary research can include activities like conducting a survey, running an interview, jotting down consumer behavior, etc. Secondary research, on the other hand, involves activities to search specific existing data that was earlier created or collected by anybody else. You can get the required data from sources like the internet, journals, libraries, etc.

What are the purpose and objectives of business research?

There are several purposes and objectives of business research conducted by the business owners or the professionals and these include gathering information to aid business-related decision-making. The specific data collected and analyzed during the business research process helps to identify opportunities and threats. Also, such data helps business owners in identifying business problems, loopholes and taking decisions that can provide maximum benefit to their business and its operations.

Where do you have your client base and how experienced are you?

We have been serving the industry since our inception in 1999 and now hold expertise and experience of more than 2 decades in providing business research services to our clients that are from different industry verticals and are moreover located in different parts of the world, including countries from the UK, continental Europe, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. We have a huge client base and still, we provide consistent business research services to all our clients across the globe. This is one of the reasons that we have a customer retention rate of more than 95% as our clients always come back for more.

Do you provide samples of your work?

Yes, for sure, we can provide you with samples of our work if you need them. And the best part is that we won't charge you anything for the work samples as they are totally free from the end. We at SunTec Data understand that outsourcing the business research work to service providers requires a lot of trust and commitment with comes with time and providing samples of our work helps our customers to get the zest of how we work and look at the quality that we provide in our results.

Are your business research services cost-efficient?

Yes, we at SunTec Data are bound to provide premium business research services at a cost-efficient price that you will hardly find anywhere else in the market. We understand that running a business comes with dozens of expenses and therefore we make all the efforts to bring down our services charges and provide you high-quality business research services at a price that won’t make a hole in your pocket.

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