Top 8 ways to get 5-star reviews on Amazon in 2021

Amazon review writing services August 20, 2021

Amazon review writing services

Online reviews play a crucial role in influencing the behavior of potential buyers intending to buy a particular product of their choice. Based on a local consumer review survey conducted in 2019, it was found that around 82% of consumers prefer to read online reviews before purchasing any product online.

Product reviews are a powerful way to build trust in your brand and that’s what makes it all the more important. Let us find out why these 5 stars are critical for your online brand and what can change with a 5-star review given by a satisfied customer. But first, let us throw some light on why you actually need higher ratings on the product reviews.

Why do you need customer reviews?

Product reviews matter a lot when it comes to online merchants that are intending to sell their product online on a huge platform like Amazon where there is a large pool of products waiting for you to choose and buy. So, the more the reviews and their positivity, the better will be the sales. The sellers on the Amazon marketplace will be able to sell their products more with more positive product reviews. So basically, the more the reviews, the merrier!

8 stunning ways to get 5-star reviews on Amazon

No wonder it is a five-finger exercise to get 5-star reviews on the products you offer to the target audience. But, it is definitely not impossible. Here are some of the prominently effective ways you can attain 5-star reviews from your customers:

Amazon review writing

1. Leverage Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ option

Sellers must leverage Amazon’s “Request a Review” button in order to request the customers to give reviews for the products they purchased in the past. This can be done in Seller Central within the prescribed limit, i.e., four to 30 days. It is an incredible feature that enables sellers to receive more reviews from customers than expected. Believe it or not, this ‘Request a Review’ button makes a lot of difference in boosting the average number of views for products offered. Apart from this ‘Request a Review’ button, sellers also get to receive reviews in bulk with the Review Automation or Bulk Request Review option. This option comes in handy when you have an overwhelming amount of orders to fulfill. After all, adding a ‘Request a Review’ option in every purchase order is tedious, time-taxing, and possibly next to impossible. With Review Automation, Amazon sellers can easily request reviews for their Amazon FBA bulk orders rather than sending individual review requests for every order placed by the customers. You might want to hire product review writers to make things easier for you.

2. Enroll in Amazon’s Vine program

The Vine program introduced by Amazon is actually free for third-party sellers, at least for now. But, this might not be the case going forward. Amazon might charge fees for enrolling in the program and who knows what they’ll be charging the sellers! All the sellers possessing brand-registered products to offer on the Amazon marketplace and product reviews less than 30 can enroll in Amazon’s Vine Program. Amazon’s Vine program allows sellers to submit 30 units of inventory. The entire process goes like this –

Amazon’s Vine program

Earlier, there were similar programs launched by Amazon such as the incentivized review programs which were discontinued in the year 2016. What’s different about Amazon’s Vine program is that the reviewers who provide their reviews on the products sent to them are personally verified by Amazon. As quoted by Amazon, around 25% of customer reviews are received within the 5-day bracket of placing the order. However, 99% of reviews are received within 35 days of placing the order. So, it is without a doubt a golden opportunity for Amazon sellers registering their new products to get more reviews faster than ever.

3. Build an email list for your potential buying audience

As an Amazon seller, you must know how you should communicate with your buying audience. More so, because there has been a limitation of communication through third-party automated responders as well as the seller messaging systems. You must not forget that your customers are buying your products from the Amazon marketplace and so will be called out as Amazon’s customers and not yours. So, in order to overcome this barrier, you must create your own unique identity. One of the ways to do so is the creation of an email list for your shoppers. By building your own email list, you can get a unique and impactful brand-building experience. Now, there are a plethora of ways in which you can create an email list. You can use social media networks to get a comprehensive list of email addresses of your shoppers. In addition, you can also develop a blog to invite more subscriptions and encourage shoppers to join the list. In fact, once you have an extensive emailing list, you can easily ask your buyers to review the products purchased by them.

4. Make use of automated email responders

Providing round-the-clock Amazon customer support is a crucial part of getting positive customer reviews. Another great way to increase the customer reviews the natural way is to Amazon’s automated responder rendered internally. Many Amazon sellers make use of third-party responders as well to transmit messages to the buyers through the seller messaging facility available with Amazon. However, Amazon limits the number as well as the types of messages to be sent. As an Amazon seller, you must send only the permitted quantity and type of messages as specified by Amazon. And this includes sending messages requesting feedback or asking for a product review. But, you cannot send the shipment details, order information, or ‘thanks for ordering’ types of messages via Amazon’s seller messaging system.

5. Deal with the negative customer reviews

There exists both positive and negative customer reviews. You must focus on providing top-class products in order to get a remarkable product review from the customers. The intent should be to mitigate the poor reviews by offering amazing products and resolve the issues as and when they arise. Amazon sellers can get notified on receiving a negative review with the help of tools such as Jungle Scout’s Alerts. Earlier, sellers had the option to revert as a comment to the reviews posted by the customers, but this feature will be removed soon. Additionally, customers can now be reached directly with the enrollment in Brand Registry. With the help of this new feature, Amazon sellers can get in touch with the customers who have critically rated the products (1 – 3 stars) and improve the brand experience for them, enabling the customers to remove or modify their reviews with a higher rating.

6. Use promotions to launch new products

With the launch of new products on the Amazon marketplace through ‘Promotions’. It is not only cost-saving for the sellers, but also coaxes the customers to leave positive feedback or reviews for their products. However, an Amazon promotional market cannot request customers to leave feedback just because they are buying the products. In fact, even if you are offering a product at a discounted price or for free doesn’t guarantee a review. All that a seller should do is go by the rules and don’t try to manipulate the reviews with eCommerce product review writing as it might lead to suspension of the seller account. As an Amazon seller, you must be aware that there is a thin line between the legal method and black hat tactics. Additionally, cherry-picking reviews and incentivizing them must be strictly avoided.

7. Leverage ‘Product Inserts’

One of the most stunning ways to persuade customers to leave feedback or review is through product inserts. A majority of sellers have been sending a card along with the product asking for a review of their products. However, when Amazon became aware of this practice, it started penalizing the sellers as per the guidelines laid down by Amazon under the “Don’t forget to follow the rules” section. Sellers should aim to provide exemplary customer service and only then will they be able to prevent negative reviews. Also, ask your customers to follow your brand on social media platforms or join your email list, and make sure that you request a review by being neutral.

8. Opt for Jungle Scout’s ‘Review Automation’ feature

Having a Jungle Scout extension would simply mean that you can request your customers to review your products ordered in bulk rather than for a single order placed by them.


By following the above-mentioned ideas, Amazon sellers can effectively reduce their negative customer reviews and get nothing less than 5-star reviews on their products. SunTec Data offers professional Amazon review writing services to clients spanning across the globe. Get in touch with one of our experts at to make things work in your favor.

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